The Guardian: Part 15

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Hey everyone!! So, I'm sad to say, this will be the last part of this series. NOT! I'll be doing the sequel ' Rise of the Guardian' super soon, so stay tuned! ( thanks to HoundLover for the title name)

So, first off, I'd like to dedicate this to Ericat, Houndlover, and Weirdhead, who have all encouraged me to continue writing, even if I do really annoying cliffhangers.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. ***Blaze***" Amanda, what are you doing?" I asked, eyeing the blade in her hands, worried of what she was planning on doing. " Shut up, Blaze. I'm helping you. You want to see Angelica again, don't you?" she hissed into my ear, her eyes opened wide as I gave a nod. "Then do as I say. Lucifer has her, and.... There's something I haven't told anyone." "What?" I asked, breathing harder as she began to cry. " I'm his sister. It wasn't supposed to be this way. We were just going to get her to be with him and that would be it. But... He's going to destroy her." she sobbed.
  2. ***Angelica***Ice cold chains were clasped around my wrists, a pair of gloved hands spinning me around to face them. " Dae-" " Shhh. I'm helping you out of here. Just stay quiet." Daemon whispered into my ear, putting both hands on the back of my shoulders as he led me out into a dark hallway, a few demons occasionally looking up at us, but otherwise, paying no attention to us. As we continued to walk, he spun me back around with a frown. " Listen carefully. I have Grayson and Castiel waiting outside for you. When I give you the signal, I'm going to need you to run out as fast as possible, okay?" he whispered, taking my face in his palms with a worried smile.
  3. " What about you, Daemon?" I asked, leaning my body against his, his brown eyes full of love as he gave me a sad smile. " Don't worry about me. I've just got some unfinished business to take care of." he sighed. Something in his voice scared me, the way he acted as if we may never see each other again. I desperately pressed my lips against his, enjoying every moment of it, my tears mixing with his as we both began to cry.
  4. " I love you, Daemon." I sobbed bitterly, tears gushing out faster than ever as I stayed in his warm embrace, his breaths tickling my ear as he held me tighter. " I love you too."
  5. ***Castiel***I had a bad feeling about this whole thing. I really just needed to see her, to hold her in my arms and comfort her. I needed her, just like the others did. " You ready, Castiel?" Grayson asked, a determined look dominating his face as I gave a nod.
  6. ***Daemon***Tears gathered in her eyes as she pressed her lips against mine, barely wanting to pull away from me as I said goodbye. " I love you." she whispered, my heart breaking as I gave a small smile. " I love you too." I whispered, hugging her tightly. " You're going to die, aren't you." she sobbed silently, holding me tightly as I undid her chains. " Angelica, don't cry. I'm going to take care of Lucifer once and for all. If I don't make it..... Know I'll come back someday. As a different guy, but I'll be back." I assured her, smiling as she gave me one last kiss. " Now! Go!" I hissed, giving her a quick shove towards the main exit, going in the other direction and praying she made it.
  7. ***Blaze***"What!? You're... You're Lucifer's sister? Why are you helping me?" " I feel awful. Angelica is so sweet to everyone. I just hate to see this happen to her." she explained, tears in her eyes as she started the car, beginning to drive. " How do we help her?" I asked, unaware she was now mumbling something under her breath. " I'm taking you back to safety. Then, we wait. If anything happens, we can reverse time, simple." she sniffed.
  8. ***Angelica***I ran as fast as possible, tears streaming down my cheeks as I heard several shouts, sensing pain in Daemon, but it didn't stop me. " Got to keep going." I whispered to myself, turning a corner. Infront of me was a large staircase. Staircases. With a frustrated sigh, I undid my wings and began to fly, not stopping until I got outside. "Angelica!!" I heard a voice cry out, a voice I loved so much.
  9. " Castiel! Grayson!" I cried out, dropping to my feet, my heart racing as we ran towards each other, both of them embracing me tightly. " Where's Daemon?" Castiel asked, looking behind me curiously. " I... Castiel... I don't know. He... " " He what?" a voice behind me said. " Daemon!" I cried out, running over to him and embracing him tightly, tears of joy streaming down my cheeks as he hugged me back. " Glad to see you, too. " he chuckled, releasing me and turning to Castiel and Grayson. " We need to leave, now. I might have upset a... Ahem... Couple thousand demons." Daemon said, blushing as we stared in shock.
