Love and Suprises!? part 3

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hello and welcome to the third installment of my one direction love story... Love and Suprises!? Sorry if its too short or too..anything, if you want something fixed just tell me what it is in the comments and i'll try my best to fix it.

Thanks for taking this quiz. It means a lot to me. Please be sure to comment,rate, and share this quiz. If you have an ideas or soncerns tell me in the comments until the next part... I hope you keep reading my series' (plural).

Created by: ILuvHolister
  1. Recap: You,Katy West met one direction because they were your new classmates. When the power goes out they invite you to chill with them,but when a prank gets out of hand and people get hurt what happens next...
  2. You feel a sharp pain in your head. You open your eyes and see Zayn sitting down at the edge of the bed. "goodyourokaykaty." Zayn said very quickly and then blushed. You asked him to rpeat what he said and he did,slower. "What happened." You asked. "You hit your head against the table downstairs." said Harry's voice. "Thanks for the info,curly." You say with a slight smirk. "Whatever,im out of here." says Harry,really upset. He then slams the door shut. "Why?" you ask Zayn. He just shrugs and says "He's probably upset that he can't have you like all those other girls." You shrug and ask for an ice pack and then you say "Where are Niall,Louis,and Liam?" you ask Zayn. "They are downstairs,I'll tell them your up." says Zayn. "Thanks so much, Zayn." you say.
  3. Within moments you hear a lot of noise then the door swings open... Niall and Louis jump onto the edge of your bed. Zayn and Liam walk in gracefully. "Very mature chaps. Aren't they?" says Liam cracking a grin. "Most definetely." You say smiling. Zayn hands you the ice pack, you put it on the back of your head and then stand up and walk around a bit. "Sorry, for movin too fast." says Louis. You just give him a look that says its okay. "Well, looks like we are back to being best mates." says Niall. "Except for Hazza, he looked very upset." says Louis. In attempt to lighten the mood you say " Only one thing makes me sad. That we didn't get to preform the prank." then you attempt to look a bit down cast. Liam shakes his head again and walks out of the room. "Doesn't really say much. Does he?" you say motioning to wher Liam was standing. 'He's a bit of a spoilsport. he is like our 'parent' thats our age." says Zayn. "oh," you say unsure of what to say next.
  4. "What do we do now?" you ask them. "well its still mid afternoon so what do you guys think we should do?" says Zayn. "have a party?" says Louis. "No, too much drinking." says Niall. "How about we do some karaoke?" you suggest. "Capital idea! Chaps, have you heard Katy sing yet? I say, she sounds really good." says Niall. You remember singing in the car and blush. Zayn and Louis look a tad jealous,but say nothing more,but a barely audible "yes"
  5. The guys set up everything for Karaoke and you all have a great time. Then you all have a burping contest.. Louis wins. You look at the clock and ssee that it was around 8:00 p.m. Zayn walked back into the room (he had gone out to get a pepsi) " i probably should get going." you say. Niall looks downcast then he stands up,his face brightened... " You can stay in the guest room!" then he notices everyone staring at him in shock. he blushes a bright shade of red and then adds... "if you want to that is..." "I don't see why not." you say pulling out your phone. "I'll just text my mom that i'll be staying with friends." you add. Your parents were quite allowing since you were a 'spoiled' little heiress... they let you do anything. "do we have school tommorow?"you ask. "No, its closed for the rest of the month." (f.y.i it was the end of the school year anyway, so it was an early summer vacation.) "great." Louis says. "That means we can hang out with you some more. We were taking a break in touring for a whole year, anyway." Louis continues. you can't help,but feel happy.
  6. You watch a movie with the guys.. it was...a really awesome movie.. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. You didn't even think they knew that movie, it was your favorite. After the movie finished the guys stood up and stretched. "Nite, guys." you say giving each one a hug. You couldn't help,but notice Harry wasn't there yet. You went to your room did all your nighttime routine. You heard loud noises next door. You went to investigate.. it was Harry with a girl, doin, um, i think you know. You immediately closed your eyes and closed the door.You backed up,eyes still closed. You felt some arms around you. You opened your eyes and saw Niall. "Thats who he is. It gets a bit annoying. trust me."says Niall stroking your hair. You feel a single tear fall down your face,but you don't know why.Niall make syou face him. Niall looks into your eyes then pulls you in for a hug."Its alright. You have me." says Niall. Your eyes widen. (he likes you too) Niall escorts you back to your room and kisses you on the forehead. feeling that you need to thank him for suggesting you stay here, and for being such a comfort. You pull him back and kiss him on the lips his eyes widen in shock then close as though savoring the moment. You both break the kiss... "Thanks for everything." you say to Niall. he grins and says "Anytime." Then he walks out of the room.
  7. "Who do I love?" you whisper to yourself. Niall? Louis? Zayn? Harry? You plop down on your bed back first. you grip the back of your head and feel that there is no visible sign of you hitting your head. You hear more noises next door made by harry, and wait another male voice. You stand up and put your ear against the door. You here Zayn's voice saying "Harry this needs to stop. Katy is next door. Don't you care?" Then you hear harry say "I've tried to be nice,but all she ever does is call me curly. She won't give me a chance. trust me all those girls, I can stop whenever I want." You can't take it anymore you open the door..
  8. Harry and Zayn look at you,then at each other,then back at you. You shake your head and say... "Uh, sorry for listening in..." harry and Zayn continue to stare at you blankly... "And I guess I'll just leave. It seems I'm causing to much trouble. I don't want you guys to fight. Good Luck harry, zayn. Tell the rest of the guys that i'm sorry,but i have to go." You turn to leave,but you get stopped. Louis and Niall are at the door,blocking your way... (Liam is asleep) "Look,its not like we want to hold you here against your will or anything.You are free to go,anytime..."says Louis... "But, we aren't fighting just because your here, you aren't at fault. please stay." says Niall with a puppy dog face. You turn around to look at harry and Zayn. (The girl that was with Harry left through the window) You give a slight nod and a faint "ok" Louis then takes this as an opportunity and screams out "Group Hug!" (suprisingly not loud enough to make Liam wake up) You all hug. Then looking at the time you all realize that you should sit in a circle and talk. Harry goes first... "Okay, I vow to not be a player. Stick to the one girl I love and to not argue with bandmates." Then Zayn went.."I vow to not be too hotheaded and to be sure to not take stuff not seriously." Then Louis... "I PROMISE, to always be different, to not take my pranks too far, and to not move to fast with anything." Then it ws Niall.... "I vow to be myself, not get too homesick, and enjoy life to the fullest." Lastly it was your turn you said what you wanted to say and all the guys thought it was well said. You all hugged one last time and went to your seperate rooms.
  9. You feel quite pleased that the guys made up... well,except for Liam,since he slept through it all. :) You realized that you had time to decide about who you liked,i mean you had just met them. Realizing that you put your head on your pillow and fell asleep.
  10. YOUR DREAM: All the guys dressed up, the each take you by the hand and give you a rose. Each one reflecting there personalities. Liam was like your 'dad'? Then you heard music and people cheering your name... Katy,Katy,Katy. You singing on x-factor with the guys and becoming a member of one direction. You felt yourself grinning. END OF DREAM.

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