The Bonds of Love Part 7

The Bonds of Love Part 7! Sorry for the long wait guys. I had to take care of my mom for a while, then I found out somehow my hard work on Part 7 got deleted so I had to rewrite it all over again. It might be lame and sucky. On top of that I had to attend a funeral. So that's why it took so long. Here it is Par---Random girl on top of a unicorn:Ooh wait what's that? Me:It's the magical SHOUT-OUT box! SHOUT-OUTS TO: JackieHoran, NightRain, Chainbreaker,rvelez, DCgirl, Monkey_Love and LovelyTeenWriter and everyone else who took this and also commented.Thank you guys so much for reading this. It means so much :)

To make it up to you guys I'll try and post two more chapters since that's how long you had to wait Agreed? Come back here and give me my pony, Harry potter! lol :) ---Alleria (I finally got to listen to Linkin Park's "Crawling"! It's now my new favorite song. Check it out on Youtube if you haven't. ) Whooooo! Flying donuts OOOOOO

Created by: Alleria
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  1. TYLER (P.o.V) I stared at the clock, waiting for homeroom to end, my foot tapping impatiently under the desk. I glanced back at Katia and Reid's empty desk. I wondered where they were. It wasn't like Katia to miss school. I mean, Reid, yeah but not Katia. I exchanged glances with Caleb and Pogue. Last night someone was Using. A lot. I figured it was Reid. We got back in Caleb`s car around midnight. I was tired as h***. Finally, the bell rang, and I bolted from my seat and out the hallway.
  2. Caleb and Pogue were right behind me. Where was Reid? Was Katia alright? I thought back to the phone call. I was so lost in thought that I didn't see the girl walking in front of me until it was too late, sending her to the floor, scattering papers everywhere. People moved around us, not bothering to help. Caleb, Pogue and I helped collect her papers. As we stood, I handed her papers back.She took them, then held her hand out. "Can I have my bag back please?"
  3. I finally looked at her. She had dark blue electric eyes rimmed with lots of eyeliner, with long black hair and bright red highlights. She wore all black, a black punk t-shirt and black jeans. She had silver and black bracelets running up one arm. She raised an eyebrow. "Can I have my bag back or not, dude?" Caleb quickly smacked the back of my head, snapping me back to reality. Usually he only does that with Reid... Just give her her bag back you moron. I held her bag out and she snatched it. She brushed past me, muttering,"Now I'm late thanks to that jerk..." I stared after her vanishing figure, then turned around. Caleb and Pogue had smiles on thier faces. "What?"I asked. Pogue spoke up. "Looks like our Baby-Boy's growing up." "You were literally staring at that girl for 3 minutes. Now we're late,"Caleb explained. We high-tailed it to our classes making up excuses.
  4. Class ended, then art came. I walked to Art, and as I sat into my seat, I noticed the girl I bumped into eariler was standing in front of the room. The bell rang, and Mrs. Dye took attendence. "Class, this is our newest student from New York. Please make her feel welcome here." Mrs. Dye walked over to me, saying,"Tyler, would you mind if Samantha sat with you? I know Katia's your partner" "Sure." Samantha took the seat next to me, avoiding eye contact with me. Then she turned to me,"Let's just get this straight. My name's Sami, not Samantha. And I swear to God, if you call me Samantha, I will punch your face so hard, you'll be crying for your daddy." "Don't have to. He's dead," I told her. She paled, then cursed. "I didn't---" "Don't worry about it," I said.
  5. "Okay, today you're gonna draw people. And no, I get to pick your partners. It's the person right next to you. All the drawings must be shown to me at the end of class." I heard moans and groans and shuffling. I reached in my bag and pulled out my sketchbook. I was about to rip out a piece of paper when I saw she had her own. "So...who's gonna start?" she asked. "Ladies first?" I said stupidly. "Such a gentleman,"she said with sarcasm. "Go to the wall, and lean against it,"she ordered. Okayyy. I shrugged, getting up, leaning against the wall, looking down at the floor, my thumbs hooked in my pockets. She placed her stool in front of me, watching me for a minute. Her eyes wandered over my green jacket, my gray hoodie, my ripped dark blue jeans. She picked up the pencil. "Tilt your head up and look like you're dark and gloomy." "Dark and gloomy? Who are you, Voldemort?No one does that anymore," I told her. "Shut up,"she retorted. I tried my best to look dark and gloomy, looking at her. She began to draw; I shifted a little, then resumed my position. Within 30 minutes or so, she was done. I walked around her, peering over her shoulder. She was good as me. She captured me perfectly. It was like looking at a black and white photo of me. "You're really talented,"I told her. She blushed a little. "Thanks,"she mumbled. "My turn," I said, grabbing her place, sketchbook in my lap. She looked uncomfortable, her fingers twirling around. I got an idea. "Put on your headphones and draw," I said. She stared at me, then put her bright red headphones on, sketchbook on her desk, pencil in hand. She had it exactly where I wanted her to be. I began to sketch a line. "So... what are your favorite bands, if you don't mind me asking?" I asked, trying to make an attempt to make this less awkward. The room was silent. No one was talking because they were drawing. She was silent.
