Super Love part 2

So this is part two to my new series 'Super Love'!!! So I think this is actually a really good drama filled part! So you should have a lot of fun reading this! ;)

**Re-cap** You met Alex, Grant, and Justin. Alex asked you on a date and Grant got mad. The. They started beating each other up using super powers! Now they are taking you back to their house. And yes, you are in Akex's arms. :)

Created by: Jhawkgirl12
  1. Heyyyooo! So it's like really late right now, but I don't care so I'm putting this up now anyways! So enjoy! ;)
  2. "Alex!" You scream. "Don't worry ____. I've got you." Alex says. You grab into him tighter and look down. You guys are just about above the clouds when Alex stops. You look up at Alex, who is looking down at you. You two stare at each other for a while until Alex breaks the silence. "So ummm. Do you like me?" He asks quickly. "Well more as a friend." You reply. Alex gets a sad look on his face. You start to feel really guilty. "I mean we just met and all! That doesn't mean that there can't be something!" You blurt out. Alex looks down at you. "I would like that." Alex says. Then he leans in and kisses you softly on the lips.
  3. You pull away. "but what about Grant?" You ask. "it's your decision, not his." Alex says. "But. I like him too. And someone else." you say. "Well we better get going or else Grant will be suspicious." Alex says. Then he zooms off again. Suddenly you guys are leaving the town. You can barely see it off in the distance when you slowly start to levitate to the ground. You close your eyes because your so scared. "____. Open your eyes." Alex says. You open your eyes slowly. Then your eyes widen.
  4. "You like?" Alex asks. "I love!" You reply. You examine this HUGE mansion that was a light brown. It had a balcony with most rooms. You jump out of Alex's arms and run inside. When you get inside its just perfect! It had beautiful furniture and beautiful well... Everything! " So I'm guessing you like it?" Grant asks. You look around trying to find Grant. "Grant?" You yell. Then Grant pop out of nowhere and scares you!
  5. You scream and accidentally punch him in the arm, but it doesn't seem to effect him. But it sure does effect your hand! "Holy....!" You scream in pain. "Oh crap. I'm really sorry ____! I didn't mean for that to happen!" Grant says. He comes over and looks at your hand. "I bet Justin could fix this!" Grant says pleased. "Justins here?" You ask. "Yeah! That's sorta why you are here." Grant says. Then he takes your hand and leads you upstairs. He take you down a long hall until the second to last door. Grant knocks on the door. "Who is it?" Justin yells. "Grant and _____." Grant replies. Suddenly the door flings open. You see Justin sitting on his bed. "How did you...?" You ask confused. Grant and Justin stare at each other for a while. "Long story." Grant says breaking the silence. "Oh and I was wondering if you could help fix _____'s hand." Grant says. Justin walks over and easily waves his hand over yours and the pain is gone. "Another long story." Justin says with a smile.
  6. "By the way, group meeting." Alex says. Justin nods and follows you and Alex downstairs. When you get down there you see Grant and some other guy sitting on the couches. Justin and Alex sit on the big couch next to the guy you don't know. He has black hair with bright blue eyes. He is very fit and amazingly muscly! You sit down next to Grant. "So as you guys know _____ is the chosen one." Grant starts to say but is cut off. "Oh ummm I'm Jordan by the way." The guy you don't know says.
  7. Grant gives Jordan a look then continues. "Okay so ____ here's the thing. The gods made some people who are normal and picked brave people to be special and have powers. Every 1,000 years they pick someone extra special. Like you. I guess the gods saw a lot of bravery and greatness in you so they chose you to be the chosen one if the century." Grant says. "Okay. So wait, I have like powers?" You ask. "Yeah. And so do we." Alex adds. "So what are your powers?" You ask excitedly. "Well as you can guess I have super speed and I can read minds." Grant says. "Well mines flying and super strength." Alex says trying to sound better than Grant. Grant rolls his eyes and yawns. "Cool. So what about you guys?" you ask Justin and Jordan.
