School love days part 1

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There are many story's out there on gotoquiz but why should you pick this one? Well you might as well because your here now. This one is about school love, this includes four great guys!

Which guy will you choose? Brian: a great, old friend who is pretty fit as well! Or maybe you prefer Matt: a cute, shy emo boy. Or maybe you would prefer Keaton: the bad boy of the school or how about Elliott: a newbie at school who seems to like you from the start?

Created by: Bex123

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  1. You've just come back from the summer holidays, thinking how you're going to get through another year of school. As you walk through the sparkling new doors the school must of placed over the holidays, you notice your friend, Brian, smiling at you. You walk over to him, as you get closer you notice he has dyed his hair a dark shade of brown and got a pair of new sky blue glasses. You also steal a quick glance at his torso and find over the holidays he must of been working out 'cos he's close to being worlds fittest boy.
  2. "Hey, look at you!" you shout, trying to sound more confident than you really are. "Hey, thanks. Not trying to brag or nothin' but I spent most of my holidays at the gym." he replies with one of his famous grins at the end for good measure. You couldn't help but smile back. You 'elegantly' stroke a lock of your hair behind your ear and in the corner of your eye, notice Keaton walking through the new, glimmering doors. Brian could tell something was suspicious, so awkwardly blurted out "well, i'd better be going, wouldn't want to make any boys jealous of me hanging around you now would I?". "Oh, ok, erm ... see ya around then" you replied, sounding a bit uninterested.
  3. Brian starts to walk casually away but you don't really notice. Your eyes are glued to Keaton now. He was wearing baggy jeans and a black hoodie with a famous band name, that you like, written on the front of it. His blonde hair swaying with each confident step he took and eyes a rich mix of silver and blue, like stars reflecting onto a dark, mysterious river. He was the 'head' of the 'cool' people group, you could only wish to be in (no offense!). Keaton caught your glare and you grew two ripe tomatoes in your cheeks. He grinned and walked over to you, ignoring his friends on the other side of the hall way. "Hey!" he said, giving a confident wave of his tanned hand, equally as confident as his walk."It's great to see you again" he added in a mock formal voice. "Er, erm... hello" you reply, trying to copy the mock formal accent, but ending up just talking in a weird deep Scottish tone. He ran a warm hand up and down your bare arm before leaving to greet his friends. They all giggled while you stood there looking bewildered, then soon headed of somewhere. Probably there 'secret hangout' behind the sheds of the far end of the blighted school.
  4. You hear the first bell go so you head to registration. Mr Hound. While stepping through the door way to the classroom your mind wonders why, of all teachers, your tutor had to be Mr Hound! He was cruel, mean and above all...strict! He was also one one of the only teachers who had a seating plan in his classes. He had displayed the newest one on the dirty white board he, again, forgot to clean. You gawp at the seating plan for a while to try and find your name. Another point about Mr. Hound: his handwriting is atrocious! "Hurry up, girl!" demanded Mr. Hound. By this time, you luckily find your name. 3 from the front, 4 from the left. Not too shabby. a bit of time went by and just before the 2nd bell rang, a boy with red hair and green shimmering eyes sneaked into the classroom. You don't recognize this boy so you assume he must be a new kid. Plus, no one who has been here long enough would dare risk being late for Mr. Hound's class. "Are! here you are, boy! I thought you might never turn up! Everyone, this is Elliott, Elliott Crippler.He is new here and i know everyone here will be very welcoming!" Announced Mr. Hound, spitting slightly at the end so wiped his mouth with a worn out tissue, hoping no one noticed. Elliott looked very embarrassed, and noted in his mind that he must look out with this teacher. He quickly searched for a nearby spare seat and came across the seat next to you.
  5. He plops himself on the seat next to you and smiles casually.He was wearing red skinny jeans, as red as his hair and a blue baseball jacket. His thigh meets yours and triggers a massive grin on his face. He turns to look at you then turns away so quickly, it was like an imaginary person had just slapped him. Immediately afterwards he removed his thigh from yours and a quick "sorry" escapes his lips so softly you almost didn't hear it. "Elliott, as you seem so keen on --- i'll let you sit there from now on." blurted out Mr. Hound with an evil giggle at the end. A few other people laughed as well but most of the class were busy doing last-minute homework or revising for test that were next period. Elliott slumped into his chair, blushing extravagantly.
  6. The bell for 1st period rings so you hurry out of Mr.Hound's hell hole and rush to your next lesson. "aw, yeah! I've got drama next!" you murmur to yourself. Drama is one of the best subjects, your teacher is pretty useless so for the whole lesson you can just talk and chat with your friends or, if you feel like it, join your mates who want to do drama and hang out with them. "er.. hi. do you happen to know where DR3 is?" says a small voice coming from behind you.
  7. You turn around to see a boy, about the same height as you. He has black 'emo hair' with a hint of blue and green emerald diamonds for eyes. He was wearing black jeans and a blue hoodie with white stitching detail. You realize you had been standing just staring at him for a long time and he was about to walk away so you quickly blurted out "Sure, i know where it is. I'm going there myself so just follow me.". He smiles cheerfully and follows closely behind you. "I'm Matthew by the way, but you can call me Matt." he says, his hand edging dangerously closer to yours.
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  9. Back to the story... Just before Matt's hand could touch yours he pulled his hand away and scratched his head in one swift moment. You had nearly reached the drama room when he said "You know, your really quite pretty, all the other schools I erm..." he paused, "sorry, that just came out of no where. My apologies" he lamely finished in a surprisingly very 'British' accent. Suddenly, a massive jolt pushed Matt forwards a few steps, past you. Standing behind him was Keaton who looked very smug indeed. Matt turned round quickly to steal a glance at the person who had pushed him. His eyes met Keaton's and before he could fully take in Keaton's appearance, he span his head back round and carried on walking to the door clearly marked DR3. Before Matt could reach for the door handle, though, Keaton had him by his hood and dragged him back to were you were standing. "Look at this, yeah" said Keaton, looking up and down at you, admiring you "this is my girl, so don't go all lovey-dovey on her ever again! Ok?" Keaton added. Matt quickly nodded his head up and down so Keaton let go of his hood. Keaton planted a small, quick kiss on your right cheek before heading to the drama room. Before he could reach it, though, he was sent flying backwards onto the floor by a strong right hook.
  10. end. please comment what you thought of it. okay?

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