Rise of the Guardian: Part 1

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Hey everyone! So, here is the sequel to ' The Guardian,' and in my opinion, it's so much better than usual. Warning: I may have used a few... Uhm... Large words, so... Forgive me if you need a dictionary.

Shout-outs: I'd like to thank Houndlover, for coming up with this title! ( I owe you big time!) I'd like to thank Ericat, for not only reading and commenting on my other series, but for inspiring me to continue. Last, but certainly not least, I'd like to thank WeirdHead, for all you've done! I adore your series so much, and love the fact you put up with my annoyingness.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two different beings, condemning them to spend their lives looking for their other half. That is what I was told, therefore believed it for so long. Now, I'm not so sure. Maybe I was one of those rare beings with several half's, or no other half at all.
  2. I lifted my face, letting the light and shadow dance across my skin. Bees hummed in and out of the pennyroyal. I inhaled its minty smell and continued on, delighting in the sound of my feet sliding through the leaves. With each breath I took, I concentrated dearly on his silky voice calling out to me, each word sticking in my mind like a string of spider silk.
  3. Heart slamming against my ribs, I gulped at the air trying to slow my breathing long enough to think straight. " Angelica, are you doing okay? You seem really out of it." Zach sighed, softly gripping my hand in his, his skin soft and warm, compared to my cool, clamy hands. " Yeah, I'm fine, sorry." I said in a low whisper, our fingers entwining as we continued to trek through the woods.
  4. " You're not being yourself. Tell me what's wrong, Gelly Cat." " Zach, it's nothing. I just... I'm just a bit confused is all. Don't worry about it, though." I sighed, resting my head on his chest, his breaths growing heavier as we walked uphill, yet they somehow began to lull me to sleep like a lullaby, each breath a blessing to me. " Don't be that way. I'm not sure why, but ever since you've been back, you've been acting really weird. I just wanna know why so I can help you."
  5. " It's just hard for me to accept everything happening to me, okay? I'm expected to marry two guys I barely know, I have to protect Blaze, and I have to continuously push aside my feelings for others so I don't hurt them. You can't help me with any of that." I shouted, my voice echoing across the forest, a flock of crows flying off in fear. " You're right. I can't help you, but I could always distract you. You're so special to me, Angelica. Ha. Look, you've got me being Mr. Serious, doesn't that prove my point?" he chuckled gingerly, nuzzling my neck with the tip of his nose. " I'm special? Is that all?"
  6. Inhaling deeply, he backed up a foot, the leafs crunching under his feet as he did so. His golden eyes like orbs of light, carefully dipped in honey stared deeply into my icy blue ones with so much passion, it scared me. " I love you, Angelica." he whispered, a bright blush creeping up his face as I gave a curious look. " What was that? I couldn't hear you." " I LOVE YOU, ANGELICA!" he hollered, quietness greeting him as I gave a half smile. Gently approaching him, I pressed my fingertips against his hollow chest, looking up into his eyes, slightly mesmerized by the intricate wavers in his smile. " I love you, too. Goofball." I grinned.
  7. " You do? I thought... Never mind what I thought. What about the others? You love them too, right?" he asked, a hint of jealousy cascading through his voice as I gave a shameful shrug. " Zach... It's hard for me to explain. You're all so --" " No, I get it. You like having several guys risking life and limb for you. Typical girl behavior." he grumbled, turning his head away from me with a grunt as I took his hands in mine. " Just listen to me!" I cried out, a sharp tone coming out that scared even me, my eyes stinging as tears crawled down my once rosy cheeks.
  8. " I have this odd connection to all of you. You all have done so much for me, it just hurts me to choose who I like so soon. But I do love you, I do." I croaked, tears now dripping down my face and falling down my neck. He slowly turned back around, placing the palm of his hand under my chin, caressing the side of my face with a smile. " I love you, too."
  9. " I didn't know you could be serious." I teased, our faces carefully moving closer as he gave a wink. " There's a lot you don't know about me." " Well maybe you should tell me these things." I giggled softly, smiling as he gave a wolfish grin. " Why tell you when I could show you." he rasped, gently pressing his soft lips against mine, our lips gently moving in sync as sparks flew and fireworks sailed through the sky. As things began to get more intense, I gently pulled away, rubbing the side of his pale face with the tip of my thumb. " Maybe we should head back to the others before they get worried." I suggested with a small smile.
  10. " Bet you I get there first!" he shouted, brushing me away as he sprinted off into the distance, his Raven black hair flowing wildly like ocean waves at night as he took off. " Auh! Cheater! No fair!" I shrieked, my legs pumping faster and faster as I ran through the trail of crisp leaves, spotting a glimpse of his tall figure through the crevices in the trees.
  11. Sunset had drained out of the sky overhead, sheathing the woods in shadows. I pressed my face against the bark of a tree, the ridges and grooves biting into my skin, as I tried to become one with the tree. Moonlight shining through the lattice of leaves, I heard a sharp snap of a twig, my heart racing as I lunged out, me and Zach tumbling downhill. " Oh jeez! Angelica! You scared me to death!" he laughed bitterly, picking out a brown crackled leaf from my hair, giving a smile as I gave his cheek a small peck. " Sorry, let's go, cheater."
