The Guardians Part One

READ ME! READ ME! Okay. I decided to stop "A Nightmare in the Alley." I just didn't feel it. O.o So, I really don't have to explain what the story's about here 'cause it's pretty straight forward when you start reading...

Prim: Guardian of Spirit, Leader of the group, Brown hair usually in a braided bun, hazel eyes, Italian skin (17) Sophie: Guardian of Light, Youngest in the group, long blonde hair, brown eyes, light skin (12) Thalia: Guardian of Earth, Strongest in the group, medium length black hair, brown eyes, Indian skin (15) Clove: Guardian of Air, Fastest in the group, auburn hair usually in a ponytail, green eyes, regular tone skin (16) Please read parting words for the boy's descriptions.

Created by: Strangeling

  1. A very long time ago, there were 7 Guardians. Their purpose was to keep the Earth safe from any evil that reaches it. The 7 Guardians represented Air,Water,Fire,Earth,Spirit, Good,and Evil. If the one of the Guardians died, it would mean what they represented died too. They were there to keep everything balanced. The world didn't know were there...Until now.
  2. 6 of the Guardians were hiding among everyday people, unlike their leader,Prim who represented Spirit. She was keeping to herself in a quaint, little abandoned house in the woods. She felt as if the other Guardians had forgotten their position in the world and decided to pay them a visit. Lucky for her, the other Guardians lived in the same area and one of them were having a block party. She didn't care much about all the people there, she thought it was time to reveal themselves.
  3. The other 6 Guardians were hanging around near the DJ area. "Hey Anthony, what's that over there?", asked Sophie pointing to a strange, very bright light at the end of the street. "I don't know...", he replied. As the the light came closer it dimmed more and more. Soon, standing before them, was Prim. Their leader, Guardian of Spirit. 'This can't be good', thought Clove. Before she joined the other Guardians in the everyday life, she would hang out with Prim. Clove knows Prim isn't here to give out free candy.
  4. "Anthony, Clove, Sophie, Nathan, Thalia, Erik...Present yourselves to me.", Prim said in a loud voice as the people stood in awe. The group walked slowly up to Prim. "Long time no see, eh?", said Anthony. Prim sighed."You all have completely forgotten your position haven't you?", asked Prim ignoring Anthony. "Yes.", mumbled the group. "You are all coming back to the Grotto. You've had your time in the real world." "But Prim! You can't do that!", complained Nathan. "Yeah we like it here!", agreed Sophie. "Guys,"said Clove turning to the group,"Prim's right. We've wasted too much time here. Who knows when we will be needed next?" The group shrugged in agreement. "Then it's final. You're all coming wi-" "Hey you! What you doing with those kids?!", yelled someone from the crowd. Prim didn't respond. Instead, she made her symbol in the air and the group vanished. The crowd was left very confused.
  5. When the group got to the Grotto they stood in awe. It had changed over time. New flowers, more vines...It looked even more peaceful than before. "I almost forgot how happy I was growing up here.", said Thalia stroking her hand through long, thin grass. "I'm going to get some sandwiches.", said Prim running into the house. Nathan plopped down into a big batch of puffy, soft flowers. "I can literally fall asleep right here if I wanted to.", said Nathan looking up at the sun. He frowned,"Hey what's up with the sun?" The group looked up. "Hm. I don't know. It doesn't even look like a sun anymore. It got darker and darker. When Prim looked out the window she dropped the sandwiches and ran outside. "Prim what's happening?", asked Sophie scared like. "I don't know. The Grotto has never been like this before..." For once, Prim didn't know what to do. They heard a scream. It was Clove. "Clove! What's wrong?!", yelled Erik. There was no reply. Erik and Clove were brother and sister. Erik ran towards the forest to look for Clove. "Erik, get back here! You can't go wandering around now! We'll have to look later.", said Sophie. "We can't just leave her. She's my sister. I'm going to get her. I just want to know she's safe." "Er-", Prim stopped. There was a gun fire. No two. Three. "Hey guys, where's Nathan?", said Anthony. The group looked around. "So it's only us four now...", said Thalia. "Wait. They're not dead. The world would have ended by now.", said Prim. "Still, what are we going to do?", asked Anthony. "I don't know."
  6. Days went by. No sunlight. No sign of the others. Prim sat down on a rock thinking. She didn't know what to do. And she couldn't afford to lose anymore of her Guardians. "Hey guys, I think I see Nathan!", yelled Sophie in excitement. "Prim, I'm sorry. They're gone. Lost. I tried to find them. I failed.", said Nathan. "It's okay Nathan. You tried. We just need answers. I would send one of you to look in town but I can't afford losing anymore of you.", said Prim. "Hey, what if we went in a pair? We'd have a better chance.", suggested Sophie. "No. Clove and Erik are very strong. If they couldn't fight of this none of us can." "None of us can ALONE.", said Anthony. "Still. It's dangerous. We don't know what it is."
  7. That night, Prim finally knew what she would do.
  8. Okay. That's all for now. :D Rate? Comment?
  9. Bye! ~Strangeling
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