Your Magical Love Story (Part 4)

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Hi! This is part 4, okay? Good, good. Just wanted to say that. The next part is Your Magical Love Story (Part 4.5) Also, I feel really bad for taking so long!

I'm sorry that the quiz is so long. 32 or 33 questions I'm not sure. I'm also sorry that the paragraphs are long... I havent eaten a pineapple in a while...

Created by: Alexandra_18o

  1. "_______, I have some bad news. Come downstairs." you hear Jay say outside your door. "Coming" you say sleepily. You haven't slept since the attack on the Dark Mistress yesturday.
  2. "Whats up?" you ask, rubbing your eyes and going towards the refrigerator for a glass of ______. What is it? (This will affect your score)
  3. "________, your parents have een captured and taken to the Dark Realm. They want you to come alone." Jay says, looking glum, like everyone else. You drop your glass, and it spills all over your white nigthgown, but you dont care. "How do you know?" you ask, thinking it might be a trick. "Earlier this morning, Hector and I went to see your parents in the Light Realm, and they were gone. Later, someone who called himself 'The Trusted One' called and told us what we told you. _______, I'm so sorry!" Jay says.
  4. you start crying because, well, they're your parents, and everyone has to 'force you' to eat your breakfast. After, you get dressed in some 'agile' clothes, thinking all the way, and call a meeting in the living room, which has a chandelier on the cieling and a wooden floor with a carpet with some weird symbols on it. Everyone sits on the couches facing the fireplace, and you sit on a comfy chair. You tell them your plan.
  5. "Are you sure? It could be dangerous to your parents, and to you." Jason says, concerned. "I only need you guys to bring me to the entrance to the Dark Realm, and if I'm in trouble I'll call telepathecly, like I did with the Dark Mistress" you answer. "You do seem to have mastered it. Alright we'll go with your plan. You can switch between us, and while your with us we'll train a little." Aleris says. "Okay, you can start with me. I'll train you to teleport, but in the Dark Realm, you wont be able." Jay says. "Jay, the entrance is in ________" Zaniel says.
  6. "That far?" you ask, surprised. (Whenever there's _____, and it can't be your name, its the country where the border is.) "Yes. The Light Realm has a lot of entrances, since its open to all Mystical people except the Dark People, but the Dark Realm is closed except to invited people, and ones with strong Mystical powers, like you. Thats why its so far. We'll alternate the transport, me last and Jay first since its harder for her to see the entrance since she's an Angel of Light." Zaniel explains. "You'd better go prepare your bags so that your ready by midnight, which is when the carpet's magic activates. Its strongest when there's a Blue Moon, but thats in five days or two weeks." Ariel says. You look confused, so he says, "For us, Mystical Users,the Blue Moon is either two weeks after the human's, or the same day." "So I'm not human" you whisper, but no one hears. 'So thats why the carpet has symbols' you think, remembering what Aleris said earlier.
  7. "So, we hav to get there in five days, or two weeks?" you ask them. "Yes." Jason says. He looks at you as if to see whether your ready, and you think he's satisfied when he looks away. Without realizing it, you blush and cover it by going to your room to change. You realized you had said you were gonna explore the house, but didnt know much about it except thats its obviously a mansion.
  8. 'I wish i could bring the guys with me, but not without putting my parent's lives in danger' you think, as you prepare your bag.
  9. You put some clothes, toiletries, (^.^) some makeup, (you'll see why later) a blanket, a small pillow, and other various things you could need. At the end, your suitcase is so full its huge and can barely hold close. Suddenly, you have an idea. You put a belt on and close your eyes, pucturing the suitcase getting smaller and smaller. When you open your eyes, the suitcase is a small bag the sise of the barbie bag you had when you were little. You're so happy, you jump up, and... the suitcase sticks to the cieling, and you hav to get it down. Whoops. :P
  10. When you get the suitcase down, you hook it to your belt and go downstairs. "Where's your suitcase? I thought an elephant was going to charge down the stairs." Hector says. You raise your eyebrow and he says "What! Girls pack a lot! Its a known fact!" You and Jay look at each other and laugh. It was a joke you had that every time you sleep over at each others house you brought a big suitcaseto see Hector's reaction. "But seriously, where's your suitcase?" "You? Serious?" you say, faking shock, but then you show them your mini suitcase and they congratulate you.
