Love and Suprises!? part 6

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Hello and Welcome to Part six of Love and Suprises!? This part has a bit of drama, lot of romance, and of course suprises. Hope you enjoy, i tried getting it out as soon as i could so here it is. Enjoy!

Thanks for taking part six of my one direction love story.. Love and Suprises!? Be sure to take my other series' I appreciate all of you for commenting taking and sharing my quizzes. it makes me feel appreciated.So thanks!!!

Created by: ILuvHolister
  1. Recap: So you hung out with Niall and when you got 'home' Harry wanted to talk to you.
  2. "'Niall. Can you leave? I want to say this only to Katy." Said Harry as he motioned for you to follow him to the living room. You felt disgusted by him, he was too much of a flirt. He obviously didn't know his boundaries. "Look Katy. I really wasn't planning this. But, some time over the course of your stay here I felt that I... Finally had found the one person I want to be with forever. I know your probably already with Niall. But, I want to try something." Said Harry. Then he kissed you. He obviously must have had a lot of practice because he was great at it. It was an intresting sensation, sparks flew,but you knew the day would come when Harry would leave you for someone else so you broke the kiss quickly. "Katy, i'm sorry for doing it without your premission." Said Harry quickly. "Just leave me alone, Curly. I don't want to see you ever again. You think that one kiss proves your point. You think you've changed? Prove it, with real evidence." You said leaving Harry in shock. You saw pain in his eyes and if you didn't control yourself you knew you would end up walking over and apologizing to bim. So you turned and left. A single tear falling down your face. When you exited the room... Louis was there.
  3. "Katy, what did Hazza do this time? Well, whatever he did, it is not your fault thats the way he is. Although I am sorry for having added to the confusion. Do you want to go for some donuts later?" Said Louis. "Yes, id love to." You replied. "Great, tomorrow, around three thirty." Said Louis with a wink. You couldn't help but smile. You turned around again and saw Liam. "Well, this was all very intresting. Which one do YOU like the most?" He said. "I don't know yet. I'm trying to figure that out." You said. He nodded his head and walked away. You went straight to your room and breathed a sigh of relif.
  4. You plopped down on your bed and turned on your i pod. You put the headphones on and cranked the music way up. You layed your head down on the pillow. The song that was on at that moment was Where have you been by Rihanna. You closed your eyes. Song after song kept playing. Until you ran out of songs. You left the headphones on though. You just kept your eyes shut. Maybe it was foolish of you,but you wished you could escape this . This confusion and heartbreak.
  5. You heard someone come in. You didn't feel ready to face whoever it was so you pretended to be sleeping. "Hey, its Harry. You awake?" Said Harry. You pretended to be asleep. You turned over to face away from him. He realized you were awake and was kinda upset. He jumped on the bed and layed down next to you. You were face to face. "If your asleep,then you won't mind this." He said leaning in. He kissed you again. Harry "flirty" Styles kissed you again and again and again. "What should I do to prove I love you?" He said. You opened your eyes. "Stop dating soo many other girls." You said. He bit his lip. "You really were awake." He said. "Yeah. Now get out of my bed and my room Curly." You said. "Don't you know only a pervert kisses someone who is asleep." You say. "But, you weren't asleep." He said.
  6. "anyway. Get out now." you said. "I'm asking for another chance." he said. "what about your gf." i said. "i broke up with her." he said. "I bet this isn't the first time you have said that to a girl. and im betting it won't be the last. You had your chances and you blew both of them so no. I don't trust you. leave me alone." you said. harry got up. You don't know why,but you felt tears coming. "Katy,I--" Harry tried to say,but the door opened. "Leave her be." said a voice. it was zayn. harry left. Zayn came in. "are you okay katy?" he asked. "I thought I was but I guess its gonna take a bit longer to be okay." you replied. Zayn seemed uneasy. "Whats wrong zayn?" you asked him. Then you noticed how close you two were.
  7. "I'm soo sorry Zayn. It must be really hard to see someone you like crying over someone else." You said. "Well, your a tad wrong Katy. You see, I don"t like you." he said. You were shocked. "what?" you asked. "I don"t like you. I love you Katy.I will never be angry at you, i will be angry at the person who caused you so much pain, right now thats Harry." said Zayn. You gave him a hug and sat down beside him for a long time. "I think i should go home." you said finally. "why?" said zayn. "At this rate the band will break up." you replied. "No,it won't. So please don't leave. That would hurt us more." said Zayn. You nodded. 'Now its getting late so I think you should...." zayn started but got cut off. You leaned in and kissed him. "Thanks for everything Zayn." you said getting up. He grabbed your arm and pulled you back down. "happy Birthday." he said. and kissed you. You finally stopped kissing and went your seperate ways. (as in he left the room)
  8. You rested your head on the pillow. This was going to be harder then you had originally thought. Niall made you feel youthful and adventurous, zayn made you feel safe and loved, Harry made you feel rebellious, and Louis made you feel playful. Liam had a girlfriend.
  9. You woke up the next morning to music. It was the guys. They were singing your favorite songs and not just the one direction ones. You opened your eyes. Got dressed and peaked outside your room. Suddenly two hands closed your eyes.
  10. Cliffhanger!!!! Comment,rate, and share.

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