LA Summer Love Story, Part 8.

Welcome to LA Summer Love Story, Part 8! On this one, two of the guys who normally fight over you will make an effort to bond, but end up getting hurt, and one will end up in the hospital! Take it to find out what happens!

Also, I just wanted to apologize in advance. This one isn't as good as the others, but be sure to read the last question. It explains why. Thanks so much for taking these!

Created by: AddiBabyy
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  1. Who'd you get on part 7?
  2. So anyways, you guys have been back from your trip for two days now. You had sooo much fun on the trip though. But now you're walking out on the beach to go hang out with some friends.
  3. You walk over to "Jayson's Wall", and find Jayson and Jimmy sitting there, both with their headphones in, listening to music. You say "Hey!!!" really loudly, at the hope that they'll hear you. Then they both look at you and smile and say hi. You sit down in the big gap between the two of them, and have a casual conversation with them.
  4. You guys are just sitting there, talking, when Miranda runs by, crying and freaking out and says "Guys! Adam and Tyler had a surfing accident!! They're on the beach and they're unconscious!" She has tears running down her face. You, Jayson, and Jimmy all share a worried glance and stand up. Jayson hugs Miranda and says "They'll be okay, 'randa." Then you guys all run to where Adam and Tyler are.
  5. You get there, and Adam and Tyler are both lying in the sand, unconscious, surrounded by panicked lifeguards, giving them CPR. Tons of girls from their school are standing near Adam, freaking out. Several of them are crying. Then Jayson shouts out "Wait, I'm confused... Adam and Tyler don't even surf!" An unoccupied lifeguard replies, "That's probably the source of the problem."
  6. Then Jimmy asks the lifeguard "So what exactly happened?", and the lifeguard said "We're not really sure. But we know a huuuge wave came and a boat was nearby and they crashed into the boat, and wiped out. Lucky enough, one of our guards saw them and we got them back to shore in time."
  7. About one minute later, Tyler wakes up. All the lifeguards cheer, except the ones who are still trying to rescue Adam. You and Miranda both run up and hug Tyler. Jayson and Jimmy pat him on the back and tell him they're happy he's alive. Tyler wipes tears from his eyes and says he's never been more scared in his life.
  8. Then you, Miranda, Tyler, Jimmy, and Jayson stand around, waiting for Adam to be okay. You guys all have your arms around each other, because you're all so worried. Then a lifeguard shouts out "We need further help! We're gonna get him to the hospital!" You and Miranda both break down in tears, and so do all the girls standing around him.
  9. The guards pick up Adam and put him in the back of their Jeep, and drive him down the street to the hospital. The hospital isn't very far so you guys just run to it. When you get there, the doctors say that you can't go into Adam's room yet, so you all sit in the waiting room. Tyler looks at you and says "Can we go outside? I need to talk to you.. I just want to explain what happened to you." You say sure, and follow him into the parking lot.
  10. You go outside and you two sit on a bench. Tyler says "Okay so... I don't surf. I've only tried surfing once before in my life, and I was no good. I'm an actor, a theater boy. Adam doesn't surf either. Adam is a football player, an athlete. Well, as you know, Adam and I both really like you, and we have some kind of stupid rivalry. So, we decided to bond and talk things over. We wanted to be cool with one another. So, we chose to go surfing because it's not something either of us had really done before. We were doing pretty good for an hour or so, and then the waves got pretty bad. We were wiping out and losing our boards every few minutes. Then a really big wave came... really big. It wiped us both out, and slammed us into a boat. Both boards were lost... and that's the last thing I remember. Apparently it hit Adam a lot harder than it hit me though. I'm sorry." Then you told him he didn't need to apologize. You told him YOU were sorry, because you were the reason they surfed in the first place.
  11. You and Tyler hug, and go back inside.
  12. When you get inside, you sit down for about five minutes. Then a doctor comes out and says "Adam just woke up. You guys can see him now." Jayson asks what was wrong with him and the doctor says he has a concussion. Then you all walk into the room.
  13. Adam very tiredly says "Guys...". Then Jayson runs over and hugs him. Jayson says in a sad voice "Dude, I know we've never been close. I know that I'm a skater and you're a jock, and we're jerks to each other, but I really consider you a friend, man!"
  14. Adam smiles and says "It's okay, bro. I consider you a friend too." Then Adam looks at Tyler and says "Quite a tumble we took, huh dude?" Tyler nods and says "That was crazy stuff, man!" He walks over and they bump fists. Adam says "Let's not be rivals over ____ anymore. She likes whoever she likes. You're a cool guy and I want us to be friends." Tyler nods and smiles.
  15. Adam looks in the direction where you, Miranda, and Jimmy are standing. He says "Jimmy, thank you for coming... you're nice, bro. Thanks to you too Miranda. And _____, I love you...". You walk over and give him a big hug.
  16. You guys all chill with Adam for several hours, and then they release him.
  17. That evening, everybody throws a little party on the beach for Adam and Tyler. You all sit around and talk and have pizza. Tyler and Adam tell everybody the reason they went surfing and stuff. The people who are there are you, Adam, Jayson, Josh, Tyler, Jimmy, Jack, Bryce, Miranda, Todd, Carter, a few girls from their school, and a few lifeguards.
  18. Okay so I just wanted to apologize about this quiz... I know it's the lamest one yet. I've been out of town. I usually put a lot of time and effort into my quizzes, but this one was really rushed, because I just wanted to get another one out there, because I know y'all are waiting. Buuuut 9 and 10 are coming out soon, I plan on taking my time on those last two, so look out for them. And I do plan on doing another series after. On 10, I'll tell you what the name of the series is gonna be. Thank you so much!

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