Is Your Guardian Angel Trying To Connect With You

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Many people are now becoming more spiritual. By this I mean they are seeking answers to questions the church could not answer.I am a angel whisperer and can actually communicate with many of them from varies choir's.

The very first step in hearing your angels is to become eclectic in your spiritual beliefs to remain unchanged will stagnate your growth and understanding

Created by: Queenie

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  1. I have always known of angels around me
  2. At times I can feel a Presence over my shoulder and near my right ear
  3. How often do you feel a strong sense of Deja'vu
  4. Do you hear a sweet subtle voice when ever you are concern or have a question?
  5. How often do you see repeating numbers like...222 333 123 ect
  6. I have dreams and visions about the elements Earth, Wind, Fire, Water
  7. I am fascinated by Angels and the Astral realms
  8. Do you know the name of your Guardian Angel?
  9. I had an unexplained experience with a earth angle
  10. Do you sometimes feel a gentle touch on your face or back
  11. Do you get the feeling that you are being watched?
  12. Do you have laps of time?
  13. Do you ever get the feeling that you should or should not do something but don't know why?

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Quiz topic: Is my Guardian Angel Trying To Connect With You