  12. *** Thirty minutes later***We carefully meandered through the wooded area, finally reaching the clearing where we had entered hours earlier. " I bet they're flipping out right now." he chuckled softly, his fingers grazing the side of my face as I gave a small nod.
  13. Approaching a small cabin we had started to rent a week ago, I stopped to enjoy the view of the cabin. It's wood, an burnt shade of auburn reflected the moonlights glow, the reflection shining down on the porch, where Louis sat impatiently waiting for us. " Angelica! What took you two so long!?" he asked, sprinting over to me, wrapping his muscular arms around my waist and spinning me around in a circle, leaving me lightheaded. " Sorry, I just was enjoying nature. You know me." I chirped, giving a sweet smile before turning to Zach. " Yeah. Never knew nature could be so amazing." Zach said, flashing a playful wink.
  14. " Come on you two, dinners getting cold. If you're lucky, Daemon might have saved you guys a little of the food." Louis grinned, his warm breath tickling my ear as he took me by the hand and led me into the cabin.
  15. We walked into the kitchen, Daemon leaned over the oak table, eating like a ravenous animal, stuffing chunks of mushed food into his mouth with a satisfied sigh. " Leave some for us, wolf boy." Zach whined, his golden eyes giving off a brownish hue as he stared at Daemon angrily. " Oh. Oops... I might have... Ate it all." Daemon blushed, hanging his head shamefully before Zach pounced on top of him. " You ate ALL the food!?!" he shrieked, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and shaking him angrily.
  16. " There's some Lucky Charms in the cabinet." Daemon cried out, Zach's eyes filled with hope as he leapt up and skidded over to the countertop, leaping on top of it and swinging the cabinet open. " Lucky Charms... Lucky Charms... Where are you...ah, here they.... Noooo!" he shrieked, crumpling over in tears. " What's going on!?" Castiel asked, as he, Grayson and Blaze ran through in a panicked state. " No! Why did this have to happen to you!? You were so young... So beautiful... So full of life! Oh.... How I wish I could have saved you!" Zach sobbed, holding the cereal box close to his chest, cradling it like a baby.
  17. " You're so.... Insane." Grayson chuckled, chucking a pillow at Zach's head, missing and hitting my face. "Auh!" I gasped, his eyes wide as his face turned a crimson color. " I'm... I'm sorry, Angelica! I meant to hit him, not you."
  18. Squinting my eyes furiously, my bottom lip gently went downward as I bent down with a snarl, taking the pillow in my hand and waltzing over to him, whacking the side of his head with it. " Pillow fight!" Zach shouted, Grayson eyeing me carefully before tackling me, taking my pillow away with a grin. " Auh! No! No, no, no! Don't do what I think you're going to do!" I screeched, kicking and screaming as he began to tickle me.
  19. " Guys!! Come on! Help me out!" I wailed through giggles, Zach hopping off the counter and crouching down over me. " Hmm. I dunno. This looks pretty fun. Not to mention I know it was you who ate my Lucky Charms." he said, tickling my foot, a shrill laugh escaping my throat as I kicked anxiously, waiting for the others to help me. " I'm sorry! Auh! Just stop.... I'll.... I'll buy you moreee!" I squeaked, laughing breathlessly as Daemon, Castiel, Blaze and Louis joined in. " You all are jerks!" I giggled uncontrollably, as Grayson finally raised his hands in surrender. " Your free to go, Missy." he sighed, helping me up to my feet with a small laugh at my dishevelled appearance. " Punks!" I said, sticking my tongue out before racing down the hall, lunging into the restroom and locking the door behind me, my heart leaping against my rib cage as my breathing got heavily, pushing my body against the door.
  20. After half an hour of hiding in the restroom, I slowly undid the lock, gently opening the door and creeping down the hall, walking into my room. Walking over to my closet with a sigh, I pulling on a black lacy night gown, a cough startling me. " Sorry! Sorry. I just thought I'd make sure you weren't mad at me or anything." Grayson said, blushing as he poked his head in, making me blush in embarrassment. " No, I'm fine." I smiled, letting him enter the room. " Angelica, you do know that I love you, right?" he asked, brushing a strand of my silky hair away from my face, my cheeks burning as I gave a small nod, looking into his eyes. Lost in the variations of blue that swirled miraculously, I blushed deeply as he gave a cute smile. Without any hesitation, I pressed my lips against his, taking in the sweet taste of his lips with a satisfied sigh, letting my fingers trail down his chest, his running down my back.
  21. "Angelica, I..." he whispered, taking my hands in his as he led me off into his room, embracing me tightly before climbing into his bed, motioning for me to do the same. " Grayson.... I can't. What if one of the others see and... " " Assume something? That's what locks are for." he chuckled softly, pointing at the locked door. With a small sigh, I crawled into the bed, resting my head on his chest and drifting off to sleep.
  22. ***Lucifer***" Now, tell me Rebecca. Why have you decided to save me even when I'd prefer to be dead?" I asked her, grimacing as she gave a loud cackling noise, motioning to my left hand. " See that mark? It's meant to represent a pair of twins, A Devil and a Witch." she explained, smiling venomously as I looked down at the tattoo engraved into my hand, the marks subtle, yet visible. " Does.." " Amanda know? Of course not." she chuckled, pointing at me with a smirk. " You owe me, and I know exactly what I want." " And what's that?" I sighed. " Angelica's destruction."
  23. ***CLIFFHANGER***

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