my love life part 5

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HEY GIRLS! nobody ever reads this intro. those meanies. if you read the intro then you are one of my favorite peoples in the whole world. im sorry i took to long, my mom is making me work with her in summer school.

hey persons well what i havn't put in these quizzes is that Bryan won't be here for a while okay? ill put it in part six though. i promise. thank you for following and i hope you liked training.

Created by: cheese1234

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  1. left off at: you followed him up the stairs into a hallway filled with various doors with decorations and a name carved into each one. you followed Bryan to one clear door and he opened it. you looked into the bedroom and you saw...
  2. an empty room. the walls were painted white and you hated that. white rooms somewhat drove you crazy.
  3. "oh eheheh... great room." you say. then Aaron walks up behind you and says,"dont worry Jules. when you first practice your powers, and have fun, this room literally decorates itself. just drop your stuff in the room and we'll go practice in the power room.
  4. "cool okay!!" you say casually. you didnt feel tired anymore since you heard power training time. you followed him down a few stairs and he opened a large door. you looked inside and you found a large room painted as if you were in the woods. you liked it and you smiled. in one corner there was a stand full of shields and swords. in another there was a rack filled with what you thought was power-proof vests. then, right in the very center of the room, a large,blue mat. you couldn't manage to say anything but you were thinking,"WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  5. then in the back of your head you heard Aaron think to you,(i know kewl right? anyway, we'll be practicing your strongest powers first. ready?) you smile and could finally talk,"its awesome. so we'r going to work on fire and earth?" he nods in agreement and he puts on a red and orange vest and says,"okay. i want you to think a bad time in your life. whenever you have been upset about something". you frown about the time Andrew slapped you. (okay) you think to him. then he says, "good thought. now hold out your hand and that anger inside of you, i want you to take a deep breath and think of a small piece of the anger being released". somehow, you don't know how, but, somehow you do. you do as he says and you look down at your hand. its as if you are hold ing fire. "good, very good" he tells you. then you focus on it. Aaron starts blabbing on about something but you block him out. you are just focusing on the flame on you hand. you want to see if you can make it bigger. so, you widen your eyes and release a bunch more anger. you feel a sigh of relief and then you get excited. now its bigger than a basketball. you then wonder,"can i throw this?" then you hear Aaron in your head,(hey focus and don't even think about throwing that at me!) you grin and turn around to him. you aim the fireball at him and throw it. then, while the fireball was thrown, you could see it as if you wer the fireball. you "flew" right into his vest and he flung backwards. you laughed for a minute then helped him back up. he looked at you frowning.
  6. you sighed and then said,"i'm sorry. i just had to. it was too awesome." then he looked into your eyes and said, "im not mad at you. im just sad. that was very quick and very good. i won't be training you as long as i thought." you looked at him and smiled. he smiled back and then said, "hey, lets try earth now. with this just close your eyes and imagine a flower or something." you did as he said and you imagined a flower sprouting out of the wall. you felt your hand raise at a wall and you opened your eyes. there was a large vine sticking out of the wall and your hand was facing it. comng out of the vine was a beautiful rose the size of an ancient horse carriage. "whoa" you and Aaron said in unison. you got so excited so then you "talked" to the rose. "what's your name?" you asked. she replied "Rose. oh... i know you. i knew you'd call me sometime."
  7. you gave her a surprised look but then smiled thinking it was too long a story. you told her if she could excuse you and Aaron. you were practicing. Rose bid goodbye then left. there was a huge hole in the middle of the wall. Aaron spoke, "okay, this will be your next challenge. since these walls are made of wood, try to fix the hole." you gave him a confused look and he just nodded at you. you shrugged and walked towards the wall. you put your hands on the cold emptiness of the hole and closed your eyes. you took a deep breath and imagined wood creating before your hands. after a couple seconds, you opened your eyes and wood was curling in towards the hole. before you knew it, there was no hole whatsoever. however, you found a splinter under your nail. "ouch!!" you exclaimed as you tried to take it out. "aww man. you were doing so well." you gave him a please-be-quiet-im-trying-to-focus look. you closed your eyes and in less than a second, the splinter was gone, your skin was healed, and the splinter flew back into the wall where it came from. "nevermind, you rocked this!" Aaron said rushing up to you. he held his arms around your waste and spun you around in a circle. saying,"you are super powerful! you did it! like slicing cheesecake!" he put you down but he didn't let go. for some reason, you didn't want him to. you stood there for a second. so close. like it was nose-to-nose.
  8. he leaned in closer for a kiss when you put your hand on his lips blocking the kiss. "im so sorry." you say,"this is too soon. can we please still be friends?" you ask. Aaron turns red and lets you go. "i'm so,so sorry Julia. i've never seen you as anything but a friend. i dont know what came over me. i felt forced to do this. i don't know how that's possible. i-i... you have the power of protection right?" he asks out of nowhere. you reply,"yeah but why--" he cuts you off and says,"lets practice that. lock yourself. you don't want anyone touching you or getting into your mind. pretend i'm Andrew and im about to attack you. if you are locked physically, then if i touch you, i get shocked. if i try to attack you mentally, it wont work because i cant hear your thoughts." you reply,"okay." you closed your eyes and imagined that. something hit you and you heard a sizzle. you didnt want to check what it was so you ignored it. it touched the invisible protection blanket thingy around you and not you. then your mind felt small tapping. but you know it didnt get into your mind for sure. "good" Aaron said in a rushed tone. "now, i want you to open your arm and when you feel me touch you, lock me as well." you did as he said then he let go. you somehow still felt him inside your shield. then his voice was in your mind saying,(good. now unlock both of us. we're safe. don't ask what happened. i'm tired and its 12:30 in the morning. make sure you lock your door before you go to sleep. oh, and the balcony door as well as your window. goodnight.) you do as he said and went to bed.
  9. you set your alarm clock to wake you up at 7:30 since school starts at 9:00. you lay down on your oh- so-comfortable bed forgetting your room decor and go to sleep. your eyes shut easily and and before you knew it, you dozed off.
  10. *YOUR DREAM*--- you were in the forest. it was cold and you were alone in the dark. something was moving in the far corner of a large spooky tree. it was small with what you thought was long hair. you walked up to the tree even though your mind kept telling you to rush for light and not darkness. you got closer and closer until you heard crying. you looked behind the tree and saw a little girl. she was around 2 or 3 years old and she had very long hair. "what's wrong sweety?" you ask softly. her chiming soft voice answers,"i'm lost. i don't know where i am. please help me." you noticed a british accent in there somewhere and so you asked her,"what's your name?" her hair was covering her face and she was looking down. finally, she looked up and she had dark,blood-red eyes and she looked at you smiling. then she replied,"Muerte." you widened your eyes as the girl grinned at you. you started to slowly back up and felt you bumped into something hard and cold. the girl revealed vampire fangs and you felt breathing on what you were up against. you didn't dare to look but the cold and stone-hard figure spoke,"hello Julia." you gasped at the voice of...CLIFFHANGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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