Your Magical Love Story (Part 3)

This is Part 3, K? Good, just wanted to make sure. Anyway, if you've forgotten: Hector has red hair and goldish eyes; Aleris has brown hair and soft brown eyes; Zaniel has blond hair and blackish eyes; and Jason has silverish hair and blue eyes speckeled with silver. (Thats his true form and his sister has the same eyes but silver hair)

Those were the looks of the boys. Hope you enjoy my quiz! Oh and it's the same pictures as the first part. I tried to put more personalities but it was sorta hard. Sorry. Thank you LinxLady and xxblutixx for your comments! I really appreciate it!

Created by: Alexandra_18o
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  1. (Last quiz you were falling asleep) "______, ________!" "Angela? Is that you?" you ask, and then you see her being held prisoner by two ugly monsters. (Trolls) Remembering what Angela told you in your first dream, you decide to free her. As soon as you tink so, your having a picnic with Angela. "Thank you!" Angela says, gratefulness in her eyes. "How are you feeling?" you ask her, concerned since the last time you saw her she was struggling. "I'm fine, but you have to kill the Dark Mistress." Before she could tell you more, you wake up.
  2. You decide to go downstairs and train and think of the dream later. Downstairs, you see the guys and a sleepy looking Jay looking at the paper from before. "________! Ready to start training?" Aleris says. "What about breakfast?" you ask. "After the first training class, if thats alright." Jason says in his smooth voice. You nod, thinking its weird how you can notice things like that in a time like this.
  3. "Jason's training with you first. We've decided to start with the elements, since its the first you used. Jason's training with the Water Element" "Cool" you say, impressed that they had thought about it in so little time.
  4. So you two go outside and go next to the stream that runs along the house/mansion. With all thats happened, you realize, you haven't actually explored the house. You tell yourself that as soon as you can, you will. Once you reach the stream, Jason tells you to concentrate on the stream. "I want you to concentrate on the stream, ________. Try and make it flow faster."
  5. You concentrate really hard willing the stream to flow faster. You close your eyes and point your hand, and for a few seconds it looks as if its working-- but then your thrown backwards into Jason, and land on the grass. You stay like that, sitting on Jason, for a few minutes, and Jason whispers in your ear "I love you" its the sweetest thing you've ever heard. You turn your head and lean in... but then Jason's watch beeps, signaling the end of the training session.
  6. You blush, and ask "Who am I training with next?" Jason says its Hector, and they changed plans: he was going to teach you self defense. You two go inside and eat breakfast, then Jason leads you to the training room. You see Hector pacing, and Jason leaves. All of a sudden, Hector springs toward you, brandishing a sword. He hits you on the shoulder, but... you move your hand and it creates a shield. "Good job. I think that surprise attacks won't hurt you, especially if you learn to read minds and body movements." Hector tells you. For the next 30 minutes,Hector shows you how to use the sword and know the opponent's next move.
  7. At the end, your so exchausted that you lose balance. Hector rushes and manages to catch you, though. "Do you know something?" He says, smiling and looking in your eyes. "I'm in love with you" You smile.
  8. Hector sets you on your feet just when Zaniel comes in. "Lunch Break!" he says. Time just flies by! You all go to the kitchen to eat. "Pizza!" Hector shouts out. After lunch, you have free time. You decide to go explore the mansion. What room do you choose?
  9. After break, you train with Zaniel on the Air Element. After a while, you start asking him questions. "Zaniel, who's the Dark Mistress?" you ask him. Unexpectingly, he gets angry, but then he looks in your eyes and calms down. "I'm sorry, _______. It's just that... she's my mother, but I hate her, you have no idea." Your horrified, but then seeing how miserable he is, you tell himthat he can tell you anything. So he explains. "To teach me to walk, she whipped me. She tried to poisin me to see how resistant I was, and she told me monster stories at night. And she tried to hurt you. I hate her, _______, I really do" "I know," you say softly, and start 'stroking' his back, because he's obviously stressed. At that moment, you realize how sensible he is, and why he's shy. But you know he has a heart of gold.
  10. Right after its the next training session. The talk you had with Zaniel made you feel like destroying The Dark Mistress even more, and made you sure that he likes you.The next training is with Hector in a room surrounded with water, because your training the Fire Element. Inside the room, Hector turns to you. He tells you your name is very powerful, which is why when you say it whatever you have in mind happens. He tells you that just picturing it works. "Try to shoot a flame at the water wall, and see what happens." So you do, and theres a hole in the water. You decide to try to keep the hole there, and it works!
  11. Hector congratulates you, and during the lesson you learn to recharge your fireballs. After the lesson, you ask him to come to your room and talk since there's no more training. You say you want to ask him a question.
  12. "Tell me about your powers" you ask him. His face clouds over and he takes a deep breath. "_______, I haven't told anyone, but sometimes, when I'm a wolf, I can't control it, and I really want to, so I can help you. And I don't want to lose you!" you see he's crying a little. "But you do help me. And besides, you can control it at least a little if you can remember it, so don't worry about me. Come on, lets go downstairs. I have something to tell everyone."
  13. "______? I thought you'd be resting!" Jay says in surprise. "Can't, too much thinking going on." you reply. "Listen, we have to get rid of the Dark Mistress once and for all. I think I know how to do it." "Really? Are you sure you're ready?" Aleris asks. You nod. "My plan might not work, but I think that if I know my way around her fortress, it will. Zaniel, can you tell me about it?" He nods. "I'll draw a map for you." "So, whats the plan?" Jason asks. You take a deep breath and explain. "The Dark Side wants me on their side, right? Well, if I go and pretend to be on their side, I can trick the Dark Mistress and kill her when she's least expecting it."
  14. "Thats really dangerous, _______" Jay says. "But I think it might work." "so I leave in the morning." The next morning, you leave with the map in the direction of the castle and... CLIFFHANGER!!!! Kidding! You knock on the door and it opens. When the servant sees who it is, she jumps in fright and lets you in. You see Angela and she smiles wickedly but her eyes say 'Get out of here!'
  15. You're led to a throne room, where you bluff and bluff and bluff to The Dark Mistress to convince her your on her side. She smiles evily and hands you a pair of clothes. For the next few weeks, you train, learn evil spells, and answer questions about you friends falsly. (Snoop around, learn their plans, and lie, lie, lie)
  16. After a while, you get called to the Mistress, and she's alone. You think 'This is my chance!' and take a dagger with you. When you get there, you try to hit her with it, but she takes it away and its a battle of spells. After a while, you defeat her, and you realize you have to get away. So you call your real friends over and try to find Angela.
  17. You find Angela AND the boys at the front gate, and Angela's struggling. Her body's trying to flood the room and kill everyone, but her spirit's trying to stop. Jay sees you and flies over. But you get pushed in some goo that keeps getting higher and higher. (On the other side of the room) Angela finally breaks free from the control, but she's drowning! Jason tries to save her but she tells him to save you instead, since he's the only one who can. Sadly, he does, because he loves you eternally. You all go back to your home, leaving the fortress to flood.
  18. At home, you and Jason support each other and cry. But don't worry, Jason doesn't regret his decision. (Somewhere in the Dark Realm) "Your Darkness, she is dead." the servant bows down. "It does not matter. She was merely a pawn. The Dark Mistress was never important. I wanted to see what the girl had, and now I know" "Yes, Your Majesty" (In case you thought the Dark Mistress was the Ruler of the Dark World, she's not)

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