Summer Love part 2

Ah, Summer. A great time. No school. No homework. Nothing but ice cream, pool parties, beaches and...BOYS! Take this quiz to join into the story of a young teenage girl (you) falling for the boy of her (your) dreams.

But who is this special boy? There are only two special boys in this young girls' (your) life. Her best friend, Bryan and the hot bad boy of her school, Nick. Which one will she (you) choose? Bryan makes her (you) laugh and giggle when she (you) want(s) to cry. While Nick makes her (you) feel just...amazing. So which one is it?

Created by: heyilikepie

  1. You go to sleep without eating dinner or talking to your parents. Next morning, at ten, when both your mom and dad have gone to work and the house is all quiet, you crawl downstairs and eat a huge breakfast. You are STARVING since you hadn't eaten last night. What is your breakfast?
  2. You go into the kitchen and see your 15 year old brother, TJ, (you are 17, shoving a bagel in his mouth. "Hey sis," he replies with a mouthful. "Hey," you mutter, not really caring. "Bryan's hear," TJ says. "Bryan's WHAT??" you cry. "Bryan's here!" TJ replies again. "Well where is he?!" you ask. "He's watching TV." TJ says. You leave the kitchen and run to where the TV is. Bryan is sitting there, his back to you. What do you say?
  3. Well, no matter what you said (or didn't say?) Bryan turns around. "Hey, _____." he says softly and cutely. You cross your arms. You're still mad at him from yesterday. "What?" you snap at him. "Excuse me?" he asked, pretending to be shocked. "Oh shut up, Bryan! Don't play! Why are you even here?!" you explode. "Well sorry!" he mutters. "What do you want?" you ask again. "I came here to tell you to cancel your date with, um, Nick," he says.
  4. Sorryy,, the question copied twice and i couldn't take it out so...yeah... u can just skip this. Sorry,,
  5. "Why?" you ask. "You and mom both have been forcing me into canceling this date. Why?? What's the big deal?! We're only going to a movie!!" you shout. "Just, listen to me, ________." Bryan shouts and grabs your shoulders. Its quiet for a moment and he's leaning in, as if to kiss you.
  6. But he doesn't. He drops his arms and looks into your eyes. "Don't go on that date, _____. He's a bad boy. He can break your heart and i don't want my best friend's heart to be broken." he pleads softly. Suddenly, your expression softens. "Bryan," you say. "I'm smart enough to know when a boy is a jerk and about to break my heart," you say. "We're just going to the movies. I promise, i'll be perfectly safe. If anything bad happens, i'll just, never talk to him again. Alright? And plus, what's the worse that can happen? The movie's actually GOOD and we actually WATCH it?" you laugh. But Bryan doesn't even crack a smile. You sigh. "I promise i will break up with him the second he starts acting like a jerk, okay?" "Okay," Bryan murmurs. Then, it's awkwardly quiet for a moment, but all of a sudden, Bryan pulls you in for a hug. You don't try to break apart.
  7. Later that evening, Bryan had convinced your mom to let you go out on your date with Nick and then he left. There are six outfits in front of you and you don't know what to wear. Which one do you choose?
  8. You finally choose your outfit and then you hear a honk outside your window. Nick is there..with his car!!! You say bye to your parents and brother and climb next to Nick in his car. It's a little old, but its okay. "Hey," he says. "Hey," you smile. "So um, what movie are we going to watch?" you ask. "Um... what about...?" he tells you the movie name and you raise your eyebrows. "Isn't that um, a bit too chick flick for you?" you ask. "I know, but i thought you'd want to watch that." Nick says. "Aww how sweet." you smile. Nick smiles back. "So are we watching that?" you ask. "Sure, if you want to." Nick shrugs. "Okay, then."
  9. You get to the movies and pay your tickets. You walk into the movie theater. You sit two rows in front of a group of girls. They are all from your school. The preveiws fly by and the movie starts.
  10. And he does!! About half way through the movie, Nick yawns and puts his hand behind your seat. You look at him and smile. He smiles back. Just then, he leans in and in and in and in and you do too and then, your lips meet. At first, it was a soft, sweet kiss, but then it got harder, stronger. You've been kissing for about two minutes now and the group of girls behind you giggle, but you ignore them. Then all of a sudden you hear someone scream, "OHMYGOD, NICK!!!??"
  11. ~~~~~CLIFFHANGER!!!~~~~~~~~~
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