  6. For a second I though she hadn't heard me and was actually listening to her music. Then she spoke. "Black Veil Brides, Blood on The Dance Floor, Asking Alexandria, Suicide Silence, and Capture The Crown.What's yours?" Wow, those were hard core rock bands. I've only heard of Black Veil Brides. I only liked the softer rock. "Linkin Park, Shinedown, Imagine Dragons, and Evanescence," I replied. She continued to draw at the same time I did. I was drawing her face now. I drew her lips, her nose, her eyes... "Imagine Dragons...they were the guys with that one song, right? Radioactive?" "Yeah," I nodded. She smiled a quick smile, but I caught it in my mind. I erased the previous lips I had drew, then put in her smile. I moved on to her clothes, shading along the way. I darkened her clothes, shaded over her pale skin complexion, her eyeliner, her sketchbook, then her headphones. And with 50 minutes to spare, I was finished. I showed it to her. She stared at herself for a really long time. "Wow. No one has really drawn me that way before. Great job, Tyler." She smiled weakly, like she'd forgotton how to smile. We got up and showed our drawings to Mrs. Dye, who literally took pictures of them with her cellphone, right in front of us. "100% both of ya. Keep 'em. Oh, and if ya see Katia, tell her she's excused from the assignment, seeing that I gave her 120% on her group drawing of you and your friends," Mrs. Dye said. "Ok," I replied as we both turned and sat in our seats. I scrawled my name at the bottom right corner like I always do: TYLER SIMMS. I carefully ripped it out, then handed her the drawing. "Keep it. It's yours. A first day of school present." She hesitated before taking it, murmuring thanks. She gave me her drawing. I accepted it, smiling at her. I couldn't help it. There was something about her... The bell rang. She got up, collecting her stuff, walking out of the room. I shoved my sketchbook in my bag.
  7. I raced after her, brushing past people. "Hey, Saman--Sami, wait up! Sami!" I finally reached her, forcing her to stop. "What do you want, Tyler? I'm going to be late," she said, looking over my shoulder. "Do you want to go out with me?" I blurted out, before I could stop the words coming from my mouth. Whoa. That definitely wasn't the plan. Ah, what the h***. She thought for a long time. "Pick me up at 8?" Sami finally asked. I nodded. She pulled out a pen, then scrawled her number and address on my palm, then dashed to class. I watched her, before realizing I was going to be late too. I ran all the way to Chemistry. Mr. Newton asked me why I was late; I said," I was busy making chemisty of my own." I realized how stupid I sounded but I didn't care. I took my seat, and drew Sami all class long. I went to lunch, greeted Caleb and Pogue. I didn't see Sami anywhere. I punched in her address and phone number in my phone. I texted her: Where r u? She replied back: In class. I'm a sophomore, btw. I answered: Don't care. Learn something :) Sami: Ha-ha very funny tyler c u 2nite :) Me: Bye. Sami: Bye... stalker lol xD. I shoved my phone in my pocket. Caleb and Pogue were exchanging glances and smiles. "Tyler's got a date!" They exclaimed then high- fived each other. "You didn't have anything to do with this right?" I asked, glaring at them. "No. But we figured it would happen sooner or later. From the way you was looking at her, you would've thought you guys were already together!" Pogue said. "We might have a problem," I cut in. "She's a sophomore. Her parents might not agree with the fact I'm a senior." "So? Just tell her parents that you like her and you won't try anything." "Exactly," Caleb spoke up. "Assuming if she has any parents." I stopped, then looked at Caleb. "What the h*** is that suppose to mean?" "Katia doesn't have any parents. Didn't Reid tell you?"
  8. "No. He didn't. How?" I asked, making a mental note to punch Reid next time I saw him. "Car crash. Drunk truck driver, they say. They never found him and--- F***!!!" Caleb yelled. He clutched his head. Pretty soon, we were all clutching our heads. Someone was Using, a lot. And it wasn't Reid. Sitting there right next to Caleb, was the man himself. Chase Collins. "Hello, Caleb. Pogue. Baby-Boy," he sneered. "Chase. What're you--" Caleb started, but Chase grabbed him by the throat. "Golden Boy. Didn't anyone tell you you talk too much?" He slammed Caleb's head to the table, knocking him,unconcious. "Caleb!" Pogue shouted. "Sit. Down." Chase ordered. Some invisable force was making Pogue sit down even though he was resisting. Chase turned to me. "You. Oh, don't worry. You're asleep. Besides... I'm dead remember? This is only your imagination, Tyler." "You--" Someone was shaking me repeatly. I bolted up. Caleb and Pogue were staring at me. "You okay?" I rubbed my eyes. "Sorry. Bad dream. I didn't get much sleep last night. I dreamt Chase was back." Caleb and Pogue nodded, understanding. Ever since Caleb's fight with Chase at his Ascension, we've been worried that he would come back, this time succeeding to destroy The Covenant once and for all. And he hasn't. Chase Collins was dead. He was dead. And that was final.
  9. So... you finally met Chase and Sami! Whooo! And yes, Chase is really dead. this part was kinda lame. ugh well anyway SHOUT-OUTS above!! get it? lol Ooh, look a hairy flying monkey with a banana! GIVEME THE BANANA!!
  10. Please read the 2 paragraphs above if you haven't already.It explains why I haven't posted. Part 8 coming soon Bye!

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