Be A Guardian (Girls Only) Part 1

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*In this story you are a guardian. This first part introduces you to the guardians and helps us figure out what kind of character you are. Are you smart? Kind? The decision you make could either lead to disaster, adventure, or even romance. Enjoy, as you leap into the world of "Rise of the Guardians."*

*You can fall in love with Jack Frost, Sandy, or Bunnymund. You could end up being a terrible guardian and the contiuing part might not be so great. Either way, enjoy as you play this roleplaying story of "Rise of the Guardians" (Sorry, it required me to add more).

Created by: Wolflover101

  1. It is a warm spring day, and kids are all playing outside. You notice that one kid is having trouble connecting with the others. You?
  2. (If you chose "use your magic to play with him," stay on this question. If you chose "use your magic to help him make friends," go the next question. If you chose to ignore the kid, go to the one after that one) You go over to play with him, using your magic to try and play with him, or at least make him happy. It works, although the kid just thinks he's playing with an imaginary friend. How do you feel?
  3. You succeed in getting the kid some friends. You smile to yourself at the sucess. Do you join in on the fun (I'm refering to Jack Frost here. There are also a few other character refrences in these questions)?
  4. You leave the kid alone and explore your hometown, pulling pranks and mean jokes on the citizens. You eventually notice a boy with white hair and a blue coat playing with some kids in a park. What are you thinking?
  5. (If you chose use your magic to help the kid, stay on this question. If not, go to the next one) After helping the kid, you explore your hometown and see if there are any other kids that need you. You see something move just out of the corner of your eye. You stop to get a better look but only just in time to see that whoever or whatever it was is moving down an alley. You?
  6. You continue to watch the boy for awhile, then decide to go up and talk to him. What do you do/say?
  7. (If you chose to investigate, stick with this question. If not... Eh, you know the rest) You go into the alley, searching quietly and cautiously for the person who came here. You hear a trash can being knocked over, startling you, but you continue onward. Finally, you see who you're looking for: A bluish-gray rabbit is standing in front of you, his green eyes solemn but kind. He looks more human than animal, as he is standing on his hind legs. Beside him, three yetis and a rainbow colored fairy. How do you react? Or what are you thinking at this moment (yes, I added two questions in this one)?
  8. (Okay. Doesn't matter if you chose not to investigate. You would have met these characters anyway. Moving on!) "So there you are," the bunny comments. "I thought you'd never get here. Why is it always me that gets stuck with the pick-me-ups?" He turns to the yetis. "Get her!" The yetis approach you and start shoving you in a bag. You?
  9. When they let you out of the bag you are in a large room. There are toys and little nick-nacks flying around, and the decor is beautiful. In front of you is the rabbit, fairy, yetis, accompanied by three new companions: A big man with a beard, who smiles at you despite the situation; A short little man whose hair and clothes are made out of sand; And a teenage boy with white hair and blue eyes. You?
  10. "I apoligize for rough trip," the big man says. "I trust you got here in one piece?" How do you respond?
  11. "Why am I here?" you ask, standing up. "Who are you?" "Oh, we are like you. People chosen by man in moon. And our purpose is to protect the children of the world." The man then explains about "guardians" and tells you that each little light on the glob is a child that believes in them. "Now introductions: I'm North, although children call me Santa Clause. This is Sandy..." The little yellow man waves at you fondly. "Toothie..." "Toothiana, actually. Nice to meet you, (name here)." "Jack Frost..." The boy with white hair nods in acknowledgement, waving slightly. "And Bunnymund, the Easter Bunny." Bunnymund smiles, but still seems solemn. You?
  12. "Now...let us begin." "Begin what?" you ask. "The innecitian! You are guardian now!" Your response is?
  13. Cliffhangar! Also, sorry, but I forgot about the turning bad options of the quiz and when I remembered just decided to go on with the quiz. Don't be mad. So look forward to part two.

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