Abandoned but not alone#2

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Created by: Falconheart
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  1. I have something awesome to announce!! I have added pictures to everyone's character except for vampire dude! Tristan, Noah, and Tod all have wolf pictures of them selves.
  2. (Okay on with the story) okay so we stopped at the part where the little girl says she wants to stay with you guys right?
  3. "I wanna stay with wolfey!" She reapeated for the fifth time, "okay you can stay with us." You chuckles as she plays with your ears. You pad along with Tod beside you watching the girl. You soon decide to ask her quistions, "what's your name little one?" The girl fiddled with your ear more, "I don't have a name wolfey." You cast a sideways glance at Tod, "well, would you like a name?" The girl did four little bounces atop your back, "oh yes please wolfey!" You laugh and look at her, her hair swayed elegantly in the wind as her gleaming blue eyes look at you. "How about Taylor?" The girl shrieked, "I love it wolfey!" You pad along with the girl giggling and Tod keeping her busy. You soon find Tristan and Noah sitting together on a rock talking quietly. "Hey guys!" You trot the rest of the way towards them with the girl bouncing around on your back holding on to your loose fur on your neck. "Hey... Wait there's something on your back!" Tristan stood up quickly and prowled closer growling at Taylor. "Cool it, this is my little girl Taylor," you reply smoothly. Noah padded up and sniffed the girl, he backed up quickly as she bopped him on the nose like she did to Tod.
  4. Tristan looks at the girl, "how old is she?" The girl replies before you, "im 7 silly wolfey! I Can be a wolfey too!" The girl added with a hint of satisfaction in her eyes. Tristan looks startled, "well then, can you show us?" The girl slide off your back and started to form. She formed to a small elegant pup with pure white fur like yours. Tristan nudges you and quietly says in your ear, "she looks just like you, but with blue eyes." You nod your head and pad over to the pup, you lick her ear. "Would you want to stay with me and my friends?" Taylor bounces up an down on her paws, "oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!" She seemed to have boundless energy in her paws as she started to play fight with Noah.
  5. You head back with Taylor getting under Tristan's paws and Tod trying to help. Noah stay behind with you and looks at you with admiring eyes, "why'd you decide to keep her?" He ask you with a hint of mystery added to his soft silky voice. "Well, she seemed lost and she probably got turned into a werewf yesterday. I thought she seemed important." Noah nodded and out of no were licked your muzzle. You look at him and nuzzle his head affectionately and pad beside him wordlessly. Taylor got bored and slipped in-between you two looking at both of you with her wide blue eyes.
  6. You get to the house with Taylor padding besides you, her jaw dropped open as she looked at the large manchine, "woah momm.. I mean Charlotte, is that your house!?" She ask her blue eyes widening. You laugh and answer, "yes it is, and you can call me mommy." She looked pleased with this as she galloped inside behing the boys. You followed her and brought her into your room. You changed back to human form and closed the door as Taylor did the same. You rip up a pair of nice clothing to make shorts and a tang top for her, you hand her the clothes and she fits into them perfectly. You change into the same outfit as her but bigger clothing. You open the door and instantly bump into Tristan, "hey Tristan!" His mouth drops open as he looks at you. You kiss him gently, "close your mouth silly," you tap his shoulder as you pass him. "Is that the brown silver wolfey?" You chuckle, "yes honey, his name is Tristan." "Okay mummy, BYE TRISTAN." she waved her arm as she got carried down stairs.
  7. You put Taylor down carefully, she hopped over to Tod who was eating a piece of pizza. "Hello!" She looked at him while pulling his pant leg. "Hello," he said unenthusiasticly. "What's your name?" Not seeming to notice that Tod was getting annoyed she kept on asking him quistions, "my name is Tod." She got bored and went over to Noah who was sitting in the living room. "Hello!" She sat next to him her legs dangling off the couch, "hey honey." He patted her head and looked at her. "What's your name?" She started to play with his hand, "Noah, what's your?" She gleefully answered, "I didn't have a name, but now I do! Mummy gave it to me, she named me Taylor!" He looked at her quistionly, "who's your mum?" Taylor pointed at you with a look of excitement, "she adopted me when I was lonley." Noah nodded and gestured for you to sit next to him. You walked over and sat next to him while Taylor sat in his lap playing paddy cake with Noah.
  8. You watch them play paddy cake and you didn't notice Tristan coming down the stairs. He sat next to you and wrapped an arm around your shoulders, "hey Charlie (your nickname)" you look at him and realize he doesn't have a shirt on just pants. "Weres your shirt?!" You reply, "Ya missed you too." He replied with his famous corny smile. "You push him gently laughing. "Hello mommys boyfriend!" Taylor shouted gleefully. Noah looked at Tristan with pure jealousy. Tristans smile widened as he looked at Taylor, "hey cupcake, come over here." She climbed over Noah and you and sat in his lap. "How is you Tristan?" She asked looking up at him. "I'm good and you?" Taylor smiled, "I doing great! I was pwaying patty cake wif Noah!" Tristan nodded, "sounds fun." He looked at Noah with a horrible glare. "Hey guys! Let's watch tv!" You break up their evil thoughts and switch on the TV for them. Tristan once again puts his tan muscular arm around you and pulls you in to his side. You glanced swiftly at him. You saw his 6 pack abs and his super tan skin. He smiled at you as he pretty much saw you checking him out.
  9. You watch a show that Taylor would like, you start to get super bored. A bunch of hours pass and you fall asleep leaning on Tristan's bare chest. Taylor wakes you up with her whining, "mummy im starving!" You wake up quickly and look at Tristan then at Taylor, "she's hungry." He said for her, "I tried to make her stop whining but she says she is starving. And me and the rest of the guys are too." You nod sheepishly hearing your own stomach growl. You pick up your daughter and walk outside with her on your hip. You go behind a bush and start taking you clothes off. You change to a wolf and so does Taylor. You pad out from behind the bush and see the boys just changing to wolves. You swipe your tail over Taylor's eyes quickly and swiftly pad along. Tristan, Noah, and Tod catch up to you. Walking with Taylor on your left shoulder and Tod on your right shoulder, you start to smell the air. "We could hunt as a pack if you want." Tod looked at everyone, "alright, but someone's going to have to look after her." Tristan points to Taylor who was sniffing every shrub in the forest. "She's capable Of hunting by her self!" You snap at him, he looks takin back but dips his head, "whatever you say princess." You roll your eyes and trot ahead with Taylor following you.
  10. You soon loose the boys behind you with Taylor trotting at your heels, you hear a crackling and snapping noise ahead of you, you see a pair of blood red eyes peering at you three the bushes, you stop and a _______ comes crashing at you!
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!! Plz rate and comment and I will make a part 3 thanks for taking this quiz!
  12. Right, last quistion, who do you like?

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