Love and Suprises!? part 7

Hello and welcome to the seventh installment of this one direction love story... Love and Suprises!? Thanks for taking this part. This part is full of drama,suprises, and of course Love!

These results dont count. Thanks for patiently waiting for the next installment. soory for taking soo long, i just had a lot of stuff going on in my life.

Created by: ILuvHolister

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  1. "Suprise, Suprise. Happy Birthday Katy." Said a irish accent that you recognized immediately. It was niall. "Niall why do you have yyour hands on my eyes?" You asked innocently. "Because its way more fun than just putting a blindfold." He replied. You grinned happily. He guided you down the stairs. You realized you were wearing a red of the shoulder top with some jean shorts. Oh well.
  2. You remembered you promised Louis you d have some donuts with him this afternoon so you mentally reminded yourself not to make other plans. "Well if it isnt the birthday girl turning 17." Said Harry. You just faked a smile. "Niall when can I see?" You asked. "In a little bit. Right now the guys are getting everything ready." He said. "Lets sit on the couch." He said. "Kay'." You said. Waiting was making you really impatient you tried prying Niall's irish hands off of your eyes but somehow ended up in his lap. He let go of your eyes and stared into them deeply. Even if you had never excperienced love before you could see it in his eyes in the way he spoke and in the way he looked at you.
  3. You knew the guys would be back soon thats why you didnt excpect what Niall did next. With you still in his lap he took your face and kissed it passionately. Everywhere. Your forehead,your cheeks, and your lips. You responded with a few kisses of your own. You felt really happy with Niall,but you didnt even know him that well yet. "Niall." You said in a whisper. "Yeah Katy." He repled. "We should stop. Right now.. this. I mean we don't know each other enough. A week? Who knows a person fully after a week? Im sorry Niall. As much as I like you, we need to wait. What about the other guys?" You said getting up. "What about the other guys? Dont worry about them. Right here and now tell me.... Will I ever have a chance with you Katherine Gracie West? Or should I just stop?" Niall said. "Stop loving me?" You said. "No, i could never stop loving you. But I was talking about not showing it."said Niall. You noticed Harry was also in the room and had,by the looks of it seen and heard everything. "I dont know Niall. I mean yeah I like you,but Im not sure of my feelings for you." You said. "Do you want to try it out?" Said Niall. "Try what?" You asked him. "To date each other." Said Niall. Every single person's jaw dropped. Especially Harry's. He apparently couldnt take it anymore.. "Katy pleasse say no. Give it more time. Im sorry Katy I was horrible really, i mean dating someone and leading you to believe i liked you, im really sorry. But,honestly ive never felt this way before. I mean I get jealous when I see you with Niall and the other guys all Lovey Dovey. I want to protect you and at the same time I want to make sure you never cry again unless its tears of joy. Please Katy give both of us a chance." Said Harry getting down on his knees. "I beg you Katy please believe me." Said Harry. You let out a big sigh.
  4. "Fine Harry. You have another chance.And Niall give it some more time, you do have a shot. I really like you, i just need to be sure its not just a crush and that its the real thing." You said. They both nodded and Harry got up. "Now on with your birthday celebration!" Said Niall in high spirits again. He covered your eyes and lead you to the room where the guys were waiting. "Suprise!" They all yelled out. You saw a couple of your friends there too. Including your bestie Annabelle who was leaning against... Zayn. You felt happy for them. You went over to Zayn Later and told him... "I see youve found someone to love." "Yeah, no hurt feelings right?" He said. "Yeah, im cool with it. Have fun." You said. Zayn grabbed your arm. "This where your supposed to be crying saying that you want me to be with you not just act okay with it.". Said Zayn. "What?" You aked. "I was tryinvg to get you jealous." He replied. "which obviously had no avail." Said Zayn. "That was my best friend you idiot. She actually likes you. You were just using her? Any lovelike feelings i ever had for you is gone now congratulations Zayn. You lost me." You said and turned away.
  5. You saw Harry. "What do you want?" You asked him. "You did the right thing. Same thing I wouldve done if somebody used my friend to get to me." Said Harry. "Oh." You said. You saw Annabelle with Zayn kissing out on the terrace. You didnt want to interfere with their kissing. "What do I do to tell her without hurting her?" You said out loud. "Ill force Zayn to tell her." Said a voice. It was Harry. You looked at him in disbelief of it all. "Well I owe you a lot." Said Harry. "Okay then." You said nodding and saying thanks Harry.
  6. "Happy birthday katy." said a voice that was apparently oblivious to all the drama.. Louis. "Hi Louis." you said."We still going for donuts later?" you said. "Of course. Unless you want to go somewhere else? How bout the cinema?" said Louis. "I don"t know. You pick." you said. "Kay then see you at three thirty katy." said louis and walked off. His outfit itself brought a smile to your face... a red striped shirt with suspenders and hightops. definetly a fashion sense only the very brave dare try.
  7. Now back to Zayn and your best friend Annabelle. you were really excpecting harry to be kissing HER right now so when you saw that he wasnt and that he was avoiding being a flirt it struck you as different. he saw you and said bye to annabelle. "ello,Katy. Enjoying the party yet?" he said. "It really nice thanks. You all really didnt have to,i mean you barely know me." you said. "Well, we all know you enough to be head over heels in love with you and throw you a party with your friends that signed a confidentiality agreement." he said. There was something different about this Harry, something almost... sweet about him. You shrugged it off though, he would NOT break your heart twice, if you had a say in the matter. "hows Annabelle?" you asked. "She is fine. More worried about you actually. Zayn said he wanted to tlk with you so you should probably go. hes over there." said Harry pointing to Zayn. "thanks for everything Harry." you said and walked off.
  8. "Wait Katy." said Harry. "yeah harry what is it?" you replied. "No thank you kiss?" he said sadly. 'Fine." you said playfully and kissed him on the cheek. He wrapped his arms around you. "I think I like you Katy. I think I like you a lot. More than me, more than anybody." he said in your ear. You felt yourself blush. "Your joking right?" you said finally recollecting yourself. "Why would I joke?" he said. "Because your Harry Edward Styles the guy who dates girls for one day and dumps them like they are nothing. The person who is epic at flirting and the guy with the curls." You said. "Im changed. How do I prove it to you? I didnt flirt with a single girl for this whole party.I haven"t dumped a single girl before she dumped me because she was under too much pressure from paparazzi. I helped you and wished you a happy birthday. Why do you act so protective and distant around me? What about Zayn, he dated your best friend just to get to you! Why Katy? Why do You Hate Me? Why?" Harry said. "i hate you because you broke my heart already one too many times. the girl in your bedroom, the one at the mall. I cant trust you. i'll only end up hurting myself and those who care for me. Thanks for your help harry.Bye." you said. He was shocked,but he knew everything you said was true. "What about you? You think I enjoyed watching you and Niall make out in front of everyone. Do you really think that didnt hurt me? Do you even know how hard it was to hold back and not pry you two apart?" he said. "I guess i didnt." You said and walked away. You went straight to the bathroom. "Zayn is no longer an option. Louis is just a good friend. Who do I like? Harry or Niall." I said to myself. This was probably the most drama filled 17th birthday id ever heard of.
  9. You collected your feelings and exited the bathroom. Ready for everything? You had to find Niall. you had a suggestion for him,one you hoped he would agree to. One involving him and you dating.
  10. Cliffhanger!!!! Comment,rate,and share. Harry or Niall or other?

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