Never Forgotten Part 7

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You left off waking up to Trace's face....

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  1. I looked at him, I couldn't create a guess as to why he was here. "You need to get out of here. I love my sister, but this isn't her anymore. I will continue to carry out her evil deeds... but not with you. You are the only person who could stop her enslavement of Tivanta. Here are some clothes to put on, I will return shortly." He left the room, leaving me in shock. I looked at the clothes he handed me, all black. I put them on and I swore I looked like a ninja! 'I don't know about Trace... he seems sincere but isn't he supposed to be the bad guy? What if this is some sort of trap?' Trace came back in interrupting my thoughts. He grabbed my arm, "Come on." I yanked back, "How do I trust you?" He looked at me with disbelief, but that quickly vanished, "I understand your mistrust of me, I have presented myself as an evil force. So, I'll put it this way, either you come with me so you at least have a chance of escape, or you stay here and brave The Queen on your own."
  2. "Ok, I'll go with you...." I said tentatively. He nodded and took me from my room going in the opposite direction from where we went before. We kept going deeper and deeper into this dungeon. I felt creeped out. Down certain hallways that branched off from our path I could hear moans and screams... and other sounds I couldn't identify. Soon I felt doomed, certain that Trace was leading me to some horrible fate. But I couldn't turn back now, I would soon get lost. Suddenly he stopped in front of me. He did nothing, I assumed he was listening for a sound, whether he wanted to hear it or not I did not know. He then looked around and leaned back into the wall besides him. HE DISAPPEARED! I started to panic. 'Do I follow him? Did he ditch me? Was I meant to end up here anyways? Am I supposed to die here????' I could feel my heart race. But out of nowhere appeared the griffon. He beckoned me to him, then he placed me just how Trace was when he vanished into the wall. Then... he pushed me back. I fell into the wall, but instead of feeling the hard collision of the cold wall, I felt the familiarity of Trace's arms. He put me on my feet and I looked around. The castle I was so sure was there couldn't be seen. We were back in the forests of Tivanta. "We are far from where you were first captured, but I can lead you part of the way. The castle is indeed here, but if you could see it wouldn't the Guardians know of it's evils? Follow me." He explained. And since I had no better option, I did.
  3. I followed him through the beautiful moonlit forest. I was so ready to be back to a place I at least felt safe at. Even if it is foreign. We walked for hours, here and there Trace would stop and listen, but we would then continue. We reached a clearing and he stopped again. I waited for the usual moment of listening, ready to continue, but it never came.... He looked at me with his big brown eyes, just realizing the warmth they held. "I can't go any further. I'd like to ensure you a safe passage... but I cannot." He looked back over the clearing, then at me again. Then, to my utter surprise, Trace took me into a large, warm hug. He whispered in my ear, "Be careful, please, be careful." then he looked into my eyes and kissed me. The kiss was long and soft. His hands were placed on my face. He was my first kiss... and I kissed him back. He broke from me, his eyes filled with sorrow, "Take this ring, if you are ever in need, Talon, my griffon, will come to your aide as long as you wear it." I looked down at the ring he place in my hand, it was silver with a gem in the shape of a leaf the color of Talon's eyes. I looked up to thank him, but he was gone.
  4. Slowly I began to realize the fact I was alone. I could feel the adrenaline build inside me. I bolted. I ran for who knows how long following the general direction Trace was leading me in. I didn't think anything, just focused on my feet and not tripping. I succeeded in not tripping, but once the adrenaline wore off, I could barely feel my legs. I collapsed into a patch of grass looking around. Everything was eerily the same, but I could make out a tree that was not like anything I've seen here. It was simple. I approached the familiar simpleness of this tree. It was not tall but not short, something I could easily climb. It was blooming sweet smelling white flowers. I climbed it, finding a large branch I could easily rest on. I lied on that branch half awake, half asleep, watching the moon pass by.
  5. I felt myself bolt to full awareness when I heard the swooping of large wings. I silently rose to a position in which I could move from my hiding spot fast. Through the trees besides me I could make out large black wings. The thing that they were carrying seemed search for something, but I couldn't tell what it was exactly in the dark. I watched it come steadily closer and started to make out a man. When the moon sent a shimmer of blue from the wings before my eyes I jumped from the tree. I saw the man look in my direction from the noise and run into a tree. He quickly got up and ran towards me. He took me into a large hug and I smiled with such relief. "Reed. Thank you for finding me, thank you." I whispered to him. "______ I was so worried. I never stopped searching for you." My fear lifted and I knew I was safe again. "Rest." He barely made that audible. he took me into his arms and I leaned on his shoulder. He launched through the air bringing me back to the waterfall. The night was quite and I sleepily watched the stars pass. The next thing I knew, I was in my bed. I looked around and saw that my room was decorated with blue flowers. I looked to my side and saw Christian sleeping in a chair. I smiled, 'I bet you anything he did this.'
