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  • Never Forgotten Part 16
    [published: Aug 6, 2012, 5 comments]

    Sooo sorry it took so long! I just started school again and it is sooo hectic... trust me... I'd rather…

  • Survival Part 8
    [published: Jul 21, 2012, 11 comments]

    I'm so sorry this took so long to come out! Band camp, friends, and family seems to eat up all time :/ Well I…

  • Never Forgotten Part 15
    [published: Jul 5, 2012, 4 comments]

    Sorry it took so long to get out, but it's finally here! And have you all started that project I…

  • Survival Part 7
    [published: Jul 1, 2012, 6 comments]

    I know this took longer to come out... but I worked pretty hard on this one so I hope you like it!!! Please…

  • Never Forgotten Part 14 for real!
    [published: Jun 26, 2012, 6 comments]

    Alright, as usual, I appreciate all the feedback! :) However, I have a project for you all! You…

  • Survival Part 6
    [published: Jun 24, 2012, 7 comments]

    Well I'm glad the name is right this time XD I hope you guys like this one!! I tried really hard to make it…

  • Never Forgotten Part 14
    [published: Jun 21, 2012, 3 comments]


  • Never Forgotten Part 13
    [published: Jun 21, 2012, 3 comments]

    You guys are so supportive and I love it! Thanks everyone who is still with the series! :) I do hope you…

  • Survival Part 4
    [published: Jun 19, 2012, 8 comments]

    I know it took super long for this one to come out and I'm sorry! I've been a bit busy :P. I do hope you enjoy…

  • Never Forgotten Part 12
    [published: Jun 14, 2012, 3 comments]

    I continue to appreciate all the support and feedback! And Twisted_Roots... I think you'll like this one…

  • Survival Part 3
    [published: Jun 13, 2012, 3 comments]

    Thanks for all the support in the comments guys! I always appreciate the feedback! If you haven't taken the first…

  • Never Forgotten Part 11
    [published: Jun 12, 2012, 2 comments]

    Hey everyone! I have decided to another series alongside this one so please go check it out! The name of…

  • Survival Part 2
    [published: Jun 11, 2012, 2 comments]

    Thanks for all the support in the comments guys! I always appreciate the feedback! If you haven't taken the first…

    [published: Jun 9, 2012, 1 comment]

    My new series Survival Part 1 is out but did not reach the new quizzes page. This especially sucks because this…

  • Survival Part 1
    [published: Jun 9, 2012, 4 comments]

    Alright. This is important stuff to begin understanding the series so please read! You do not know everything yet…

  • Never Forgotten Part 10
    [published: Jun 8, 2012, 3 comments]

    Again, I've been busy, however, I tried really hard in this one! I do hope you enjoy it! …

  • Never Forgotten Part 9
    [published: Jun 5, 2012, 2 comments]

    I've been pretty busy so I'm sorry it took so long to get this one out! I put in a lot of effort to put in…

  • Never Forgotten Part 8
    [published: Jun 2, 2012, 2 comments]

    Thanks for all the comments guys! I love it! I hope you enjoy this one... and I promise, all the guys will…

  • Never Forgotten Part 7
    [published: May 29, 2012, 2 comments]

    I love all the feedback guys! Thank you! Please keep it coming! I hope you enjoy this one too. …

  • Never Forgotten Part 6
    [published: May 27, 2012, 4 comments]

    I really hope you guys like this one. Remember though, I can only make it more to something you'd enjoy if…

  • Never Forgotten Part 5
    [published: May 19, 2012, 1 comment]

    I really have tried to put a lot of effort into this one! I'd love to hear any feedback on it, negative or…

  • Never Forgotten Part 4
    [published: May 15, 2012, 1 comment]

    I was bored today so I made two! This one is a bit slow, I just wanted to introduce everyone a bit more. I…

  • Never Forgotten Part 3
    [published: May 14, 2012, 4 comments]

    I'm sorry about the last quiz's cliffhanger, I explained it in the paragraph because I forgot to put it in…

  • Never Forgotten Part 2
    [published: May 12, 2012, 5 comments]

    You left off at a dream, a dream of that wolf's eyes. And I forgot to put it in my questions so I'll put…

  • Never Forgotten
    [published: May 11, 2012, 7 comments]

    This is my first quiz in the series so it won't be as exciting as I plan it to become. However, if you stick with…

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