  10. " What!? Daemon!" Castiel growled, glaring at him in rage as a huge gang of Demons approached us, one stumbling over to me, a vile smirk on its face. " Yo, beauty. Maybe you'd like to join us. " he winked, making me blush as I raised a brow. " No thank you." I said, slowly backing up, my back hitting a bony demon. " Why not, sugar?" the other asked. " I'm... I'm sorry. I'm just really..." " She's really taken." Daemon hissed, walking up with a confident swag in his step, taking me into his arms. " We can fix that, sweet girl." the first Demon laughed, raising a blade from out of his pocket. " No!" I cried out, pushing myself in front of Daemon, the blade slicing through my side. " Auh!" I cried out, falling to my knees in tears, the Demons all gasping.
  11. " Well, isn't that just upsetting." I heard a guy say. Derrek. " Shut... Shut up!" I hissed, crawling to my knees, my hair hanging over my eyes as I glowered down at him, blood leaking through my white dress. " Angelica!" Daemon cried out, he, Grayson and Castiel came running to my side, trying to stop the bleeding. " Guys, I'll... I'll be fine. Just... Just try to escape." I whispered, my voice cracking as hot tears spilled down my face. " Never. We won't leave you, ever." Grayson sighed, touching the wound with his fingertips.
  12. " How touching. Angelica, you can either come over here to me and I'll heal you.. Or you die from blood loss. Your choice." Derrek said, giving a small smile as I crawled to my feet, using Daemons arm to keep me steady. " I'll never go to you." I hissed, blood gushing down my leg. " Angelica, i don't think you have much of a choice. Just go over to him." Castiel sighed, my body tensing up as I furrowed my eyebrows. With a limp walk, I slowly staggered over to Derrek, my legs giving out. " Wise choice. Just stay still." he insisted, catching me in his arms and laying me down on the cobblestone walkway. " Auh... I... I'd rather... Auh." I mumbled, his hands covering the wound up, a bright light appearing from his hands.
  13. " Stop breathing heavily. You're making this take longer than needed." he hissed, giving me a small frown. " S... Sorry." " Don't be. You're in pain, I get it." he sighed softly, taking my hand in his as he finished up. " Good as new." he smiled, pulling me to my feet. Looking over at Daemon, I quickly scampered off, Derrek lunging at me with a shout.
  14. " Stop! Demons, attack!" he bellowed, Daemon quickly pulling me into his arms and scooping me up, shielding multiple attacks while trying to run as fast as possible, the guys right behind us. " Princess, miss me?" the Demon from earlier asked, taking a hold of my hand, Daemon head-butting him with a growl. " That's for stabbing her." he hissed, taking me over to an area filled with dying foliage, sitting me down. " Stay here." he whispered, running back to the fight.
  15. My heart began to pound as I sensed everyone's fear, there thoughts filled with courage and bravery at the same time. " Noooo!" I heard a voice wail. Jumping out from my hiding spot, I looked over at the battle ground, expecting a dead body, but instead was greeted by a demon placing one hand over my mouth and the other around my waist. " Leh mwe gwo." I hissed, my words muffled by his hand. " Derrek, I got her!" he exclaimed, dragging me along as I kicked and struggled. " Excellent."
  16. " No! Angelica!" Grayson cried out, taking a punch to the face as he turned to see me being held captive. " Auh! Let me go!" I cried out, Derrek taking me into his arms and slowly unlacing the ribbon placed around my waist, his hands placed on my lower back as he gave a nasty grin. " You let go of her, now!" Castiel growled, killing a demon as he ran in our direction. " Ah. Stop right there." Derrek warned, pressing my back against his chest as he put his hands around my neck. " Everyone stay back or she Di--" he started, being cut off by a loud shriek, his own.
