So this is high school!Part 6

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Hey guys! Sorry this part took so long to come out! Woo hoo and phew, we're actually at part six! Yay : ) Okay, and if you read part 5 1/2 (the poll)

You'll remember that I promised DaughterofApollo, Fearless111,Innominate and Ardeo9999 something in this part. All of the users I just mentioned, because you've been reading this thang steadily and honestly letting me know how I did every time, I would like you each to have a character or a scene in this series, whichever. (I will make a thread in the literature forum with your names in CAPS) Congratulations!

Created by: thisismyquiz
  1. "Uh,yes?"Lani asks. Mr.Freewold, the fat,grumpy man from this morning enters. "Oh,hey,"Lani seems casual with him. Mr.F starts to play the drums-well! "Hey,you're good,"you call over the drums. "Obv,"agrees Lani.
  2. Adrian claps. "Hey, Liza, can you play cello?"Lani asks, grabbing some sheet music. "Um,that was a random question,"you giggle,"But yes,"you add. Lani hands the sheet music and a beautiful cello to you. "Whoa!"you gasp,slowly and carefully taking the items. 'Alyce wrote this awesome mini-symphony and we need someone on cello,"Adrian explains, pointing to a blushing girl adjusting her music stand. She has short blond hair with black roots.
  3. "Um,sorry, Mr.F,but there aren't any drums in this one,"says Lani. "Typ'cul,"moans Mr. Freewold. You study the music. It looks great-but kind of tricky. "Let's start slowly,"suggests Alyce. The song is genius! You are in awe of the other club members' talent for the rest of the hour. You find that you don't want to leave when its time to go. "See ya. Nice job,"Adrian says as he shuffles out. "Bye! You rock!"smiles Lani. "Hey,aren't you the klutz who got chewing gum on your hiney?"says Mr.F. That's when you decide you actually DO want to leave.
  4. You scurry out and find Bree and the girls waiting at the door. "Well,gotta fly!"says Jocelyn hurriedly. "Lemmee guess. Carpooling with Jeff?"Rachel demands playfully, hand on hip. "Naw. With Allan,duh,"a blushing Jocelyn runs off. "I have a soccer scrimmage, so I'm riding with my friend Lei."says Rachel, also leaving the once more loud-n-crowded halls.
  5. You and Bree walk out to the bus ramp quietly. "Hey,do you wanna come over?"you suggest brightly. "I thought you'd never ask!"Bree's face lights up. "Here's my bus! And..there' bus..."Your bus has left you! You're too late. "Darn.Now we'll have to walk home,"you growl unhappily. 'Don't sweat, Liza. I'll get is a ride with Derrien.Hey,D!"Bree waves over a black-haired guy with a set of keys in his hands.
  6. Before you can protest, you're whizzing down the freeway in a shiny blue sports car. "Turn here,"you instruct Derrien. He gets you and Bree to your house safe and sound-shocker!
  7. "Thanks,D!"Bree wiggles her fingers as "D" zooms away. "Let's go,"you say,dragging your friend past your basketball hoop. When you reach the back door,though,it's locked!You can see Lois' strawberry-blond curls in the window. "Lois let us in!"
  8. You pound on the door. "What's the password?"Lois yells. "Snickerdoodle pie!"screams Bree. The door swings open to reveal a flabbergasted Lois and a laughing girl with gorgeous jet-black hair and adorable clothes. "This is Charlotte,"says Lois. "This is Bree,"you reply.
  9. "My sis,Lois,"you inform Bree, dropping your purple backpack. "My pain in the neck,Liza,"says Lois so solemnly she and Charlotte burst out laughing immediatley after.
  10. You throw a pillow at Lois. Bree stifles a giggle. Suddenly something hard hits your arm.

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