Avengers life story part 1

If you're taking this, then you must like Marvel as much as I do. Just to be clear, this is a STORY, not a LOVE STORY, ok? I've made this story from Lexi's POV, and sorry, no, you do not get to choose you options. BTW, this story series goes through Age of Ultron and Captain America, so I’ll have parts on one movies and parts on others.

In this story, you are 12 year old Lexi Stark, adopted daughter of Tony Stark. He found you on the side of the road going to a party, picked you up and drove back to Stark Industries. Then he adopted you and officially became Lexi Stark. BTW, you refer to Bruce Banter as "Uncle H", because Tony and him are friends. Also....you can turn into a dragon because you are a mutant. We good? Great, let's start!

Created by: Dragondrawer126

  1. Lexi was walking home from East Side Middle school, keeping her black wings hidden under her jacket and backpack. Stark Industries wasn’t far away, it stuck out like a sore thumb with the Avengers sign on it. Lexi was able to find a seat on the subway as it rattled underground. Some of the other students at her school also took the subway, and they shot her mean glances. Lexi wasn’t popular, more of a loner, even when Tony Stark was her dad. Lexi was often teased about her heterochromia eyes, one icy blue and the other green. Lexi never told her dad, she didn’t want him to worry. But she was an Avenger, one the world knew. Well, at least they knew Black Wing, her hero name, but they didn’t know the real her. Lexi liked it that way. She didn’t want the Paparazzi crowding her because she was a hero. They already did that to much because of her dad.
  2. Lexi had heard from her dad that they were going on a mission tomorrow, in Sokovia, to take down Baron Strucker, leader of HYDRA. Lexi was excited as she got off the subway and entered Stark Industries. Her room was on the top floor, like everybody else’s, when they were staying there at least. “ Dad! I’m home!” Lexi yelled. She walked into the kitchen and put down her backpack in a chair. “ Welcome home Miss Lexi.” Jarvis said. “ No place like home.” she said, taking the goldfish out of the pantry and sticking her hand in it. Tony came out of his lab as Lexi as munching on the delious small snack. “ Next time get a bowl.” he said. Lexi shrugged and drew out another hand of goldfish. “ Good day at school?” he asked, going to the sink to get water. “ Seriously, the classes are WAY behind me. I know everything already.”
  3. “ Well, let’s hope you know how to fight, because we’re going to take on an army in Sokovia.” he he, taking a sip. “ I’ll give you that answer if I die there.” Lexi said smiling. “ Everyone hope for the best then. Jarvis,” he said, leaving Lexi laughing. “ can you help Lexi in the training center please?” “ Dad, don’t worry, I can train on my own. Besides, I know that Uncle H is coming over and that you guys are going to do some secret cool techie stuff that I don’t get to know about. Jarvis can help you guys.” Lexi said, taking her back and heading to her room. “ How did you-” Tony stuttered. “ Dude, I’m a dragon. I know these things. Also Jarvis told me.” After Lexi left, Tony said to Jarvis, “ You’re supposed to be on my side you know.” “ Sorry, Mister Stark, Miss Lexi has a silver tongue for what she wants.” Tony could of sworn Jarvis was smiling if he was a person.
  4. Other than being a deadly dragon, Lexi was also talented with swords, daggers,dirks, and double-blades, along with a little bit of archery, from Hawkeye. Lexi was taught by all the Avengers, Tech by Tony and Uncle H, martial arts by Black Widow, self defence by Cap, and imposing voices with Thor. She first picked up a pair of daggers and walked a far distance from the dummy. Suddenly she turned around and threw her blade, followed seconds after by the next one. One struck the dummy in the chest, another in the throat. Lexi threw herself in a roll and picked up a bow and three arrows. Without hesitation, she shot the other three dummies in the heart. Now for her dragon powers. Lexi took off her jacket and spread her wings. She walked over the a cupboard, and took out a metal collar. This helps her control her powers, otherwise she could go crazy and trample anyone in her path, even Uncle H.
  5. Clicking it on, Lexi set up more dummies, about twenty of them. Summoning a blast of fire, Lexi opened her mouth and lit five of them on fire. She ran at them and literally ripped them to shreds using her dragon strength. Suddenly, there was a high pitched whistling noise.Lexi spun around and caught the arrow in mid air. Lexi looked around the training center, but nobody could be seen. Then she smiled. “ You know, you should really choose less noisy arrows.” “ Well that would take the funny out of it.” said Clint (A.KA. Hawkeye). “ Oh yeah, go head and use those in Sokovia, I’ll bet they’ll really appreciate it.” Lexi said taking off the collar. “ You really put hell to those dummies.” said Clint, looking at the still on fire. “ That’s good. Means I’m ready.” she said. “ I still fear the day I see you madder than Banter.” said Clint as they walked out of the training center. “ God forbid!” Lexi said laughing.
  6. The next part will be the battle part, I can't wait to get to that! I love action and comedy. I'm going to write word for word what they said in the movies, except the Lexi parts.
  7. I'm hoping to take the series to Infinity War, and Endgame when it comes out. I seriously can't wait for it!
  8. I want to shout out to natuhleegayle for inspiring me to start writing, and to all the other amazing writers on GoToQuiz. Thank you guys so much!
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