Story of my Life - Part 2

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Hey guys, this is part 2 of Story of my Life. Hope you like it! So excited! Make sure to leave a comment and check out my other quizzes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shoutouts: Thanks to Weirdhead for taking my quizzes and big thanks to ghettobabe4ever for inspiring me, and adding Maple to her awesome series Rise of the Guardian. And special announcement! I need to add people to this series. Feel free to ask if I can add someone, thanks again!!!

Created by: Houndlover
  1. ***Maple*** *MORNING* *yawn* "Ow!" I said as I felt my head. I lifted my gaze to a small window. It was dark in the room even though it was morning. Where am I? I wondered.
  2. I stood up. It looked like I was in a nice room. Of course the palace was better, but hey, as long as I'm not dead right?
  3. ***???*** "Henry!" I shouted. "Yes?" "I went to Maple's house last night and saw a masked figure sneaking out of her house with Maple knocked out! We have to save her!" Henry gasped. "Where is she?" "Ummmmm" I didn't really want to say.
  4. ***still ???*** "Where is she?" "Um, sorta in, umm," "What's your name again?" "Kate." "Ok, Kate I need you to listen," I nodded. "Now, where's Maple?" "Hell. She's in hell."
  5. ***Henry*** Hell. Right. Of all the places to be, she has to be in hell. Of course. "I have to save her." I said with a determined face. "I'm coming with you." Kate said. "Are you sure?" "Of course! Besides, I know how to get to hell and you don't!" I sighed. "Fine." Kate smiled.
  6. ***Maple*** I tried to open my door. It opened. Wow. That's just sad. I thought. I walk down the hallway and run right into a girl my age. She wore all black, and had long straight brown hair. "Well well well," she says. "I was just coming to get you. Liam wants to see you." "Liam? Wait, who are you?" I ask. "I'm Addi, now come." Two guards followed us to make sure nothing "accidentally"happened.
  7. ***Lexi*** "Hello Kate. Hello Henry. I'm Lexi. Maple always spoke about you." I said as they walked in SSHQ.
  8. ***Maple*** We walked into a large room. "Welcome," says a voice behind me. I nearly hit my head on the ceiling. Yah, I jumped that high...
  9. "Who are you?" I asked, my voice wavering. "Addi, leave us." "Yes sir." The door opened and closed as she left. I heard a lock click into place. I was trapped.
  10. "Liam, why are you doing this?" I asked as I felt my heart break. "I'm not Liam. I'm D.J. One of the three sons of the devil."
  11. ***Henry*** We got to the gates of hell. They were right where Lexi said they were. "I'm coming my love," I whispered.
  12. We opened the gates. I quickly hurried inside. Kate stayed behind to make sure no one came. I ran to the castle and peaked in a window. It was a big room with a man sitting on the throne that was in the middle of the room. In front of it, with a guard holding each arm, was my love. Maple.
  13. I quickly waved my arms. Maple looked at me with the corner of her eye and did the slightest nod. I quietly opened the window and yelled "NOW!"
  14. ***Maple*** "NOW!" I jumped up, did a side ways split in the air that knocked the guards unconscious. Then did a round house kick for the other ones. D.J. saw this and ran. "I'll have you, even if its he last thing I'll have!"
  15. I jumped out the window and Henry wrapped me in his arms. I lifted my head and kissed him.
  16. ***Liam*** Hmmm, Maple wasn't there today at school. I wonder where she could be. There was a knock at the door. I opened it. "I'm D.J." the guy standing there said.
  17. ***Maple*** Behind Henry I saw Kate running towards us. "Look out!" she yelled. I whipped around and...
  18. ***Cliffhanger!!!***

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