Story of my Life - Part 3

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Hey guys, this is part three of Story of my Life series. I hope you like it! So excited! Make sure to leave a comment and check out my other quizzes! P.S. I'm gonna start part four today, so happy!

Shoutouts: Thanks to Weirdhead for taking my quizzes and big thanks to ghettobabe4ever for inspiring me, and adding Maple to her awesome series Rise of the Guardian.

Created by: Houndlover
  1. ***Liam*** There was a knock at the door. I opened it. "I'm D.J." the guy standing there said. "What do you want?" I demanded. "Oh, nothing much. I just want...Maple."
  2. ***D.J.*** *Back to when he was with Maple* "NOW!" Said someone from the window. I whipped around and watched Maple. She jumped up, did a side ways split in the air that knocked the guards unconscious. Then did a round house kick for the other ones. I saw this and ran. "I'll have you, even if its he last thing I'll have!" I yelled at her. Then I remembered how heart broken she was when she heard about Liam. Maybe there was a way to get her after all...
  3. ***Kate*** I could see Maple and Henry kissing in the distance. Yuck! I thought. Then I saw a slim black figure with something shiny in it's hand. I started running towards them.
  4. "Look out!" I yelled. Maple whipped her head around and then everything went black. The last thing I saw was someone standing ver me with a bat.
  5. ***Maple*** I whipped around and there was a figure that was slim and black running towards me with a sword in it's hand. It's a girl my age, I realized. And she's gonna kill me.
  6. ***Henry*** I have to save Maple, I thought. "I love you" I whispered to her. "I... I love you too, but don't do this. There's another way..." "What way? me sacrificing myself for you. That's the only way."
  7. ***Me AKA, Houndlover, AKA Dragon Songbird, AKA Kaitlin, AKA Knbstarshooter,*** And that's breakfast! I'm starved! I've been working on this since six, and it's 9, man it's like this quiz making thing drains the sugar out of my body.
  8. ***Maple*** I pulled a small whistle from my pocket and blew into it. Now all we have to do is wait and not get killed.
  9. ***Lexi*** I felt a pulse go through my body. It felt like water was rushing into my wrists and neck. It didn't hurt. It was soothing. (I'm all full, now I can think) Maple, I thought as soon as I felt it. She used it.
  10. ***Liam*** "You can't have her. I don't even no who's with her right now, I just, I just want her to be safe, and she won't with you!" I snapped at him.
  11. "Fine. I'll do this the hard way." He grabbed the front of my shirt and pinned me to the wall. The he grabbed a bat (Reader: Hang on, who keeps a bat in they're house?) (Author: Liam now hush and let me type!)
  12. Then he hit it on my head and let go of my shirt. I slumped down the wall. "M-Maple," I murmured. Then everything went dark.
  13. ***Maple*** I hear a loud whoosh over head. I smile. "I'm sorry my assassin friend. Have I introduced you to Midnight?"
  14. ***Henry*** Whoosh! I look at Maple. She has the biggest smile in the world. "I'm sorry my assassin friend. Have I introduced you to Midnight?" Maple says. I quickly glance up. Then I just had to gasp. Who wouldn't? "Midnight's a- a- Mid-" "Yes Henry. Midnight's a..." Maple started.
  15. ***Cliffhanger!!!***

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