Your life, your love!

This is part 1 of a saga that makes you choose between 4 diff guys! Each one has a different personality and YOU get to choose! Look out for part 2! Hope you have fun!

It's your senior year at a new school in the middle of the semester!The guys: Cooper, Nathan, Timmy, and Nick. Each guy is different and you get to know each one of them and talk to them. It's going to be a tough time choosing!

Created by: para13swift

  1. Ring! Ugh its your alarm clock! It's time for your first day at a new school in the middle of the year! Are you excited?
  2. You hear your mom yelling that you have to go. You get up and choose what to wear. What is it?
  3. After you've chosen what to wear, you run to the bus stop only to meet a cute guy who introduces himself as Timmy. You detect a slight country accent. What do you say?
  4. You say "Hey I'm ____." He says "cool" and you both wait in silence till the bus comes. When it comes you pick a seat next to a guy dressed in all black and you say hey. He nods in response and goes back to listening to his I-pod.
  5. You decide to listen to your I-pod too. What music do you choose?
  6. You decide what music to listen to only to be poked in the rib by a cute guy. "Hey?" you say. He responds "Hey! I'm Nathan! your new here right?" You nod and say:
  7. You tell him your name and he turns around and laughs with his friends. You look around the bus and catch a HOT beach blonde guys eye. He smiles and nods but is swarmed all over by his friends and girls.
  8. Suddenly, the bus lurches to a stop and you stare out the window to your new school where you'll be spending you senior year. You start to get up but notice that the guy next to you is in his own little world so you poke him and tell him that its time to get off. He gives you another curt little nod and right before he enters the isle, he says " By the way, I'm Nick" and then leaves before you have a chance to say anything. You call after him and say " Cool I'm ____", but he doesnt acknowledge you and is off.
  9. Just before you get off the bus, the beach blonde guy comes up to you and says "Hey! You must be ____!" And you say "Yeah! How did you know?" He replies "I know all the beautiful girls" You giggle and he introduces himself as Cooper. He leaves to catch up with his friends but asks you to join him for lunch today. You tell him maybe..He winks and runs off.
  10. The first bell rings and you rush to English class only to find Timmy, Nathan, Nick, and Cooper all in your class! The teacher tells you to take a seat and that they are starting a group project. He pairs you up with the boys! Cooper, Nick, Nathan, Timmy, and you, all in the same group! You are just about to greet them till you hear a scream.
  11. Cliff hangerrrrrrrrrrrr

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Quiz topic: My life, my love!