The Guardian: Part 5

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Okay, hey peeps. Wassup? Anyway.. This part, part 5, is definitely a shocker. Be prepared to be surprised. ***WARNING*** I'm wasting your time right now, so just go read the story.

Lol, if you are reading this part, you obviously don't know how to follow directions. Congrats! You're just as awesome as me, mwahaha. I dunno.... I'm really just trying to fill space.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. "Castiel. Your... Your father is the son of Lucifer?!" I said in shock, rubbing my temples as I tried to keep calm, but it was a bit late to try that. "I know. Shocking, right? I tried so hard to forget that though. I don't want to be known as the grandson of Lucifer. I want to be different than the rest of my family. Better." he sighed, watching as I fearfully scooted closer to Blaze, who gave me a tight embrace.
  2. "How are you a Guardian, then?" I asked him, giving Blaze a tiny smile as he held me close. "My Mother. She was a Guardian. The head Guardian, to be exact. Her lineage gave me the rights to choose my own path. I chose to be my own person, no longer hiding in my families shadow. I wanted to be the light in the dark place." he explained, brushing a strand of his light hair away from his face. " Your dad married a Guardian? Why? How?" I asked, knowing it was basically against Guardian law to marry anyone on the other side. " He was a mere mortal. His father married a mortal, Camila. My father started out as a mortal, later choosing his dark path once I was born." he explained.
  3. Suddenly, everything made sense. Castiel had a reason to hate mortals after all. "That's why you hate mortals, is it not?" I asked, gently pulling away from Blaze, walking over to Castiel who was now in tears. "Yeah. I hated how he did that to her. She was his Guardian, and he went and got her into trouble. She was thrown into the fiery pits of hell, left to burn for eternity." he cried, resting his head in his hands. "I am so sorry, Castiel. I may not get how you feel right now, but I get it hurts." I whispered, pulling him into a long embrace, giving his cheek a small peck before walking back over to Blaze.
  4. I looked over at Blaze, who gave me a small smile to show he wasn't mad. Taking me back into his arms, Blaze gave a small laugh as Amanda and Maddie quickly leapt across the room with large grins. "Grayson's here!" they both squealed, hand in hand while jumping up and down. "He is!?" I said, a little surprised, but definitely excited.
  5. "Really? He's early." Castiel sniffed, him, Louis, Zach, Maddie and Amanda running to the door, Blaze, Brian and Ian staying behind with me. " Hey, I'll be back." Blaze told me, standing up and walking to the restroom, shutting the door behind him.
  6. I sat there awkwardly, Brian and Ian constantly giving flirty looks, making me feel sick to my stomach. "You okay? You're awful quiet." Brian stated, giving a curious look. "I am fine, thanks." I said flatly, looking away from them, a sudden pounce on the couch startling me. "You don't look fine." Ian said, him and Brian now sitting on each side of me with smiles on their faces. " Well, some people can't smile all day everyday. Cheek cramps and all." I shrugged.
  7. Suddenly, Brian puts his hands on my shoulders, turning me to face them better. "Would you get off of me?" I asked with a snarl, both boys laughing at my sudden act of fierceness. " Cute." Ian chuckled. Brian quickly leaned in, his lips connecting with mine, as he firmly pressed me against the couch, holding me down as I tried to pull away. Ian gave a flirtatious look at me, giving me a wink as he kissed the tip of my nose.
  8. I continued to try my best to avoid their lips, but they continued to try to kiss me, only stopping to occasionally try to pull at my dress with disgusting grins. "Get off of her!" A voice snapped. Blaze! Thank God. "Make us." Brian laughed, giving me a quick kiss. I quickly tried to shove him away, frantically turning my head side to side to avoid him. "Brian?! Ian!?" a girly voice shrieked, both guys immediately pulling away from me.
  9. "Babe! It wasn't what it looked like!" Brian insisted, walking over to Amanda and taking her hands in his, Ian doing the same to Maddie. "So you weren't forcing our friend, a Guardian, to make out with you two? Cuz that's sure what it looked like." Amanda asked skeptically, Brian giving a shrug. "Okay. I guess it was what it looked like." he laughed, him and Ian bumping fists as they turned to face me. "I can't believe you two!" Maddie shrieked, both girls near tears as the guys have tiny laughs. " Look, you two are nice girls, but let's be honest. You two.... You bore us." Ian explained, him and Brian giving me a wink.
  10. "Just get lost, you jerks! I don't want you near my sister, Amanda or Angelica anymore, you got that!?" Zach roared, so much fury in his voice as glared angrily. " Whatever." Ian huffed, walking over and giving me a quick kiss, softly chuckling as I shoved him off in shock. " Get thy filthy self away from her." Grayson said bluntly, him and Castiel shoving Brian and Ian outside, slamming the door behind them.
  11. Grayson carefully glided back over to me, resting his hands on my shoulders as I sat in shock, everyone scary quiet. "Angelica, you are quite lucky that I arrived in time to help thee. I regret allowing you to come here, especially now that I had to witness that. I told thee, Angelica! I told you if I were not around, the male kind would stop at no cost to get you, and I was right." he lectured me, tears pouring down my face as I gave a nod. "Yes. You were right, Grayson. I was wrong, as always." I sobbed, burying my head into my palms as he gave a small scoff. " Where is that old Angelica I used to know? Where is thy stubborn attitude?" he asked with a frown, helping me to my feet and pulling me into a tight embrace.
  12. " Grayson. I really just feel I deserve the truth. Castiel already told me about him, and the truth about me, but I can't help but feel something is missing. Oh, yes, you." I sighed into his chest, his body suddenly tensing up. "Maybe another day, when you age." he suggested. " Grayson, just tell her. Trust me, it's easier this way." Castiel insisted, everyone but Blaze giving a nod.
