When Worlds Collide (part 2)

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Hi guys, welcome to part 2 of my new series, When Worlds Collide. Some of xxblutixx's characters come in at this part. I bet you know who they are! :))

Okay, this is still from Allissa's point of view. I let you know when it changes. Recap: Allissa got suspended from school for 3 days. After her first day of being suspended, her friends come home looking happy. "Guess what?" Skye says. "What?" Allissa asks...

Created by: Firey_Soul

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  1. "We all got invited to the party of the century, hosted by those popular, obnoxious kids!" Skye exclaimed. I raised an eyebrow. "And you are happy because...?" I asked. "It's the party of the century, duh!" Skye replied. "And by 'we all', don't you mean 'everybody but me'... I kinda knocked out Kayslee yesterday and I'm sure Danny blabbed it to the whole school by now. That's probably not going to fly with the populars." Skye's smile faded. "Oh yeah... he kinda did. But now everyone knows not to mess with you." she said. I smirked for about half a second. "It doesn't matter though, because we all got invited...you included, by that guy on the football team that most of the girls have a crush on... what was his name again?" Ethan said as he walked into the kitchen, Chris, Anthony and Bryan following him. "Taylor." Jinx answered. "I don't see what's so great about him... most human guys just aren't that interesting." Alexa said. "Agreed." Jinx replied. "Okay, okay, we're getting a little off topic here." I cut in. "And besides... have we ever been to human party... or any social event for that matter?" This seemed to stop everyone dead in thier tracks. "Oh... I guess we haven't." Jinx said. "But there's a first time for everything." Ethan said while rumaging through the fridge.
  2. "I guess you're right." I replied. "Well, what do you think, Chris?" "I think we should go. It wouldn't kill us to be social for once. Nobody knows we're supernatural beings at school, so why would anyone notice at a party?" Chris said. "True." I thought. "Well then, when is it?" I asked. "Saturday." Chris replied.
  3. I was excited and kind of nervous. Now that I think about it, we've been avoiding humans as much as possible. None of us have human friends. At school, we only talk to each other. If no one in my group is in my class, then I'm totally silent unless I absolutely have to talk. We might come off as rude to strangers, because we usually ignore them if they try to talk to us. Of course girls at school try to flirt with Chris, Bryan, Ethan, and Anthony, but they don't flirt back. (Except for maybe Bryan occasionally. He flirts when he's bored... and sometimes when he's not.) All of the girls, myself included have been asked out by human guys but we always turn them down. Trust me, supernatural guys are wayyy better. Okay, well anyway, I think it's safe to say that we're a bunch of supernatural loners... going to a party full of humans... this should be intresting.
  4. ***TIME FORWARD*** 3 days later, everybody's at school and it's Friday. (If you sing the Friday song, then I will strangle you.)
  5. I nervously walked through the hallways, trying not to be seen. It wasn't working though, because people kept staring at me. I grabbed my stuff and headed to first period, which was math. I hate math with a passion, and quite honestly I'd rather repeatedly slam my tounge in a car door... yeah, I hate math that much. I walked in the classroom and went to my table. I sit there alone. As usual, I pulled out my notebook and began to draw... ignoring the eyes I felt on me. I had just drawn a couple of lines when someone walked up to me. "Hey, is anyone sitting here?" an unfamiliar male voice asked. I looked up to see a tall, kinda thin boy. He had brown hair and sparkly brown eyes. I didn't recognize him. He was probably new. I shook my head 'no'. "Mind if I sit here then?" he asked. I shook my head 'no' again. He sat down in the chair next to me, a bit of awkward silence followed.
  6. "I'm Justin, by the way." he said breaking the silence. I looked up for a second, but then back at my notebook. "What's your name?" Justin asked. "Allissa." I mumbled. "Ah, so you do have a voice, Allissa." Justin replied, smiling. "Yup." I replied. Just then, the math teacher walked in. He told the class to be quiet and then began talking. "Class, it looks like we have a new student." he said, eyeing Justin. "Why don't you introduce yourself." "I'm Justin." Justin said. "Hi there, Justin." the math teacher said. Then he started talking about the class and stuff, I tuned out for the most part. "And finally... are you sure you want to sit next to Allissa? She's a bit of a, erm... troublemaker." the math teacher said. "Uh, that's okay." Justin replied. He looked at me. I just shrugged my shoulders and gave a small smile.
  7. "Very well then." The math teacher said. He then handed out a bunch of worksheets. I read the first problem... it was like reading a foreign language, only more confusing. I stared at the worksheet for like 5 minutes straight before giving up and drawing in my notebook again. This drawing looked like it wanted to be a rose, so that's what I made it. Within a few minutes, I had the basic outline of the rose done. I was about to start shading when I felt Justin tap my shoulder. "Nice drawing, but you haven't even started on your worksheet yet... need help?" he asked. "Nah." I said. "I don't get it, but I could care less about math." "Really?" Justin said, raising an eyebrow. "But it's so simple! Here, just let me show you how to do one problem." He explained how to do the problem and to my surprise, I actually listened. It really did help though. I was able to finish the worksheet. "Hey, Justin." I said. "Yeah?" he replied. "Thanks." "No problem." After that, the bell rang. "So, I guess I'll see you around." Justin said. "Sure." I replied.
