Warriorcats Lovestory~~~~part9~~~~

Hope you like this quiz and yes this is the finale quiz in the famous, Warriorcats Lovestory! I hope you enjoy it and please leave nice comments and no scamming- Falconheart

This is a girls only quiz no boys aloud unless you have serious problems, and nobody reads these and... this quiz won't let me say blah over multiple times :1- Falconheart

Created by: Falconheart

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  1. Okay guys I'm sorry to say but this is the last warrior cats quiz. I know don't start yelling and cursing at me, don't post any mean comments and please check out my newest series, "abandoned but not alone"
  2. You pad along with Sparrowwing, Thunderclaw, Icefang, Robinclaw, Cherrywhisker, Falconheart, Frostbite, Flowerpaw, Sweetfang, Jaggedclaw, and Smallfur. The cats gathered around you. Your eyes gleam in the moonlight as you cross the border marker towards Darkclans territory. 'This will be the last time they steal kits from us!' You think silently to your self.
  3. You spot Falconheart whispering battle moves to Flowerpaw, her new apprentice, you then see Thunderclaw and Frostbite muzzling each other confidently and Spiritbreeze and Icefang twinning tails together. You notice Robinclaw shuffling towards Flowerpaw and talking rapidly to her. Your fur ripples and you stifle a shiver, lonlyness tugs at your heart as you lower your head. "Hey, Sunstar!" You hear a familiar voice, looking up you see a black Tom with magnificent violet eyes. His sleek fur was groomed and his whiskers twitched. "Hey Sparrowwing!" You exclaim surprised, "aren't you supposed to be getting ready for the battle, were almost their." He shrugged and padded by your shoulder, "I am getting ready," you look at him mystified, "how?" He laughed, "by talking to the best she-cat in the world!" You mrrow with laughter and lick his muzzle.
  4. You get to their clans camp and leap onto a steep ledge, flicking your tail for everyone to get low and don't make any noise till you did the signal. You soon let out a loud battle cry, "ATTACK!" You leap down and leap onto a startled brown Tom. Your claws dig into his squared stiff shoulders. You spot your clan mates attacking other startled warriors. As planned you see Flowerpaw keeping to the edge looking for the lost kits.
  5. You focus back on the Tom underneath you, he by now had collapsed and was struggling under your weight. You got off of him and leaped at a she-cat who had Smallfur under her. You bowled her over and started to grip her shoulders in your claws. She batted at your belly with her hind legs, you leaped off and raked her muzzle with your outstretched claws. She ran off whimpering, her white muzzle coated with blood. You looked around your paws tingling to help your clanmates. You saw the leader, Hollystar, who was battling with another Tom trying to pin down Sparrowwing. You growl and leap at Hollystar, the older leader raked her thorn sharp claws over your muzzle.
  6. You bowl her over and see her exposed belly, your claws slice at her soft pink belly and leap over to the tom. The Tom was a lot stronger than you as he pinned you down easily and started to claw your belly. You eyes go blurry and the last thing you see is Sparrowwing battling him fericly. All you see is darkness.
  7. You wake up groggly and you see a starry face peering over you. "Hello Sunstar," you recognize the lean muscles rippling under the brown tabby fur and those Amber eyes. "Owleyes? Why are you here I must go help win the battle!" Your eyes widen as you look around at the other Starclan warriors. "Am I loosing a life?" Owleyes shook his head sadly, "no Sunstar, this is your last life." You jaw drops open and you look around. You see Sparrowwing burying his nose in your shoulder and Thunderclaw and Frostbite sitting sadly beside you. Cherrynose looked depressed and anxious while Falconheart was laying beside you sadly. Icefang and Spiritbreeze were sitting beside your body while Robinclaw and Flowerpaw talked together in sad tones. You were at your ritual, when the cats payed their last respects. "Can I ever visit them?" You ask in a weary tone, Owleyes nodded, "you may pay them each a visit to say the goodbyes but that's it." You nod your head and watch your clanmates.
  8. When the sun started to go down, Thunderclaw, Frostbite, Falconheart, Cherrywhisker, Robinclaw, Flowerpaw, Spiritbreeze, and Icefang all left except Sparrowwing. You pad up to Sparrowwing your starry paws glinted in the moonlight. You looked like a walking lightbulb in a cat form. You lay down beside Sparrowwing and nuzzle his cheek. He looked up blinking sleep from his eyes and looked at you his jaw dropped to the floor. "Sunstar, your okay!" He looked at you then the light in his eyes dimmed, "but your a Starclan warrior now..." You nodded, "I am saying goodbye, I will be waiting for you in Starclan Sparrowwing." You pad off and you watch Sparrowwing lay his head in his paws. You walk towards Thunderclaw and go into his dreams, "Thunderclaw." You call out as you see the orange tabby flame coat and black stripes. His ears perked as he trotted towards you. "Sunstar!" He called out and licked your ears rapidly. You sigh and muzzle him, "im in Starclan now, but I always will be watching over you." You muzzle him one last time before disappereaing from his sight.
  9. You walk in Icefangs and Robinclaws dream saying the same thing you said to Thunderclaw. You decide to go see Cherrywhisker since she might need help or advice. Padding towards your old den you go into Her dreams. "Cherrywhisker." You call as you see the pretty calico fur and lovely forest green eyes. She trotted towards you and purred happily, "Sunstar! I need your help I don't know what to do!" She blurted out, "im so uncertain who should be deputy and when I should go to the Moonpool." You sit down next to her, "you should go tomorrow but I may not tell you who the deputy is. You must decide that yourself. Who has been their for you this whole time?" You say before vanishing from sight.
  10. (Few moons later) Cherrywhisker... Or shall I say Cherrystar is turning out to be a great leader and her deputy, Sparrowwing, is helping her along the way. Flowerpaw, now Flowervine had kits with Robinclaw, Pebblekit and Marshkit, both toms. Spiritbreeze and Icefang also had kits, Rainkit, Seedkit, and Pondkit, while Frostbite is pregnant with Thunderclaws kits.
  11. Thanks for taking my quiz and please read my new series, "abandoned but not alone"

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