Warriorcats Lovestory~~~~part6~~~~

Thank you for taking all my other quizzes and waiting patiently for me to make this one. The series will go on but I get busier everyday so the quizzes will start to slow down a bit :).

This is a she-cats quiz not a toms but I will be more than happier to make a toms lovestory quiz if you guys are interested in warrior cats love quizzes (which I doubt)

Created by: Falconheart

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  1. So we were at the part where your about to attack a fox correct?
  2. You flick your tail so everyone gets in position you hear Echoears loud yowl ring out but in a instant you hear a loud shriek coming from Echoears. You leap up and run towards her, you see blood pouring from Echoears limp body as three audult foxes circle her with blood glittering from their fangs. Your eyes go wild as you launch yourself at the biggest fox, your claws tear at the foxes muzzle and leave deep claw marks. You snap at its neck and you feel your teeth sink into the foxes shoulder. You hear your clanmates yowling around you. The fox tears free and starts to bark and flee. The other foxes spot their leader retreating and run after the older fox. You pad over to Echoears and you see the small rise and fall of her chest. Gripping her scruff gently in your jaws you twitch your tail for Cherrywhisker and Frostbite to help you carry her back to camp.
  3. You get back to camp and your clanmates circle you but leave enough room for you to get to the medicine cats den so Feathernose can check on Echoears. Shimmerpaw, now called Shimmerlight, starts to go around and check everyone's wounds letting you know that they all will be fine. You nod your head and set Echoears gently into a moss bed. Feathernose instantly comes out and starts to patch up her belly wound. She looks at you with wide scared eyes, "she didn't make it..." You yowl loudly and bury your nose into her pelt. You carry her out of the den by yourself and put her in the middle of camp. "Echoears was a great warrior for the few moons she has been a warrior." You force yourself not to sound tired and panicked. Your clanmates gather around their dead clanmate and mourn for her.
  4. You pad to your den, and lay down in the dark corner of your den. Sparrowwing pads in and sits besides you, "erm Sunstar, would you mind if I slept with you today?" You look at him and reply...
  5. (If you choosed no then you still sleep with him. You couldn't get yourself to turn away to his big round pleading eyes) you scoot over and Sparrowwing settles in your nest with you. You lay your head on your paws and close your eyes, Sparrowwing curls his tail around you and falls asleep. You soon fall asleep under his soft snoring. You sleep soundly for the whole night and wake up to see Sparrowwing gone, you get up and stretch and pad out of your den to see Cherrywhisker organizing patrols with cats surrounding her. You pad out and see Thunderclaw talking to Frostbite, Frostbites uncertain face turned into her ears perked and her tail flicking excitedly side to side and her face light up. Thunderclaw muzzled her face and licked her ear. He spotted you and instantly looked super embarrassed, he padded over to you and shuffled his paws in the dirt. "Erm hi Sunstar, sorry but I'm mates with Frostbite now..." You nod your head, "that's alright Thunderclaw." Thunderclaw just nodded and added, "I was waiting forever for you to pick me as a mate but then I gave up when you became a leader so I moved on.." You lower your head so he doesn't see your disappointment... (If your disappointed at all XD)
  6. You busy your mind with a hunting patrol next to Darkclans borders. You have Sweetfang, Falconheart, and Snowpaw on your patrol. You watch Snowpaw as she starts to stalk a fat Woodmouse. She leaped and caught it in-between her paws killing it with a swift bite. You purr happily, "good job Snowpaw!" Snowpaw buried her prey and purred, "thanks Sunstar!" You pad off to go catch something for your self. Seeing a thrush you get ready and leap onto its back. Killing it by snapping its neck you pick up your prey ready to go back to camp. You pad off up ahead of the others. You scent the faint trail of foxes. You wrinkle your nose as you remember the battle and Echoears. You shake your head and quicken your pace. You emerge into camp and drop your prey onto the pile. Icepaw bounds up to the pile and greets you with a swift nod, he licks you in-between the ears and bounds off back to Spiritpaw. You feel a twinge of jelousy as he ask her if she wants to share prey but remembers that it's his clanmates and den mate. You pad off to share your prey with Cherrywhisker and Falconheart. "Hi," you meow in greeting. Cherrywhisker nods her head in greeting and takes a big bite of her rabbit. Falconheart replies with a swift nod as she looks over at the apprentices. Fallenflower says her kit is ready to be an apprentice tomorrow." You look at her, "you want to be Flowerkits mentor, don't you?" Falconheart looks at the mouse between her paws, "well of course, I mean who else could?" You nod your head, "don't worry Falconheart I didn't forget about you." You finish your meal and pad to your den with Robinpaw bounding behind you. "Sunstar, is Flowerkit going to be an apprentice tomorrow?" You twitch your tail, "yes, why?" Robinpaw looks at you, "don't tell Smokeypaw... But I like Flowerkit!" You look at him startled, were you really loosing all they toms you loved because of leadership? You shake your head remembering that you can't keep the toms to yourself... You still have Sparrowwing... Right?
  7. You wake up to see Falconheart looming over you, "Sunstar, time for Flowerkits apprenticeship!" You get to your paws and grunt as you walk out of your den, you pad into the warm sunshine and sit on the ledge with your tail covering your paws. Flowerkit jumped around her mothers paws and her tail fluffed up. You notice all the cats waiting, they looked up at you. Falconheart sat in-between Cherrywhisker and Thunderclaw while Flowerkit finally settled down and sat by her mother. "I have a special announcement, Flowerkit, come up please." Flowerkit stumbled to her paws and bounded up the ledge standing in front of you. "Flowerkit from this moment on, till you get your warrior name, you shall be called Flowerpaw." The warriors start to cheer for her and you notice Robinpaw cheering the loudest. "Falconheart you shall be Flowerpaws mentor and I hope you pass down all of what you learned and know down to this young apprentice." You stop and watch Flowerpaw and Falconheart touch noses. They jumped off the ledge and sit together while cats gathered around them congratulating them. You see Robinpaw lick Flowerpaw between the ears and purr happily. Your ears flatten and you turn your head away.
  8. You walk by yourself out in the forest to clear your head. The breeze ruffles your fur as you walk towards the fish pond in your territory. You sit beside the edge of the pond and you look at your reflection in the water. You sigh as you vision the other toms looking at you. You look around your shoulder and you see Owleyes, Maplestar, Mistnose, Echoears, and Indigopelt (the old medicine cat.) you blink your eyes and look more closely but there still there. "Why are you here?" You ask more curiously than aggressively. "We are here to help you make the right decision." Echoears voice was calm as she dipped her starlike paw into the pond. The water rippled and showed a black Tom with familiar magnificent eyes. You take in a sharp breath as you recognize the Tom at once.
  9. Owleyes comes up to you and touched noses with you, you look into his eyes and see a great sadness in the depths of them. "I'm sorry Owleyes." You whisper, he looks at you and talks softly in your ear, "I'll always be waiting in Starclan for you Sunstar." His sweet breath ruffles your ear fur. He pads back to the group and blinks in farewell before the starry cats disappear.
  10. You pad back to camp with Owleyes and Sparrowwing spinning in your mind. You stop by The Great Oak Tree. You look up into the sky and see the clouds drifting slowly in the wind. A breeze comes and ruffles your ear fur, you hear a whispering wind talking to you softly, "I'll be waiting for you always Sunstar, I'll watch over you." You blink and Owleyes sleek brown tabby fur appears in front of you as you vision him their in front of you. His green eyes looking welcoming and warm. You sigh shake your head once more and pad back to camp.
  11. At least it's not a cliffhanger :D but I am stopping here and will probably make one in a week.

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