Warriorcats Lovestory~~~~part5~~~~

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Created by: Falconheart

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  1. We were at the part where you and Sparrowwing are on a walk, correct?
  2. You pad back to camp while Sparrowwing pads besides you. You haven't said who you liked because Bone has interrupted you meeting. Bone walks on your other side and keeps casting you two questioning glances. Once you get back to camp you head into your den for a nights rest at last. Before you close your eyes Echopaw comes stumbling in with a big shrew clamped in her jaws. You purr a greating and ask, "why are you up so late? Your warrior ceremony is tomorrow." Echopaw drops the shrew and looks at you with excitement glittering in her eyes, "oh I know, Cherrywhisker told me! She also said that the three kits, Owlkit, Spirtkit, and Snowkit are going to be made apprentices tomorrow also." You nod your head, "that's right, now go get some sleep Echopaw." The next day you wake up at sunrise, you stretch and pad out of your den to see a herd of cats below the ledge chatting excitedly. You spot Echopaw waiting by her mentor Cherrywhisker. Echopaws calico pelt was well groomed and her large ears perked excitedly. Snowkit, Owlkit, and their sister Spiritkit, tried to walk calmly towards the older warriors, their tails swayed and their eyes darted nervously around as they sat by their mother. You emerge on the ledge and decide their is no need to call out the words as you see everyone sit down underneath you. "I have a special announcement to make..." You get cut off by Flower, "can we say something first Sunstar?" Your whiskers twitch as you flick your tail allowing them to speak. "Well we have decided to join for good and we would like to be made apprentices as well so we could learn the warrior code and how to fight." You nod your head "alright Flower as you wish but I need to make a new warrior first before I honor you as full apprentices." You pause as you wait for the murmuring to go down. "Alright, I would like to make a special announcement for one of our apprentices. Echopaw please come forth. You have trained hard to learn the warrior code and I now announce you as a full warrior. Echopaw from this day forth your name shall be Echoears." All the cats erupted into loud cheers. "Echoears, Echoears, Echoears!" Echoears leaps down to meet her clanmates and sit by Cherrywhisker.
  3. "I have a second announcement to make, three of our kits are six moons today and they are ready to become apprentices." The three kits come up on the ledge and look up at you with big round eyes. "Snowkit to this day, until you get your warrior name, you shall be called Snowpaw, your mentor is Sweetfang." Sweetfang leaped up and landed by Snowpaw and they both touched noses. "From this day until you get your warrior name you shall be called Owlpaw and Spiritpaw. Owlpaw your mentor is Thunderclaw and Spiritpaw your mentor is Sparrowwing." Both of their mentors jumped up and touched noses with them.
  4. "For my last announcement Flower, Bone, and Robin have agreed to join and wish to be apprentices, Bone Robin and Flower your names from now on shall be Icepaw, Robinpaw, and Smokeypaw. Smokeypaw your mentor shall be Frostbite. Icepaw your mentor shall be Smallfur and Robinpaw your mentor shall be Jaggedclaw." The apprentices hoped down to meet their mentors and touch noses while Cherrywhisker and Falconheart cheered their names and other cats joined in. After the gathering you jumped down and beckoned Falconheart and Cherrywhisker to your den. "Did I make the right decision?" You ask nervously. Falconheart and Cherrywhisker exchanged a long glance, "Sunstar..." Cherrywhisker began but got cut off by Falconheart, "you need to stop doubting your self!" Cherrywhisker nodded and added, "Sunstar DID. You make a good choice?"
  5. You leave your den with Cherrywhisker and Falconheart talking to each other, you see the apprentices huddled in one group talking to each other while the apprentices mentors talked quietly together sorting out plans. Cherrywhisker headed towards the group of mentors and spoke rapidly to them while Falconheart padded towards the warriors den.
  6. Before you can do anything Sparrowwing Jaggedclaw Robinpaw and Falconheart come over and ask if you want to go on the border patrol with them. You reply...
  7. (If you said no to bad you have to go anyway XD) you walk with Sparrowwing and Robinpaw on each side of you. You head towards Stoneclans border while Jaggedclaw renews the scent markers. You spot a Stoneclan patrol running towards you, their fur bristled. You see Ripplewave with them and two other she-cats, you notice the white pelt of the cat that had attacked Sparrowwing on the way back from the Moonpool. The other she-cat was a small tortoiseshell with blue eyes. Ripplewave halts and dips his head to you. "Hello Sunstar." Sparrowwing and Robinpaw growl softly their eyes narrowed. You flick your tail telling them not to attack, "hello Ripplewave," you mew solemly. The small she-cat with the tortoiseshell pelt padded up and dipped her head, "im Daisywhiskers, and this is Winterpelt." She pointed her muzzle towards the white she-cat standing a little back. "Well nice to meet you but we have to finish our border patrol." Falconheart padded off with Jaggedclaw and Robinpaw following close behind her. You say farewell and walk after the others with Sparrowwing close to your side.
  8. You finish your border patrol and head towards the fresh kill pile. You share a mouse with Thunderclaw so you can ask him how his training is going with his first new apprentice, Owlpaw. You get up to leave and get stopped by Thunderclaw for a moment, "you need to pick a mate... Even if its against the warrior code!" You shake your head and pad to your den to think by yourself.
  9. You wake up to see the Suns rays seeping into your den but you scoot to the back of the den. You close your eyes and think about Thunderclaw, Sparrowwing, Robinpaw, Icepaw, and Ripplewave. You hear Cherrywhisker ask if she can come in, you open your eyes and meow, "you can come in Cherrywhisker." Cherrywhisker comes in and sits in front of you, "you look like a mess Sunstar!" You sit up in your nest and shake out your pelt, "I just got up." You grumble and look at her, "what do you need?" Cherrywhisker twitched her whiskers and looked at you for a long moment, "Jaggedclaw scent a fox near the old Fox den." You get up at once and run past her out into the camp. Cherrywhisker followed you out and stood by your shoulder, "it was not stale either, newly freshed and smelled like 3 of them. Probably mother and Cubs." You nod your head and yowl for your clan to gather around. Cats stream from their dens and in front of you. "Jaggedclaw and his patrol has scent 3 fox scents near the old Fox whole. We need a patrol down their, Cherrywhiskers will set up a patrol and I'll be on the patrol."
  10. You lead the patrol of cats, Cherrywhisker, Falconheart, Sparrowwing, Spiritpaw, Thunderclaw, Owlpaw, Echoears, and Frostbite. You follow 3 fox scents that twine and go threw bushes and around trees. You stop at the fox whole and look inside, "their in there." You tell Cherrywhisker, Cherrywhisker nods but stays silent. She finally says something, "their has to be an escape whole around so someone has to scare them out by yowling at the front tunnel and they will run out the back and we'll ambush them when they run out." You nod your head and flick your tail, Cherrywhisker tells the others and Echoears volunteers to be the one to scare the foxes out while the others hide on the other side.
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