  11. You guys eat lunch and you go outside in the HUGE yard to run. And when I say huge, I mean HUGE! Imagine, well, a really big yard that has a park in it, an obstacle place, a fountain, and you pretty much have it, except there's more. You look back at the mansion and see the three stories, plus the basement. You had never gone in the basement but thought it might be a games room and training room. You knew the first floor had all the the nessecities, like the kitchen, and the second the bedroom, and you were pretty sure the third floor had the training rooms. Aleris saw you looking at them and said "Theres an arena on the roof, and there's also a teleport to the Light Realm. Usually, it would bring you to the Dark Realm's entry, but Sam broke it." Sam. You had forgotten about him. You start running to clear your mind, and you can feel Aleris' gaze on you, the whole time. You start to blush, and you hope the running covers.
  12. "Why were you running?" Jay asks you when you stop running and have a little girl time. She hands you a glass of water and you drain it. "I dont know wat to expect in the Dark Realm, except what Zaniel told me, and running might come in handy" you say. "Well, unless the creature's has magically enhanced speed, I dont think that'll be a problem. You did barely three laps and you started running at the speed of light, or so it seemed. Then again, you are a child of the Light," she says, making a joke out of it. You're surprised at what she said, but then again, why not? You had plenty of other powers. You sigh.
  13. After you play Hide-and-Seek Tag in the back yard, its super. You dont really talk much, because your thinking of what to bring extra and what your missing. Suddenly, you say, "Do I need a wand?" the others look at you and you blush. "No, its okay. We expected it at the beginning, and then forgot, thats all." Jason says, then looks at Aleris. Aleris says "Alright I'll say it! Just because I'm an elf and best with wands doesn't mean... never mind. Anyway, you dont really need a wand. Its not essential, it just help focus your energy on one thing in particular. Like if you point your finger at something. So, no, you dont need a wand. But if you want one, your parents had one made for you when you were a kid, since you kept on using twigs." You blush, because when you were little you played fairy in the forest behind your house, and now that you realized it, the same one as the one behind this house. Aleris says that he knows because he was watching you, making sure you were safe, whenever you went in the forest alone, since its dangerous, and you blush even deeper.
  14. You tell them that yes, you'd like a wand, just in case, so Aleris tells you to follow him. (You're done eating) You go to the third floor, into what looks a little like a secret room, but isn't, to a wooden chest at the end with gold designs on it. Aleris says aprire (I looked it up its supposed to be Latin for open)and the chest unlocks. Aleris opens it and you see a reddish velvit bottom with a 'slot' in it. In the 'slot' there's a beautiful wand with designs carefully etched into it and handcrafted so very carefully. Aleris hands it to you and says "I know its not very good, but I tried my best. I was nine at the time" "You made this?" you ask, admiring the designs which were, by the way, your favorite colour and gold. "Its beautiful!" you say, and you hug him. Aleris seems surprised and so are you. If you like Aleris, you stay like that and then look at him and he says I love you. Then you either kiss or not. If you dont love him,you pull away, surprised and blushing.
  15. After whatever happened, you go to Jason's room and Aleris hands you a pair of boots and you say thanks cause they were nice and you needed one. "They're also good for agility and stuff" Aleris says laughing a little. You tuck your wand in your boot (sorta like Alex in Wizards of Waverly Place) go downstairs, again. :P
  16. Now its 10 pm. (Time flies by...) You go downstairs and Jay says the others left already to wait for you. At that, Aleris says goodbye and if you like him gives you a peck on the cheeck if not he doesnt. :P Jay asks if your ready and you say yes. You two sit in the circle on the carpet and hold hands. Jay's wings come out and she says something that sounds vaguely like 'Take us please'. Suddenly, your in a tunnel of really pale, glowing blue light and Jay's golden wings (In the tunnel they're golden, otherwise they're your colour choice) out out and it seems like your gliding and you two twirl around, having fun, then, suddenly, your visions black, with gray stars. Somehow, you know Jay still sees the teleport tunnel, and you desperatly try to hold on to Jay, and, finally, you come back, which is a good thing because at that moment, you land at the edge of some woods.
