Your guardian life!

If you're a guy and you're upset how most guardian quizzes are for girls, Then this quiz is for you! Guys only, unless you're a girl and you want to. Hope you're happy with whatever you get!

Do YOU have what it takes to be a guardian? Are you good enough? Usually the guardian quizzes are for girls, so if you're a guy, you never got to find out. Now you can see what your your guardian life would be! By the way, Jack may interrupt me while I try to ask you questions.

Created by: Emma Overland
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  1. Me: Hi, People! This is Your guardian life, with yours truly! Now, I just wanted to ask first, What is- Jack:*sing song voice* BORING! Me: Hey! Jack: Hello,(Y/N)! You: Umm..Hi? Me: Jack, Stop that! This is MY quiz! Jack: So? Both:*Argument*
  2. Me: So, (Y/N),What- Jack: Whatevs! What do you think of bunny?
  3. Me: So, Jack? Jack: So, Do you like winter?
  4. Me: While Jack is crying himself to sleep,I will ask the most hated question ever >:) What is your favorite color? MWA HA HA HA HA!
  5. Me: Choice of weapon?
  6. Me: Any powers?
  7. Me: You want to pick a smiley? Jack: Really? *Rolls eyes* Stupid.
  8. Me: If you picked yes, then pick a smiley!
  9. Me: Almost over! Jack: Finally. Me: What did you say? Jack: Nothing Me: GOOD.
  10. Me: Say Bye, Jack. Jack: Meh. Me: FOR REAL. Jack: Fine. Bye. Me: Ok. Bye! Please comment this is my first quiz!

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Quiz topic: My guardian life!