Warriorcats Lovestory~~~~part4~~~~

I hope you enjoy reading this and this is for she-cats only, if you haven't noticed yet XD. I will be making a 5th one comments or not. Cause apparently I get people taking the quiz BUT they don't leave comments. -Falconheart

Yes this is a She-cat quiz but if toms want a love story quiz I will be making a Tom love story quiz for them. If you are even reading this then I hope you enjoy it! -Falconheart

Created by: Falconheart

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  1. We where at the part when you get stopped by Ripplewave?
  2. We where at the part when you get stopped by Ripplewave?
  3. You pad away from the border with Sparrowwing trailing behing you. Sparrowwing caught up to you and padded beside you paw step for paw step. "So, who do you think should be the deputy?" You ask him. "Your asking me?" He asked, his violet eyes widen as he looks at you. "Well in that case, Cherrywhisker is a good choice but so is Sweetfang." You stop and look at him sternly, "are you just picking them because their your sisters?" Sparrowwing shakes his head and stops in front of you. "No I'm choosing them because they helped the clan get out of shock and back into order. Sweetfang took the role as deputy while Cherrywhisker took the role as leader till you woke up. You nod your head and pad on your tail tip flicking back and forth.
  4. You both got back to camp and saw the fresh kill pile stocked up and cats lying around snoozing in the suns Rays. Letting out a loud yowl you jump on to the ledge and call a meeting. "All cats old enough to catch their own prey join here beneath the high ledge for a clan meeting." Cats stumbled to their paws and padded sleepily over to sit under the ledge. Cherrywhisker and Sweetfang murmered to each other and sat quietly beside Sparrowwing who gave them a friendly nod. Thunderclaw padded out of the medicine den with Frostbite, a cream colored she-cat, trailing lovingly after him. "I have gotten my nine lives and while on my journey back I thought of a new deputy for the clan." You pause as all the cats ears perk and look over at Cherrywhisker and Sweetfang. "The new deputy shall be... Cherrywhisker!" The cats started to call out her name loudly as she rose and jumped onto the ledge next to you. "Thank you Sunstar.. I do not know what to say, but I do have to say one thing. I WILL treat my clan well and help it thrive. I will be the best deputy I can be." Cherrywhisker hopped off of the ledge and was welcomed with purrs of congratulations and welcoming. You looked down at the clan and jumped down. Thunderclaw greeted you and purred happily. "Great speech Sunstar, you made a good choice for the deputy!" Thunderclaw mewed.
  5. (Tomorrow) you wake up to see a large crowd of cats gathered by the bramble thicket. You pad out and jump down off of the High ledge. Padding over to the crowd of cats, you spot Cherrywhisker. "Cherrywhisker, what is going on?" Cherrywhisker replied at once her lovely green eyes glowing with worry, "the dawn patrol came back with three rouges, they call themselves, Bone, Robin, and Flower. They all say that they know you and want to speak with you." Your ears perk and you shove your way threw the mass of cats. You see the familiar pelt of Robin and you tell everyone to back away from the rouges. "Why are you here?" You ask your voice rised in deep concern. "We have come to join the clan." Robin dips his head in respect. You look at them startled. "You may stay with us for three days and if you do not like it you may leave but if you wish to stay then we will make you full warriors."
  6. You sit by the fresh kill pile talking to your senior warriors, "what do you think of their arrival Cherrywhisker, Sweetfang, Sparrowwing, and Thunderclaw?" You ask them, "did I make the right choice of letting them stay?" Your eyes grow wide with worry as you look at them. Cherrywhisker frowns in thought. "Well it wasn't a bad choice or a good choice, but it will be helpful if they joined, then we get more powerful cats." Thunderclaw nodded, "what Cherrywhisker says is true. We will get more powerful cats IF they join. But if they don't then we loose them and they could be clan spies." Thunderclaw looks around. Sparrowwing just shifts from paw to paw looking at the ground. Sweetfang speeks up, "well I think you made the right choice Sunstar and I doubt they are spies. Rouges don't join clan life so easily so I think they are going to stay for good." Sweetfang eyes Sparrowwing, "what do you think Sparrowwing?" Sparrowwing looks up at you, "I think they shouldn't be trusted, I don't like that Bone guy!" Sparrowwings claws dig up the soil as he glares over your shoulder at the white heap of fur.
  7. All the cats look at Sparrowwing, their ears perked in surprise and their eyes wide with astonishment. Sparrowwing snorts and pads away to the warriors den. You flick your tail and get up, "well, I guess I'll go tell everyone who's going to the gathering." You look up at the sky and see the sun starting to set. Padding over to the ledge, Cherrywhisker follows you and sits below the ledge. You leap onto the ledge and call the familiar words for a gathering. All the cats come out and sit below looking up at you, their tails flick in excitement as you start to call out the names of the cats going to the gathering. "Cherrywhiskers, Sweetfang, Feathernose, Shimmerpaw, Echopaw, Sparrowwing, Frostbite, and Jaggedclaw." You leap off the high ledge to meet Cherrywhiskers and her apprentice, Echopaw. "Yes?" You ask your deputy. "Echopaw can't come, so Thunderclaw will have to take over her spot." "Why can't she come?" "She says her stomach hurts." You dip your head and walk over to Thunderclaw, "Thunderclaw, your taking over Echopaws spot in the gathering." Thunderclaw nods excitedly and pads behind you with Frostbite cooing over him.
  8. Leading your cats into the gathering area you leap onto a tree stump and you sit beside Hollystar and Honeystar. You nod your head in greeting as they look at you confusingly. Cherrywhisker sits by the two other deputies. Leopardear and Ripplewave. You look down at Ripplewaves sleek silver coat and you hold back a sigh. "Would you like to start Sunstar?" Honeystar ask politly but confusingly as well. "Yes I would." You look down at all the cats, "my father Maplestar died and so did Mistnose in the battle between us and Stoneclan." You look sternly at Honeystar. Honeystar dipped her head, "I am sorry that had happened, we did not mean to kill." Her voice rised at the word kill and she looked at her cats. "Anyway all is well in our clan and we are growing back stronger than ever." After the other leaders had shared their news they all jump down and lead the cats back towards camp.
  9. You get back to camp and walk over to the entrance of your den. Sparrowwing stops and ask if he can take a walk with you. You sigh but don't refuse, you both go out into the forest. Sparrowwing stays silent for a few moments. "Sunstar, I know your a leader and its against the warrior code of leaders have mates... But you have to choose a mate. You have two of your clanmates drooling over you and I'm one of them... Thunderclaw is the other one."
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