  17. His body going limp, he fell on top of me, both of us crumpling over. "Auh!" I gasped, a masculine hand from behind me taking Derrek off of me. " Oh my..." I heard Castiel gasp, Daemon giving a curse as they continued to stare in awe, the Demons vanishing in fear.
  18. Standing to my feet, I turned around to see what they were gaping at, tears leaping to my eyes as I saw him. Louis. His face lighting up as we saw eye to eye, wings extending from his back, beautiful and silky smooth, their color an ashen grey. " Louis!" I cried out, jumping into his embrace, grinning as he spun me around excitedly. " I've missed you so much, Angelica." " I missed you too!" I whispered, holding him tightly, a cough breaking us up.
  19. " Oh. I uh, guess I should explain how I'm here." Louis said, blushing as he gave me a cute smile. " That would be nice." Grayson said, staring at his wings. " Angelica, when you... Yknow... Kissed me before I 'died', it brought me back as a Guardian. You're Guardian, to be exact. Another Guardian explained that when a goddess, such as yourself, gives a kiss, it has the power to kill and the power to revive." he explained, both of our faces going red as I recalled that kiss.
  20. " Your my Guardian." I repeated in shock, taking a hold of his shoulder, giving his face a poke. " Angelica!" he laughed, swatting me away playfully, making me blush. " Sorry, I... I just can't believe you're here." I whispered, embracing him tightly, the other guys giving jealous looks. " Let's go, before more Demons come. I did just kinda destroy their leader and all." Daemon chuckled, having everyone hold hands in a circle. *WOOSH*
  21. ***Zach***I can't believe this. Amanda, my sisters FRIEND, Amanda, is the Devils sister. Can this get any better. Oh, yeah, it definitely can. I sat in my bed, tears in my eyes as I thought about Angelica, that poor girl. Who knows what she's gone through. As I sat here contemplating this, I heard the door open and tons of shrieks. Jumping up, I took off to the living room, smothered in a hug by... Angelica.
  22. ***Angelica***I ran inside the house, Zach coming through with tears in his eyes. Something just made me feel safe, like I needed to go to him, to be in his arms, to hold him and never be let go. Running into his arms, I felt his breath stop as he gave a loud screech, embracing me tightly. " Gelly Cat! You're back!" he whispered into my ear. " I missed you tons." I whispered back, tears now in my eyes. " I missed you too, Angelica."
  23. ***Derrek***"Ahek-ahek." I coughed, raising my head from the cobblestone walkway, looking forward to the debris and rubble they left behind. " No... They got away!" I huffed angrily, slowly pulling myself to my feet, a female hand grasping my shoulder. " You're alive. Too bad about your brother." I told her, watching her shrug cheerfully. " Who needs him? Besides, now that you have control over the throne, I feel things will get much better." she smiled, my cousin, Amanda.
  24. ***Louis***I smiled politely as I watched her run about hugging every living thing in sight, a smile on her face that could light up the world. My world. Once it was my turn, she pulled me in close, hands on my shoulders and raised up on her tippy toes, giving my cheek a small peck. " You really missed me, huh?" " We all did. Even Grayson, though he'd never admit it." she giggled softly, hugging me tightly. How I wish this was it, how I wish we were all safe, but this isn't going to be it. She still hasn't finished her job. Protecting Blaze.
  25. ***Angelica***" Angelica, we still aren't done protecting Blaze yet, not to mention I'm still needed to protect you." Louis said, embracing me tightly in his arms, my rage boiling as I gave a nod. " Hey... Where did Amanda go?" Zach asked, looking around curiously. " Does it matter right now? Let's celebrate!" Blaze exclaimed, giving a smile as everyone nodded.
  26. ***Lucifer***" Thank you for setting me free,Daemon." I croaked as blood rushed down my chest, my eyes stinging as I saw a female figure walk my way. " I'm afraid your time is not up, Lucifer." she said, a smirk on her face as she gracefully walked my way, her hair thin and stringy and her face slightly attractive. " Who are you?" I coughed, holding my heart as blood continued to gush out. " I'm Rebecca, but you may call me your highness."
  27. Or is it..... *DUN DUN DUN*

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