Mythical Love Story pt 8

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Yes, it's finally here! Mythical Love Story Part Eight! I apologize for the long, long, LONG wait. I love you guys, Have fun with this part of the series!

I also apologize for the suckiness of this part. I had to finish by the deadline, and today I was FLOODED with homework. Stupid school messing up my series...

Created by: firegirl88

  1. "Draco, I'm a Dragonrider." You said calmly. He just looks at you, blankly. Showing no reaction at all. "Draco...?" You ask, afraid of what's going to happen. "That's..." He said, choking on the words. "...nice." He finished. You became angry. "Nice? That's nice? I just told you something that could get me killed, and all you say is...nice?!?" You hissed, outraged. "Well, it's just..." He said. "It's just...I really have nothing to say." He finished quietly. "Well then you shouldn't have said anything." You snarled, getting up to leave. "___, wait!" He called, but you ignored him. "Of all the emotionless, careless, evil, creepy voice obeying, bas-" Your thought were cut off by someone grabbing your hand. "___." He whispered. Draco. "Leave me alone!" You hissed, pulling your hand away. "____, please just listen!" "What!?!" You turned around to face him. "I just was shocked. Shock because you're a Dragonrider and because you trusted me enough to tell me." Your gaze softened a bit. "Yeah well," You said stepping towards him. "I had a reason." "Oh?" He said, pushing a strand of hair behind your ear. "And what's that?"
  2. You sighed. "I've heard you talking the creepy voice dude...twice...and he said..." You trailed off, afraid of how he would react. He looked at you, a bit surprised and...afraid. " saw me...talking to him?" He asked, shocked once again. "Yeah, yeah, I did. And he said something about a girl..." You looked up at him. He sighed. "Yeah...and, is like...what? Some super powerful, evil, commander dude who's trying to take over the world?" You guessed. He sighed once again. "______, you can't get involved in's just...too dangerous for you...." "TOO DANGEROUS!?! I'M A FREAKING DRAGONRIDER! I'M ALREADY IN DANGER! YOU THINK I'M GOING TO BACK DOWN FROM SO CREEPY VOICE THAT DOESN'T SEEM TO HAVE A BODY?!?" You yelled. He jumped a bit. "No...What I'm saying is, you're already in enough danger, with the whole Dragonrider business. So we don't need to put you into more by getting you involved in something that's none of your business." He said calmly, his face expressionless. Your mouth opened as you gasped. "Dude! You're acting like you have power over me, like it's your choice! It's not, it's my choice! And I chose to help you! Because you obviously don't like serving this...thing. That, I can tell." You stared him down. "No, I don't like working for him, you're right there." He replied. "But, if he find out that you know, he'll kill both if us. He's more powerful then you think." "Well, why can't we just call in a army along with a few hundred dragons, and fight the guy?" "It's not that simple, _____. You see, this guy...he's...." He trailed off. "He's what?" You pressed. "I....can't" He whispered. "Fine!" You snarled. "Don't tell me." You stomped off.
  3. You tried to hide your tears as you walked/ran away from Draco. "Stupid, worthless, idiotic..." You thought, almost regretting telling him anything. You soon started full out running, where? You didn't know. But you HAD to be alone, that's one thing you wanted more then anything. You came across a small pond, and a rock just big enough to sit on. You fell to the ground, crying your eyes out. "I...I want to go home...I want to go home.." You thought sadly, bawling. You had no idea what to do, you were in a mess. A mess of endless and endless confusion, twists, tricks, and unfinished stories. Eventually, you felt your eyelids heave, you wanted nothing more then to just close your eyes, fall asleep and wake up in your bed again, ready for another day of school. "School...never thought I'd miss it.." You thought as you chuckled slightly to yourself, before falling into a deep sleep on a grassy patch by the small, peaceful pond.
  4. You awoke to a strange humming sound, quickly, you got up to see what it was...
  5. When you neared the place where the sound came from, you saw Raistlin sitting on a blanket, he seemed to be in pain. He was coughing very much, and he seemed to have coughed up some blood. You ran up to him. "Raistlin!? What happened?" You asked. He looked up at you. "It's...nothing, ____" Be said between coughs. "This is...completely...normal." Silvara then came out of the trees, carrying some strange herbs and a pot of boiling water. She bent down and handed them both to Raistlin. She looked up and saw you, and smiled a bit. "Hello, ____. What are you doing here?" She asked.
  6. "I...I fell asleep by a small pond near here, I woke up and heard a humming sound, then saw Raistlin having a coughing fit on the ground." You say, gesturing to Raistlin. "Oh." She said. "That humming sound was Raistlin attempting to do a spell, and since he used up to much energy, he had a coughing fit. It's quite normal for most mages." She explained. "Oh..alright?" You respond. Suddenly everything went black.
  7. You awoke again on the ground, this time being shook awake. "W-wha...?" You asked, trying to make out the blurry figure kneeling over you. Your head was spinning. Trying to focus, you sat up, not being able to make out a tall, dark figure in front of you. Fang. "Hey..____." He said gently. "How-How long was I out?" you asked, rubbing your temples. "I don't know, I just found you laying on the ground, out cold." You looked up at the sky, it was almost dark. There was barely any sunlight to be seen, just enough to see a few feet in front of yourself. "I..I better be going home.." You said, trying to get up but ended up tripping. He caught you, and you blushed a light shade of red. "Th-Thanks. I-I really should be going now.." You stuttered and tried to find your way home. He caught your arm. "___, you can barely walk. Let me take you home.." "No!" you said. "I mean.." You bit your lip. "It's fine, I know my way back...." you trailed off, because you really had no freaking clue where to go. He chuckled a bit. "I can get you home, really, really fast." He said. "Oh really? How so?" You asked. He rolled his eyes. "I have wings, ____. Haven't you ever wanted to fly." "Well, suppose I have in the past, as a child, but.." He cut you off by ripping out his huge, black wings, and taking off. Bring you with him.
  8. You guys continued flying until he stopped by your house, dropped you off, and kissed your cheek. He flew back off into the night.
  9. You sighed and walked back into your home, sitting down on your bed and staring to the ceiling. Thinking about your long, long day.
  10. Hello, my dragonriders! I apologize of many things. One being how freaking late this part was. got lazy, then I forgot, then I remembered, then yeah~. Also, I've been brain dead, and it's late right now. And, I needed to get this finished by the deadline, So that's why it sucked. I promise I'll try to make the next one longer!

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