Love and Suprises!? part 15

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Welcome to the fifteenth installment of Love and Suprises!? I hope you enjoy this part and be sure to comment,rate,and tell your friends! Thanks to all of you who take my quizzes!

Hello, i hope you all liked this part. I tried my best to get it out ASAP. But with two tests coming up it was kinda hard. Thank you all for taking and for your understanding.

Created by: ILuvHolister
  1. Recap:Take part 1-14,if you wish for a recap!
  2. You cracked a weak smile at Harry. He smiled back. You felt kinda dizzy and your vision was blurring.and badly. Harry looked really concerned,you felt yourself lose your balance... Harry reached out and caught you. *dream*
  3. You looked around. You were in your own perfect world. the world in your head where there was no Tori and no confusion,anger,or sadness. You layed down in the soft grass and looked at the sky. You saw your memories with all of the guys. You smiled at the good times and felt depressed at the not so good times. To everyone else in the world, they were just cute guys with nice voices who are in a boyband,but to you.. they were the best thing that had ever happened. (moments by one direction is playing in the background.) You prop yourself up... "what do I do?" You said tears streaming down your face. The sky turned a darker color. "I dont know what to do to save them." You said,looking up at the sky. you felt a single raindrop fall on the tip of your nose. Within moments it was full on raining. Tori appeared.
  4. "Dear.dear sister. Whats the matter? Something wrong in your perfect life?" She spat out cruelly. 'You." You said standing up. "excuse me?" she said,her tone of voice rising. "your excused, now then give me my friends back, you coniving snake." You said,amazed at the strength in your voice. Tori shrank. "Now,now. Is that any way to greet a long lost sister?" She said with faux sympathy. "Well, i guess it is now. Ill say it again,give me my friends back. Now." You said,you were trying your compulsion and wanted to see if it had any affect on her. "Hmm.I see compulsion is a family trait. sorry sister,your plan has failed. Your friends are mine,the throne is mine,and mother and fathers love and admiration will soon be mine too." She said. You punched her,but you couldnt hurt her,she dissapppeared again.
  5. You seemed to become one with her after that contact.You saw her was a newfound ability of yours. You saw to little girls playing with a small boy.The you saw the boy yelling at the girl who set fire to the other ones hair.You saw everyone crying,mostly Tori.and as she grew up,her bond between her and her parents weakened even further,til there was none at all.
  6. You realized at once that this was you and tori when you were way younger. You had entirely forgotten these memories,but these memories seemed to be the very thing that was making Tori uneasy. She had been in love,and had had her heart broken.First by that boy,then by Liam.
  7. *dream end* You get up with a start. "you okay,love?" said Harry. "yeah,odd dream though." You said and explained your dream to him. "Yeah,definetely odd." He said, handing you a sandwhich. Your stomach growled... "you know me soo well,Harry." You said,with a small smile. He just smiled too.
  8. "what should we do?" you said after you had both finished eating. "i dunno. train you,so that we can rescue them. Contact your parents, or maybe just run away." said Harry. "run away?" You said,your voice angry. "well it IS an option whether you like it or not. Although you probably shouldnt,i mean theyy ARE depending on us." Said Harry. you calmed down.. "i guess.well we have two weeks. Where are my parents anyway?" You said. "only you know. When you call for them,they will come. You have to call them by name." Said Harry. Two names popped into your head... mark, and alana.. "mark,Alana, please come. Your daughter needs your guidance." You said. And you waited...and waited.. "maybe they are busy?" You said finally.. "No theyll be h----." said Harry,but he got cut off.
  9. You saw bright lights and the wind picked up inside the house. within moments you saw to young looking adults in the middle of the room. The woman had silky black hair that was to the waist and was wearing some Guess jeans and a beautiful t shirt from H&M. The man had light brown hair and blue eyes. He seemed kind and also seemed strong. he was wearing a regular t shirt with a pair of black skinny jeans. Not the typical look for a king and queen nonetheless. "Katy?Is that you?" said the woman. You nodded and ran up and hugged her. "Mom,dad!" You said. "You called for us?" said your dad. "yeah." You said and explained the situation... "This is Harry.. he is a friend of mine." You said to your parents after you had finished. "Intresting. Although the other one we met was quite the gentlemen..."Said your mom snapping her fingers. "perhaps you know him?" She said. Your eyes widened and your parents stepped back..
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