Never Forgotten

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This is my first quiz in the series so it won't be as exciting as I plan it to become. However, if you stick with me, I will hopefully blow your mind!

You are a high school girl, an orphan. You hate life, and you know literally know no one. You have no idea about what happened to your parents, but you assume they abandoned you. Since the day you were born you've been going from foster home to foster home.

Created by: CountryBayRythm

  1. I got of the bus and looked at my school. It was run down and sad. Either you don't smile, or it's a fake one. Everyone here hated life. Everyone poor and forgotten. I hate that word. 'Forgotten'. All I want is to be never forgotten. I merely survived. I don't know anyone's name. Not even my foster parents. Why should I when they'll just ship me off to someone new once I'm too old. That's how it was with the last 13... why get attached?
  2. I trudged through the day like usual. The girls are cruel, the boys are stupid, and the teachers don't care. I just do my work and hope my day will be finished soon. The only time I enjoy is when I'm asleep. I always have magnificent dreams of magical lands. Stupid right? Oh well....
  3. *Fast Forward* The bell rang. I gathered my things and left my classroom. I reached the main hallway. I groaned. There is but another cat fight between the two popular girls. The cheering crowd blocked my way to the entrance. I reeeally don't want to walk home AGAIN! I pushed through the crowd, teachers never break these up, I don't wait anymore. 'I really hope I don't miss my bus.' I finally got out and started running. I almost got there when my bus started moving! I yelled for it to stop, but it merely blew a puff of exhaust in my face. I stopped coughing the nasty fumes from my lungs. I turned to find people wearing smirks on their faces, some laughing. My face red with humiliation... I started walking home.
  4. I walked as fast as I could. I turned down the alley way I need to go down to get home. It was dark and smelled disgusting. This place always made me nervous. I tend to jog through this but today I didn't have the motivation. Half way through, I noticed a black wolf at the end of the alley way. I only know it was a wolf because I am in love with the animal. But this wolf... it was larger than any I've ever witnessed... it looked as large as a horse.... I froze. I couldn't help but stare it in the eyes, even though that's the worst thing you could do with a wolf. It's eyes... They were a vibrant green. I could see the beautiful specks of gold in it's eyes. I couldn't tell whether or not to be scared or blissful. When I finally started to gather my bearings... it walked away.
  5. I stood there for a minute. Shocked. 'Get it together _____!' After thinking this for a minute... I came to. I ran to the end of the alley way, there was no sign of the wolf. Confused... I walked home.
  6. I reached my house and ran to my room. It was grey, and only had a white bed and small closet. I threw my backpack on the bed and went to the bathroom down the hall. I locked myself in. I looked at myself in the mirror, 'Am I crazy?'. I shook my head and splashed my face with water. "I can't be." I whispered. I stood there for nearly an hour contemplating my encounter, real or not. When I realized the time I had spent there I left and went to the kitchen. It wasn't an hour! It was five! 'I am soooo crazy.' I decided this at once. It was 8:30. I heated up a T.V. dinner. While I waited I noticed my foster parents watching some pointless T.V. show. I snorted with disgust. They didn't care about me whatsoever. I took my food back to my room and ate it while finishing my home work.
  7. Once all was finished. I put things away and prepared for bed. I tended to go to bed in the nude. It's just more comfortable and the moment your foster parents learn this they don't go in your room at night. It's perfect for maintaining your privacy at night from prying eyes. It took me longer for me to fall asleep tonight, I couldn't find a comfortable spot and so much was running through my mind. But finally I drifted into a dream.
  8. #The eyes... those green eyes... they wouldn't stop looking at me.... everything was chaos... blood... screaming... but those green eyes kept staring... I ran but they followed, I hid but they found me, they eventually started getting closer! Right before they reached me, the largest and most menacing growl I've ever heard surrounded me... and then.....#
  9. Cliffhanger!!!
  10. I really hope you liked this so far. Please rate and comment!

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