  13. " Angelica, there is no easy way to put this. When you were born, thy parents were killed by Castiels dad, which you already know. What thy don't know.... I'm not you're brother." he said, my heart stopping as he said it. I knew this was a possibility, but it scared me to know it was really real. " Why did you lie to me for so long, Grayson!? If that's even your real name." I asked in shock, suddenly pulling away from him with a glare. "Your parents. In their will. They put if they were to die, you were to go to me, later being my wife when you got to the right age." he admitted, blushing as I stared blankly, look around for help.
  14. "What!?" I shrieked, quickly backing away and running over to Blaze, who allowed me to bury myself into his warm embrace as tears streamed down our faces. "I don't want to. I want you. Only you." I whispered into his ear, his warm breath tickling my neck as he gave a sigh. "I don't want you to, either, but it's in a will! I want you as well, but..." " Don't say but. Don't let them do this to me. I love you so much." I sniveled, tears now coming down my face like a storm. "I love you, more. More than you could ever know." he whispered, gently giving my cheek a kiss, before releasing me.
  15. " Angelica. Don't cry. Please. I tried to warn thee to the best of my abilities, but ye never payed heed to it" Grayson sighed, taking my hands in his. "You could have just told me. All these years I've had to watch you try to find love, as sad as it was, but not ever knowing that this whole time, I'm bound to you in a will by my deceased parents." I stated bluntly, no longer scared of expressing my feelings. I'd been put through too much to just keep quiet.
  16. " You are right. That was wrong of me,, and I apologize. I only did that to give you thy space. To let you have your fun while you were still young." he explained, only making me madder. "Fun!? Yeah, because staying locked in my room unless you were guarding me was fun. I never got to do anything! No socializing, no friends, no fun. You were the one having the fun, Grayson! Not me." I hissed, me, Amanda and Maddie running off to my room, all three of us sobbing messes.
  17. " I'm sorry. I really am." I sobbed, giving them a hug as they just shrugged. " They were jerks, don't worry." Maddie sniffed, putting on a tight smile. "Yeah. Besides, we're more worried about you. I'm really sorry. We both are. If we had known this about Grayson, we would have told you. We both can tell you don't like him that way." Amanda said, squeezing me tightly. "It's not that. He's a great , I guess, in a way, I could say I'd had this odd little crush on him, but I'd always thought that it was just because he was the only Guardian I got to be near besides Castiel." I shrugged, finally able to stop crying.
  18. ***An hour later***I finally gathered up the courage to go into the living room, my heart racing as I spotted Blaze and Grayson chatting with each other, their conversation seeming rather heated. I quickly walked in, unsure of what I was interrupting, but I felt I should stop whatever it was. "Oh, Angelica! Thou hast finally came back." Grayson smiled, giving me a small embrace, making me blush as I gave a shrug. "Yes. It appears that I am." I said, pulling away to get closer to Blaze, who seemed scared to be near me. "Angelica. He has already told me of thy romantic entanglement with him. If thy were not bound to me, I would perhaps forgive thee, but you two cannot be together." Grayson said, tears pouring down my face again.
  19. "What!? You dated many girls, why can't I date one single guy? One guy who treats me right and loves me. He isn't stuck with me like you are, he chooses to like me, unlike you." I hissed, watching him stare in shock "You are wrong. He may treat you well, but does that give thee the right to upset me so? I give thee my heart, and thy give me your hatred? If thou must know, it was my choice to want to be bound to you. It was my choice to fall in love with you, and I only went with those girls to give you thy space." he sighed, making me feel this pang of guilt I couldn't explain.
  20. " You chose to be bound to me? Why?" I asked, still a little hurt that Blaze was now off limits. "I love you, do thou not get that? I fell in love with you the second I saw thee, and chose to be the Guardian to be married to you. It was between me and some other Guardian. Thy parents chose me, and I was quite pleased." he admitted. " This is a little crazy." I sighed, giving Blaze a sad look as Grayson insisted we go outside and talk alone.
  21. " Angelica. Do thou really hate me so?" he asked, taking my hand in his as we walked down a dimly lit path, the breeze blowing our hair wildly. " Of course not, Grayson. I'm just a little confused, is all." I explained, looking up into his oceanic eyes, blushing as he gave a wink. " I understand." he sighed, brushing a strand of my silky hair away from my face. " Grayson. Be totally honest with me. Why would you let only Castiel be around me?" I asked, looking into his calming eyes as he gave a small frown. " I honestly do not know. I suppose because you two were always rather fond of each other, I thought I would allow you to have a touch of fun in your life." he shrugged.
  22. " Grayson, I'm sorry. I really am. I shouldn't have been so rude to you. It's just... I really wasn't expecting all of this." I explained, his palms gently pressed against my cheekbones as he gave a nod. "I get that. I do. It is thou choice on how we do this." he whispered into my ear, gently lifting my chin up.
  23. His lips carefully pressed against mine, and I could tell right at that moment, this wasn't going to be too bad. I carefully kissed back, smiling as I could hear his thoughts, some sweet and some funny. Maybe this could be okay. Maybe....
  24. ***CLIFFHANGER***I know, I know, I'm a bad person, get over it xD

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