  17. "_____, what happened? I saw you struugling, or something" Jay asks you, concern all over her face. "I.. dont know. I think the Dark People did something. It was as if I was surrounded by Night, except the stars were gray." Jay paled. "What?" you ask her, confused. "Its said that many centuries ago, the Dark and Light Realms fought over whether the Night was a symbol of Darkness or a symbol of Light. It was decided that it was a symbol of light, because the stars were as if to prove that there's Light in everything. Since then, the Dark Side has used a Night with dark stars to inspire fear. But only one group can send visions like that: The Council of Cloven Elders." Again, somehow you knew this was extremly bad, and as Jay went on, you thought it was lucky you got out in time. "If you see that when you finish teleporting, you're supposed to die, or in your case your soul would probably be shattered, which is really bad." Seeing your face, Jay stops and says "Forget about it. Your still alive and fighting."
  18. You notice something in the shadows of the trees and it comes out. Its a big wolf thats brown and reddish. For some reason, you're not scared. (O.O) You can hear the wolf in your head, and it sounds like the voice of... of course! Its Hector! Thats why the colour of the fur looked familiar!
  19. "Hey Hector," Jay says grimly. "I know you dont like me, but still..." Hector says but then he sees you. "What happened?" He asks, immediatly concerned. "Lets just say that _______ has a lot of enemies. The Council of Cloven Elders, for example." Hector the wolf's eyes widen at the news. "There's nothing to do about it now, guys. I'll be careful, thats all." you say, half worried and half frusterated. "Right, of course. Here, climb on my back and hold on. Feel free to pull." Hector says, lowering himself on his back while you get on.
  20. You ride on Hector deeper into the woods, and he explains to you that Aleris would be at the border of the Elf Realm, to guide you through. "People have to turn back at the border if there's no Elf to guide them because or else they cant pass, and thats why they built a road around. We're going through the forest so that its harder to track us." "How long will it take?" you ask him. "If we stop for the night, we'll be there by noon." you glance at your watch and your surprised to see its the next day, 5:30 p.m. You're not hungry at all, so you think that teleporting probably fills your needs too.
  21. After a while, you start to get a little sleepy and almost fall off. Hector asks you if you want to take a break, but you reply that no, unless he was tired. Hector stops anyway and says, "If you insist, then I'm going to teach you a spell to make you able to hold on even when you're sleeping."
  22. "Pendere dimmittit means hang on dont let go." Hector tells you. (I went on google translate into latin thats basically what it means) "The better spell is 'Varet nuk shkoni lene. You can try it if you want but its harder." Already thinking ahead, you take out a rope and ask Hector, "Are you sure it wont hurt?" "Absolutely sure." "Alright" you prononce the spell, and the rope ties itself around Hector, and you mount. The rope acts like a saddle and you carry on, when suddenly...
  23. ... The ground explodes beneath your, or Hectors, feet. You see what looks like the Underworld, and you start getting sucked in. But your spell and the fact that you were protected by Hectors body, (Your hanging by his stomach) saved you, and you see the ground closing. For the first time, you notice a figure on the other side with pointed ears and a bow and quiver. "Aleris!" you shout out, overjoyed. "Shh, he's concentrating really hard to close the ground with his Earth Element." Hector says above you, straining against the force. Suddenly, its over and the ground closes. If you like him, Hector went behind a tree to block you and changed and you two kissed, if not, you went out to thanks Aleris right away.
  24. (Sorry the paragraphs are long) So you go and thank Aleris for his help. "I thought it was supposed to take us a day?" you ask them, confused. "It did. You fell asleep on my back and we rested in the nook of a tree." Hector replied, turning back into his human form. "Really? Wow. How did you know I was tired back then?" you ask him. 'In my wolf form, I can talk in and read minds.' Hector answers in your mind. "Oh" "Its time for me to go. Be careful." Hector says, hugging you. "I will, and I'm suffocating" you say, laughing. Hector leaves andit seems in one wolf bound, he's gone. You take a deep breath and take Aleris' hand. "I know a passage that wont take us long." He says in his soft voice. On the way, you meet many wild animals: wolves, rabbits, birds, snakes... but they all leave you alone and you realize if you choose to you can listen to their thoughts. Suddenly, you feel something under your foot and then a sharp pain in you ankle. You feel yourself fall down and feel a different pain in your foot. You can hear yourself yell out, but it all seems so far away. And then, you black out. (Your lifted by a worried Aleris)
  25. You wake up in a little hut with a brown snake with black spots staring anxiously at you. You almost scream, but then you hear the snakes voice in your head. 'Oh your Magesty, I'm so glad your awake! I'm so sorry. My reflexes caved in and...' "Good! Your awake! Pipa, your gonna give her a headache. I told you you had stopped early enough." You turn and see Aleris walking towards you with a weird drink. You take it gratefully and drink it. It tastes like your favorite drink. "What happened?" you ask, your voice dry and raspy. "You stepped on this rattlesnacks tail, and her reflex kicked in. She bit you, but she realized it and stopped very soon."