  8. My next class was language arts. I don't mind that class. The teacher is nice and I sit next to Skye, so I have someone to talk to. I walked in the classroom and took my seat next to Skye. "Hiya, Allissa. How was math? Oh, wait. I already know. Horrible, right?" Skye said. "Actually, it wasn't as bad as usual. The new boy helped me." I said. "New boy... intresting. What's his name?" Skye asked. "Justin." I answered. "Is he cute?" Skye questioned. "He's not bad. He's pretty nice." I said. "Oh, cool." Skye replied. We both looked ahead to the front of the classroom and saw the language arts teacher with a girl standing next to him. "Everyone, we have a new student." the techer announced. "Jeez, how many new students are there?" I thought. "Hey, I'm Stella." The girl said in a cheerful tone. I studied Stella carefully. She had long, platinum blonde hair, a pretty smile, and stunning dark blue eyes. The vibes I was getting off of her were way weird. They weren't bad, but they were nothing like the vibes I get off of humans. "Skye," I whispered. "Yeah?" she whispered back. "There's something weird about this Stella chick." "I was thinking the same thing." Skye replied. We couldn't talk anymore because the language arts teacher told Stella to go sit down... at a desk that happened to be in front of Skye. She gave us a small smile before sitting down. Class was over before we even got a chance to talk to her.
  9. ***TIME FORWARD*** Saturday, 8:00 PM. Oh great... we have to be at the party in 1 hour. It was going to be at that Taylor dude's place. I was feeling mixed emotions, God only knows what would happen at that party. What exactly do teens do at parties? I mean they dance... right? The eat food... but I dance and eat food all the time, so I guess it won't be any different... will it? I'm so ashamed that I'm 17 years old and I've never even been to a real party. Oh well, at least my friends can say the same thing.
  10. I didn't even realize that I spaced out until I felt Alexa tap my shoulder. "Allissa, are you having a staring contest with yourself?" she asked. "Oh, no. Sorry, I was just spacing out." I responded. We were both in my bathroom getting ready. I went back to putting on my eyeliner while Alexa did the same. Mine was mostly jet black, with just a hint of dark green. It brings out my dark green eyes. Alexa's eyeliner was also mostly jet black but with a hint of dark blue. It looked really good in contrast to her sky blue eyes. Then Alexa started to brush her hair. I rolled my eyes because it already looked perfect. Alexa has black emo style hair with lots of dark blue highlights. I'm jealous of her hair because it almost always looks perfect. Mine on the other hand, has a mind of it's own. I had to straighten it quite a bit to get the slight natural wave out of it. My hair is dirty blonde. Today the blonde highlights wanted to show more than usual. I decided to wear denim short shorts, my black T-shirt that says 'what the firetruck', red high tops, and about a billion silver metal bracelets. Not the fanciest outfit, but I don't do fancy. Alexa was wearing black converse, black skinny jeans, and a red spaghetti-strap top. "You look pretty, Alexa." I said. "Thanks, you too." she replied. I looked okay, I guess.
  11. Alexa and I went downstairs to find Jinx and Skye in the kitchen having a conversation. The guys were hanging out in the living room. Apperently they were ready half an hour ago. Jinx and Skye looked good. Jinx's dark red hair was straightened and went a little past her shoulders. Her electric green eyes looked great as usual. She was wearing a black mini skirt, a pink tank top, and a black jean jacket. The guys will probably start drooling once they see Skye. To stand out from the rest of us, Skye had her dark brown hair in loose curls. Her hair had a gold shine to it. She wore a tiny bit of blue eyeliner to bring out the blue specks in her brown eyes. She was wearing a denim mini skirt, a black spagetti strap top and black heels.
  12. "Hey, you guys ready?" Jinx called from the kitchen. "Freakin' finally!" Bryan's voice responded. "We've been ready forever!" Ethan's voice added. "Okay, well then get your butts out here." I said. The guys walked in the kitchen. They were dressed casually, but they still looked really good... especially Anthony. I mean, well... I liked his outfit the best. Anyway, my predictions were right. The guys were totally checking out Skye... and maybe the rest of us a bit. "You look cute, Skye." Ethan said. "Thanks." Skye replied blushing. Ethan was blushing a bit too. I guess he's not used to compimenting girls. It was pretty cute, the two of them. Chris and Bryan were smiling at each other. They were probably telepathically making fun of Ethan. Anthony made eye contact with me for a second, smiled, and looked away. Why does my face feel like it's on fire?
  13. "Think we can all fit into one car?" Anthony asked. "Sure we can!" Chris replied. So we all crammed into Chris' car. I was squished in between Anthony and Alexa. With 8 people in 1 car, it was pretty uncomfortable. Luckily, it wasn't that long of a drive away. "This must be Taylor's house." Chris said as he looked for a place to park.
  14. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay... hm... well this is awkward. I'd ask you who you like, but this isn't a multiple results quiz. >.> Maybe this will eventually become a multiple results quiz. I really don't know. Hope you enjoyed the story, hope you read part 3. :)

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