Do You Have a Guardian Angel ? Quiz !

There are many people in this world . There are many good ones and bad ones . Nice ones and mean ones ! Silly ones and serious ones too and then some ! But there are not many angels ! Are you one of the select few that needs a guardian angel ? Yes ? No ? You don't know ? ? ? ?

Are you protected by an angel ? Constantly watched and calmed by a spirit ? Well do you have a guardian angel ? Do you think you do ? Do you know you do ? Well . . . Do you ?

Created by: maggie
  1. First off , what's your favorite color ?
  2. What's your favorite food ?
  3. Do you remember your childhood ?
  4. Do you have a big family ?
  5. Do you get paranoid ?
  6. Do you get paranoid easily ?
  7. Are you an upbeat person ?
  8. Are you a superstitious person ?
  9. Do you see shadows out of the corner of your eye ?
  10. What color are the shadows ?
  11. Do you hear voices in your house ? (Which aren't your parents or siblings?)
  12. Do you feel watched or followed ?
  13. Do you get scared easily ?
  14. Do you believe in ghosts or spirits ?
  15. Do you like cemeteries ?
  16. Do you believe in mythical creatures ?
  17. Do you will your phone to ring ?
  18. If you answered yes or sometimes does it ever ring ?
  19. Do you live in a old house
  20. Last question : do you feel like you've lived a separate life a past one ?

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Quiz topic: do I Have a Guardian Angel ? Quiz !