  26. After you heal completely and say goodbye to Pipa, the snake, you go on your way, with the human Blue Moon 3 days away. You ask why you should get to the Dark Realm on the Blue Moon, and Aleris answers: "Because your powers are supposed to be strongest on a Full Moon, the day before, or the day after. Its the same for the Blue Moon except its even stronger" Aleris explains. You nod, showing you understand. Aleris suddenly says: "______, I really love you, and, well, later on your going to have to make a decision, and I hope you choose me." Youre confused, and if you like Aleris you kiss him as an answer, or else you continue on your way.After a while, you ask Aleris where your going, and he tells you that he's taking you to a Door that leads to a special place where only shapeshifters can lead through. Its a shortcut, and although they didnt want to put you in danger, you have to fight during the Blue Moon to survive.
  27. You get tired again so you cling to Aleris' back and he uses elf speed to carry you across. After a while. He puts you down in front of a tree. "This is the door. I can feel it. Just go through. Goodbye, ______" Aleris says, sad to leave you. Your doubtful but you do as he says and go through. To your surprise, Jason's there waiting for you. "Hello, beautiful. I'm going to have to give you sleeping powder, then turn into a Dragon and carry you, so youre not going to see much of this journey." You nod and do the 'Hold On' spell.
  28. When you wake up again you see a blinding light and your, well, blind for a moment. If you like Jason, he too gave you a kiss and a hug, whispering: "I'm glad you only woke up now. I had to overdose you because of your powers since you might have woken up before." If not, he just whispers to you.You walk a little and see a road, with a black car (of your choice) parked. You see someone get out and come toward you and, its Zaniel! "Hey guys." He tells you, smiling. "Hey. Well, good luck _______." Jason says and looks at you worringly. But the he leaves. You go to Zaniels car and since its dark tell him you'll go to sleep. '2 days left' you think to yourself, somehow knowing that the Mystical Blue Moon and the Human Blue Moon was gonna be on the same day.
  29. Youre in the Dark, and youre falling. You dont know how you know, but you do. Suddenly, you see a roaring fire and the Dark Mistress' voice sounds below you. You wake up screaming your head off. "_____, ______ its okay,it was just a dream." Zaniel says beside you. You stop screaming, and your panting. "I'd forgotten you had a car" you say, managing a smile. Zaniel's worryness (lol) disappears, and, again, if you like him you two lean in for a kiss, if you dont, you knock the radio and start blushing.
  30. Since the two of you wont be able to fall asleep, you decide to go on the way. Your mind tells you youre almost there, and that by sunrise you'll be there, but you ask Zaniel just in case. He looks at you, surprised, and tells you the same thing. You decide to try out a spell. "Zaniel, what a spell to get you refreshed?" you ask him. "Freskoj" he answers, telling you the shortest one. "Except you have to repeat it over and over again until you feel it saying itself." Youre confused by this, but you do it anyway, and when you open your eyes again you're all refreshed and its sunrise. Zaniel turns around a curb into an alley with a dead end. You walk through the wall and...
  31. You're in a barren wasteland. The gray trees have no leaves on them, and the ground is rock hard and reddish. Afar, you can see a black castle (Sorta like a Sith Temple lol) with some type of bird flying around it, and you know you're in the Dark Realm. 'Probably the same type that kidnapped me before.' you think to yourself, qrimly. You hear barking, and think of hellhounds, when a dark shape lumbers toward you and... CLIFFHANGER! Sorry! To be continued...

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