The Bonds of Love Part 1

This is based on real-life and a dream I had :) The main character is Katia a.k.a. me (though it isn't my real name). I hope you will like this! So please enjoy! Comments, and rude ones too are welcome 'cause they inspire me! I hope more than one person will read this! It'll mean a lot to me and I've worked really hard on this. :)

Anything comment-wise will be accepted though if your comment has all cussing involved will be deleted(i hope) you know like this Taco Bell Rocks A**les!(Taco Bell Rocks Apples!) Not really but I'm sure you get the point. If you want me to take a look at a new quiz or new series I am very happy to check them out. Just send me the name and I'll comment back. Please enjoy The Bonds of Love Part 1!

Created by: Alleria
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  1. MY NAME IS KATIA JINERS. Weird name, huh? Well, anyway, this is my life. I moved to the crappy state of Ohio, in the small city district of Chillicothe. I used to live in Reynoldsburg. I was born October 1st, 1997. I am 15 years old. I have dark brown hair and eyes with the mix of Mexican and Asian for my skin. And, no, I can't speak Spanish or Chinese, or any type of language. I speak the native language: ENGLISH! (I'm not British either, though it'd be kimda cool.Lol)
  2. I've been at school since the beginning of January after everybody got back from winter break. I've made a couple of friends, but not very many since I'm super-duper shy. I barely talk to people unless I'm forced to, or if I'm bored. Oh, and I'm also hearing-impaired, meaning I have to wear hearing aids.
  3. But I'm just like everyone else, even though I cover my ears with my very long hair. I like to read, draw, sing, and act. OK,enough with the boring introduction. TO LE BOMB! (I mean, story...whoops.hehe) I was sitting in my assigned seat in homeroom (which is first period everyday, for two hours) when Mrs. Irvin announced that there were some new students here. I looked up from being engrossed in my drawing of Evanescence's Amy Lee(for a school project and I was trying to get it done), and watched as four teenage/college looking guys walked through the doors and stood in front of the class. "Class, this is our new transfer students from Ispwich, Massachuets (I can't spell it,ok?)," she said. "These are..." "Caleb Danvers." "Pogue Parry." "Reid Garwin." "Tyler Simms." Thier names sounded familiar, but I place my finger on it. I returned to my drawing. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the new kids take thier seats in the front row, in a square. After 5 minutes, after attendence, Mrs. Irvin announced," Alright. Acting scene! Today is all about improvising! So... who has not gone?" The class groaned. Silently, I prayed to myself, Not me. don't pick me. Mrs. Irvin made up a thing that allowed us to move, and talk during study hall, since people complained it was boring and quiet. Basically, all you had to do was act until class was over. I never done it before, but it seemed like a fun experience. The problem was, I was too shy.
  4. "So... will...Katia Jiners---" I face-palmed myself. "Annnnddddd... hmmm... new kid, Reid Garwin come up here?" I took a deep breath, then walked to the front of the room, ignoring the whispers and stares and giggles. Reid was hesitating until one of his friends--Caleb, I guess-- poked him and hissed, "Go up there, idiot!" We faced each other. Dang it, why'd he have to be tall? I had to look up at him, since I was short, about I dunno, and he was about 6'1'' or something like that.
  5. Reid had blue eyes, blond hair,a hansome face and was wearing fingerless black gloves and a beanie on his head, complete with black long-sleeved shirt, dark blue jeans, with a chain-like belt(which I'm pretty sure are against the school clothes policy.) He looked like a troublemaker, what with that growing smirk on his face. I cleared my throat. "Ok, guys. Improvise!"Mrs. Irvin said. I tried really hard not to blush, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't succeeding. I tried thinking. Then I got an idea. I grabbed Reid, and led him out into the hallway. He stared at me. "Improvise,remember?" I told him. I poured all my anger and rage inside me. Then I slammed the door open and stormed inside.
  6. "YOU IDIOT!" I screamed. People looked shocked. I moved angrily around the desks, before plopping myself into my desk. Reid, who had followed me, stood by me, arms crossed over his chest. I fiercily started scribbling in my sketchpad on a black page, doing quick sketches. "Katia..." "How could you do that to me?!" I demanded, without looking up. Nothing. "You know what? Screw this," I shouted, shoving my stuff from my desk to the floor. I sighed, then bent down to pick them up. Reid, knelt down and helped me. I snatched my things from his hands, stood up and collected my stuff, walking to the door. But Reid blocked my way. "Get out of my way," I growled.
  7. "No," he replied. "We need to talk." "Not now,"I said, trying to scoot around him. We were standing in front of the front row. Everyone had thier eyes on us. I guess, waiting what the freak would do. "I'm going to be late!"I protested. He sighed. Then he pushed me into a desk. "Sit your a** down, I'm trying to talk to you, Katia!" I looked up at him in real disbelief. Just go with it, Katia.
  8. "Look, Katia, I'm sorry for whatever I did to you. But I don't regret it. Look I guess what I'm trying to say is...I---" "You don't care about me!"I shouted back. "No one does! I'm a f-ing freak! Everybody hates me!" Real tears ran down my cheeks. I was literally saying what was on my mind. "And---and---" I broke down, sobbing. Reid embraced me carefully. Crap, I didn't mean for this to happen. "It's okay, Katia. You'll wake up soon. This is all just a dream." I looked up at him, sniffling. SCENE CHANGE--THE (FAKE) BED-ROOM (I put three desks together, and laid on top of them for my bed, using my stupid sparkly pink sweater as my blanket). I opened my eyes (saw everyone watching me). I sat up, realizing this was all a dream. Then all of a sudden, a girl said,"Freak!" then pushed me over the desks. That was not the plan. I knocked my head into the wall, and closed my eyes.
  9. So.. what'd you think? Was it good? bad? This is my second series. I hope it gets some positive feedback and/or comments! People who comment will appear in the next chapter as a very awesome shout-out. (No effect)
  10. Thanks for taking this. If you haven't read above, this is based on real-life and a dream I had. Bye and I hope I will see you in The Bonds of Love Part 2 (Fun fact: I orginally wanted this to be called The Binds of Friendship before I realized it was too long and kinda stupid and sounded "My Little Pony" -wise and it also didn't make sense.) AND... if you want me to check out your quiz or new series, I would gladly check them out. I need new reading materiel. Just put the name in the comments and i will comment back. It's the least I could do for you taking this :) Bye!

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