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    "Hopefully! Bye!"
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    "Sorry, actually I can't RP :(:( Bye! Have a good day!"
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    "Do you wanna RP? I'll post anyway, and if you wanna RP, just do XD Vente glared at Amphritite. "I'm not agitated. Or angry. O"
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  • Please...
    "Anyone here?"
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    "Guess not... :( Bye"
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    "Dino, are you still here?"
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    "OH NO!!!!!!!! :(:(:(:( *sigh* Oh well. Have a good weekend!"
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    "Catherine: Girl (Lol, just girl. Couldn't think of a word to describe her :P) Catherine was forced to grow up too fast, and as"
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    "I guess you should start after my second mortal -- lol sorry it takes so long. Dino, do you have a mortal? And the song is really good!"
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    "Pearl: Image Pearl is a young girl whogives off the image of innocence but has dark thoughts. Perhaps she is innocent, of perhaps she"
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    "Nice. Dino, lol doesn't matter :P 1 boy and many girls lol. I like Tera :)"
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    "Love the name! :D:D:D:D (Sorry lol. love gemstone name) Can I have two mortals? Sisters? If you don't mind..."
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    "Cool :) Dino, are you almost done? Or should we post our mortals? Take your time! Do you have a mortal?"
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    "Is Amphritite the one in your pic?"

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