  8. "Well I can teleport and I have invisibility!" Justin says as-a-matter-of-factly. "And I can control people's dreams and I can also move things with my mind." Jordan says. "Wow, so how do we find out what powers I have?" You ask. "well actually you have all of our powers." Alex says. "Wow." You whisper. Suddenly you hear a voice in your head. "Pretty cool huh?" Someone asks. It must have been Grant because he can read minds. "Grant?" you ask in your head. "yeah?" Grant asks. "I was just checking to make sure it was you." You reply. Then Grant stops talking in your head and says something out loud. " Hey ____? Could I maybe umm talk to you?" Grant asks. "Sure." You reply.
  9. Grant leads you into a room that you automatically love. "Woah. What room is this?" You ask. "Yours." Grant replies. "It has a special spell put on it so you can make the walls look however you want." "Cool!" You scream. "So um I sorts needed to say something important." Grant says. You both sit I your bed and you listen in. "So I really like you____, and I wanted to warn you about Alex." Grant says. You smile when he says he likes you, but it goes away when he says he needs to warn you about Alex. "Well Alex is sorta the player type, as you can guess. And I just don't want you to get hurt." Grant says. "But Alex isn't a bad guy!" You reply. "But he has a girlfriend." Grant blurts out. "WHAT?" You yell. "Listen please don't tell Alex I told you that, but he's dating someone else. Her name is Kelsey." Grant says. You start to get really mad. "How could I trust him?!" You yell in your head. "Hey calm down, you still have me." Grant says out loud. You calm down and give Hrant a hug. Then you pull away and look into his eyes. They were so perfect. How they were a beautiful emerald green. The you both lean in and kiss. You could feel sparks inside of you. Then you hear the door open. You look over and see Alex.
  10. "Alex!" You yell. But it doesn't help. Alex just keeps running. Right as soon as you were about to catch Alex he runs outside and flys up into the air. You grab onto his lag and hold on tight. "____! Get off!" Alex yells. "Not until I can explain something's to you!" You reply. Alex very roughly puts you down and stands infront of you. "What." Alex says obviously pissed. "Alex, I know that you like me, and I like you too. It's just, you have a girlfriend!" You say. "Where did you hear that?!" Alex says raising his voice. "Did Grant tell you?!" "Alex, don't hurt Grant! Please!" You yell. Alex takes off flying straight to the house. You start to run, and try to use super speed but it doesn't work. You keep running and running. You didn't know you went so far away from the house. You could barely breathe and needed a break so you stop. But the you heard Grant in your head. "____! I need help! You need to stop..." Then Grant was cut off. How could Grant get cut off in his own thoughts? You immediately start to run again.
  11. When you get to the mansion you see Grant on the ground in the front yard, but no sign of Alex. You run over to Grant. "Grant! Grant! Can you hear me?" You yell. Grant seems as though he's dead, but you think you can barely see him breathing. "Justin! Jordan!" You yell. They both ran out and helped Grant. They picked him up and took him inside.
  12. You just sat on the lawn, crying until you were almost out of water to cry. You curled up in a ball and laid down on the grass. Then you felt someone touch your shoulder. You look up and see Justin. "Don't worry ____, he'll be fine." Justin says. You get up and give Justin a huge hug, still sobbing, but now into his shirt. After about 10 , minutes you look up at Justin.  "I promise that after I'm done healing him you can see him." Justin says. Then he leans in and kiss your lips softly, but for only a couple of seconds. "Well I'm going to go start healing Grant. You coming?" Justin asks. "I think I wanna stay out here a little longer." You reply. Justin nods and leaves.
  13. You sit back in the ground and think. "This is all my fault!" You yell out loud. "No, it's mine." You hear. You turn around and see Alex standing there.
  14. CLIFFHANGER! Sorry it took so long to make this part, I honestly was slowly making it. But I had to finish my One Direction love story first and so now I got this and only this! Well bye! :)

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