Love and Suprises!? part 4

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Hello and welcome to part four of Love and Suprises!? I hope you enjoy the shocking parts of this part! I tried to make this part...well, interesting so please read!

Thanks for taking! Don't forget to say your opinion on this part in the comments and don't forget to tell your friends about this quiz! Part 5 will hopefully be up soon.

Created by: ILuvHolister
  1. Recap: Your name is Katy West, after a power outage at your school, the members of one direction invite you over to their place. You hang out and they tell you that you can stay with them all summer since they have an extended break in touring. You all make your "vows" as friends and then go to sleep, you sleep in the guest room.
  2. You woke up to strong sunshine in your eyes. "Rise and Shine." Said Louis and Niall jumping on the bed. "Alright, alright. I'm up." You say still not getting up and putting your head under the pillow, "What time is it?" You ask. "What time is it?" Niall restates. " IT Is TICKLE TIME, sleepyhead." You wake up to tickiling, a lot of it. " Alright, thats enough. I am fully awake now." You say breathing hard. You stand up and say, " Alright chaps. Well, im going to use the loo. I must keep up the good hygiene you know. I'll see you all DOWNSTAIRS,in a little bit." "Can I come in too?" You hear a voice say. You turn and see.... Harry. "No." You say shaking your head then closing the door. You get ready to brush your teeth, when you heard a noise... Zayn was also in the bathroom with.. you. Thankfully he looked like he was just brushing his teeth. "Zayn,why are u in my bathroom?" You ask. "Becuz Louis sabatoged mine." Says Zayn. Your eyes widen. You try to open the door but its locked. "They locked us in." You say. "And that is bad, why?" Says Zayn kinda hurt. "Its not bad,but I knew they--" you never get to finish your sentence because Zayn says... "Katy, thats all I needed to hear. That I am not 'bad' for you. And I think this is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other. I like you a lot Katy." Says Zayn. "I like you too---" Zayn cuts you off with a kiss.. "I am so happy you feel the same." Just then the door opened. And all the guys heard what Zayn said. "Im glad you like me as much as i like you." Harry just shook his head and grabbed Zayn pulling him up... (You both were sitting down) "Is it true Katy, do u love him?"says Harry seriously hurt. "I was going to say that I liked Zayn,but I also like the rest of you. I can't decide after a day." You say.
  3. "Oh."said Zayn really embarassed. "Thats fine Katy,im sorry i caused you soo much confusion.Im sure the other chaps feel the same." Says Harry. Louis and Niall nod. "I do too." Says a voice from the door, it was Liam. "Eventhough i don't act like it I am still your age."he says. You all smile and then Louis says,once again, "Group Hug!"
  4. When you all break the hug the guys get out of your room so you can change out of your p.j.'s You open your closet and find top notch brand name clothes. You pick out a neon pink tank top and some jean shorts. For your hair you put it into a side ponytail. You finish off your look with a "choker" necklace. You then continue your morning hygiene routine and go downstairs. The guys look at you with large eyes. Thats when you noticed how short the shorts were and how striking the tank top was. "Whats up guys?" you say pretending to be oblivious. "Uh, pretty." Niall managed to choke out. Liam had his back turned to you and was making pancakes. "I'm pretty sure what my best mate here means is..." then he turns around and see's you. He turns into a darker haired Niall,so to speak,he was just as amazed. Harry then promptly lifted you up "bridal style" and carried you to your room. He closed the door. It was just you and him,alone.
  5. You were a bit scared to be quite honest. "katy, I know this is the way you usually dress,but for guys its too tempting. Please go change into something a tad less,striking." he said. "Why?" you asked. "Because, personally the way the guys were looking at you,I could tell what they were thinking, I don't want you to be just some other 'girl' to them. Please just listen to me. I'll stay here and help and I promise no peaking." said Harry. "Alright."you said and went back in the closet. You put on a red t shirt that said love across it and put on some knee length jean pants. You toook of the necklace and put on a bracelet.
  6. You then promptly walked out of the closet and tapped Harry on the shoulder... "Ok,You can look now." He turns around and he is like " Good. I don't want anyone else to see you looking so pretty. I'm a tad jealous that the guys saw you like that before me." he says. You find it sweet so you just smile. "do you like tacos?" says Harry. "Yes,they are my favorite!" you say. "Do you waant go for some tacos for lunch today? Just the two of us." he says, this is the first time you've seen him nervous. "Sure." you say. "Great." he says and then leaves. You fall backwards on your bed grinning like an idiot. "Oh,so I guess you like Harry as much as the rest of us." says Zayn walking into your room. "zayn.." you try to say something,but are at a loss for words. "Did he say he loved you Katy? Did he? Did he say that he would never leave you?" said Zayn. "No."you whisper. "Then why? I told you I really liked you,so did the others. He hasn't even told you he likes you yet and you go on a date with him? Please just consider Niall or Louis's feelings about this if they knew.." says Zayn. You are livid, didn't he say it was up to you? You had just met him yesterday! "I'm sure they would be fine with it. Because, they have only known me for a day.and because they TRULY LIKE ME and want my happiness,even if that means I go out with someone other than them." you say. Zayn is speechless... "Your right. Well, let me know if you pick me." he says.
