What Type Of Angel Was Sent to Watch Over You?

Our Angels play a very important role in our lives. They are assigned to us at birth and stay with us till the end. Different types of Angels have different coloured wings, depending on their importance. Find out your angel.

Find out which Angel was sent to watch over you, find out what level your Angel is in, and find out its task. I hope you enjoy the quiz, it took me a long time to make. Enjoy!

Created by: Kish
  1. How many things (or people) are you afraid of? (be honest)
  2. How often do you get into unnecessary trouble?
  3. How often do you get sick?
  4. How often have you been asked to deliver an important message?
  5. Do you love to listen to music?
  6. Have you ever sung in a music concert?
  7. How good are you at singing? (be honest)
  8. Has anyone ever complimented on your voice? (be honest)
  9. When you get hurt, do your wounds heal abnormally fast?
  10. Has anyone ever come to you, to ask for emotional advice?
  11. Are you religious?
  12. Have you ever seen a ghost before?
  13. Have you ever given good advice to someone, which actually helped that person?
  14. Do you like helping people?
  15. Have you ever stalked anyone? (be honest)
  16. Do you have your own diary?
  17. Have you ever felt you were being watched, when nobody was there?
  18. Last question: What are you the most, caring or social?

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