  6. I rose and stretched I sat on the side of my bed. Internally laughing at how they didn't dare to change me. "Christian." I wore a slight smile as his eyes opened slowly. When he saw that I was up he shot up saying things so fast I couldn't keep up. I laughed, "Whoa there! One thing at a time!" He laughed at himself and took a deep breathe. He took my hand and asked if I was feeling any pain. "Besides my arm... I feel fine." He nodded, closing his eyes and seemed to suppress something. "Christian?" "It's... nothing... well... did somebody break your arm?" I shook my head, "No, I tripped and when I landed it snapped." He seemed to relax a bit but still seemed tense. "Well, I'm going to let you wash up. Everybody is dying to see you, but we've all decided to let you come to us, so that we don't overwhelm you. I was just lucky that they let me stay by your side." He said this with a gentle look in his eyes. I nodded thanking him. "Oh, and I hope you like the flowers." He said with a smile right before he vanished behind the closing door. 'Knew it.' I took a shower and chose to wear....
  7. I left my room and instantly I was tackled by my huge white lion. I laughed and hugged his great mane. "Meet us all in the kitchen when you've finished." I nodded and ruffled his mane. Following him was Wequest. I took his neck and he helped me up. He didn't say a word but bring me into a large embrace with his paw and his head. I watched them leave and I greeted my otters of which were doing flips and tricks in excitement on my arrival. I followed the hallway I had explored before. I knocked on Oliver's door and listened. Oliver answered the door and smiled. "I'm so relieved that you are safe and sound." His moment of confidence seemed to leave, "Well, uh, I have to go do this thing for you in the uh... kitchen... it's awesome seeing you." He left quickly. 'Hmmmm.' I squinted my eyes in suspicion. But I continued. I came to Faye's door to find her waiting for me. She tackled me into a hug, but it didn't move me. I smiled, "Hey Faye." "IT'S ABOUT TIME YOU CAME TO! IT'S AFTERNOON." I laughed, when I looked at Ulanti she just shrugged, amused as well as I. "Ugggg, they told me not to make this long so I'm going to have to go, everyone wants to hear your story." She complained. I just shook my head with a small grin, "We will see each other plenty." She agreed but I knew that didn't help her at all. Ulanti soon herded her from my sight.
  8. When I came to Leo's door I paused before I knocked, remembering our last encounter. I slowly pushed the door open and saw Leo sitting on his bed, his head in his hands. He looked up and relief washed over his face. "_______, I... I can't tell you how terrible I feel about everything, especially about losing you... I know it was just a day, but it was a long one." He rose to his feet and came to face me. He pulled from his pocket a necklace. He put it over my neck and it rested on my chest. It was a little red potion attached to a simple silver chain. I looked at him confused. "This is kinda like an apology gift. It doesn't make anything up but I'd feel better if you wore it. The potion is pure fire magic. If you ever need to get out of a situation pull the bottle down which will pull it from the cork. But you must be saying, 'Heat, blaze, and flame, it'd be one feat to take me from my fear filled daze and all the blame.' Then a burst of flame will envelope you leaving only ashes. but don't fret. From the pile of ashes in the corner over there, you will reappear. This doesn't hurt or injure you. All you'll feel is disorientation for a moment." He said all of this holding eye contact with me. "Wow, um, thanks Leo. This means a lot." I showed a small smile and offered his arm, "I'd gladly take you to the kitchen." I placed my hand on his arm and we walked to the kitchen together. There everyone had waited for me.
  9. I sat at the head of the table. Everyone was there but Oliver. I was about to ask where he was when he walked in with a kettle and cup. He gave me the cup and poured in some tea. "I don't like tea Oliver, but thank you." "Drink it." I sighed and gave it a try. It tasted like my favorite beverage! "Wow Oliver!" He smiled, "Drink three cups of this and your arm will heal completely. I'll leave the kettle with you." "Thanks!" He nodded and took his seat. "Tell us what happened dearest." Ulanti said gently. I told them everything from the moment Reed left me to when he found me. But I left out the ring and how Trace kissed me.... When I finished Oliver spoke up, "We need to talk about this. Now that you've finished the tea you need to sleep for it to work. Don't worry, once you try you will sleep, the tea does that too." I nodded and left the table. I trudged into my room and tripped over the clothes Trace gave me. I looked at it remembering his kiss. I took the ring from one of the pockets, I fell asleep with it in my hands.
  10. When I woke up....
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