  7. "Otherwise.Bye." says Zayn. You just shake your head. At this rate,the band would break up because of you. To make matters worse your phone rang... it was Annabelle (remember her from part 1,she is your bff) You answered the phone.. "Katy,where are you?" she screams on the line. "I'm fine just chillin with some buddies." you say calmly. "But,totally not inviting your best buddy? Why?" she says. "Just cuz,so how are you Annabelle." you ask. "fine, kinda sad that school is out before I even got to talk to one direction." she replies. YOu are about to say that you were with them,but suddenly someone took the phone from your hand and hung it up. "Why?" you ask. "We don't want paparazzi to know where we are. Your friend could tell someone who could tell the paparazzi and all the girls in the city!" replied Liam. Niall and Louis were ther too. You understood, they wanted a peacful break. You could relate to that. "Ok,sorry." you say. "Its fine."the guys say. "Come downstairs,Liam made pancakes!" said Niall. "Yeah." you say and go downstairs. "Sounds Good." you say.
  8. You and Niall got downstairs first. You didn't feel like walking down the stairs so you both slide down the railing. It was epic. You both then went to the dining room and grabbed seats. You saw a note on the table... This is what it said.... Guys, I went out for some fresh air. Rejection sucks,but it hurts more when the girl you like goes on a date,without saying anything and with a well known heartbreaker. If you happened to read this first Katy,fell free to throw it away and hide the truth from the guys, if you tell them its up to you. You..DO have a conscience..right? -Zayn
  9. Wow,just wow. Where was the Zayn who was stuttering and blushing,whoever that Zayn was was definetly not the same guy. Niall saw your anger and asked "katy,whats wrong?" You look into his eyes and start crying.. "I'm sooo sorry. Here read the note." you say handing it to him. "no,not until you've calmed down." he says. He gives you a long hug,and doesn't let go until you stop crying. "Better?" he asks full of concern. "Yeah,thanks Niall." you say. Then he reads the note.. "Heatbreaker ,huh, i'm guessing its Harry then." says Niall expressionless. "What is this about Hazza?" says Louis walking in with Liam. "We,were wondering where he was." said Niall,giving you a reassuring look. "Oh,Harry,He was talking with Zayn,last I saw him." said Liam calmly. Your eyes widened,uh oh,what if Zayn got really angry at Harry. "s---." you mumbled under your breath. Looking at Niall gave you the strength to talk.. "Guys, Zayn is kinda upset that I'm going for some tacos with Harry,I'm kinda scared he might say or do something he will regret. Niall please show them the note." you say. "So..." you say. "Katy, if he is the one that makes you happy then by all means,but I suggest you give it some time. We do have all summer." said Liam.Louis nodded. "Please don't." said Niall. He looked genuinely outcast.. "I have to go cancel it then. I like all of you,but I don't know who I want to be with yet. In the meantime let's go find Zayn and Harry." you say. Niall looks happier. Liam and Louis give a sigh of relief. Then you guys each grab a pancake and search for Harry and Zayn.
  10. You all split up and searched. After a little bit you heard Liam's voice.. "found them.They are in the backyard." You reach the backyard and see that all the guys are there. Zayn is okay and Harry has his head turned so you can't see his face. You give a sigh of relief... then Harry turns his head... A huge scar on his neck. You scream.. "Why?" you say looking at Zayn. "I understand that you don't trust him,but he is your friend.Why didn't you just talk it out?" you say. Zayn looks at you and then leaves you hear him drive off in his car. "are you okay,Harry?" you ask. "Yeah, and Zayn did have a reason to do that. I already have a girlfriend." said Harry. Niall and the guys looked seriously dissapointed in him. "So then I guess this is the end of US." he says. "There never was or will be an US."you say and slap him hard across the face you turn and walk back into the house. You can feel the hot tears stream down your face.. You scolded yourself silently for believing Harry and for mistrusting Zayn.
  11. You thought to yourself "wow,how could I be soo dumb, I knew Harry was a player,but yet I trusted him more then all the other guys, when i turned around and the tears began to pour down thats when I knew... I had fallen for Harry Styles. I scolded myself again, why not like niall,louis,liam,or even Zayn? Why the flirt? Why the heartbreak?" You were sad and angry too,but somehow when you turned around and saw Niall,Liam,and Louis you knew that you would get over it,hopefully soon.

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