Love and Suprises!? part 9

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Welcome to this installment of my one direction love story... Love and Suprises!? I hope you all like this part. I tried my best to please all of you... Even the Liam lovers. So enjoy!

Please comment,rate,share this part. Be sure to take the other parts too. Thanks for being soo amazing as to read every single one. Its because of my.... "Fans" that i feel content with my writing. Thank You!

Created by: ILuvHolister
  1. Recap: Look at the other parts to find out!
  2. You were in the car with Louis and Niall and then you had a thought about Annabelle. You had unfortunately forgotten your phone so you couldnt call her,but you had a feeling she already knew. You all finally got to the hospital Louis got out first... It was around nine o clock at night... You unbuckled your seatbelt and just waited nervous and scared. Niall took hold of your hand... "Katy, it will be alright. Please just be okay." Said Niall. Then he gave you a huge hug. "Ello, lovebirds to the hospital." Said Louis trying to ease the tense atmosphere.
  3. You went inside still holding Niall's hand. You went up to the nurse and she responded with the rooms wher the guys were staying. You had to split up. You went to Harry's room and Niall and Louis went to Zayn's room. When you finally reached the room you saw a single nurse. She looked very busy. "How is he?" You said. "I have no idea. He is alive,for now,but i dont know for how much longer . He has several injuries. We have tried our best now,but miss now its up to him." She said a tear falling down her face. You felt a tear fall down your face too. This.Was.Your.Fault. If only you had stopped them, if only you d never met them.
  4. How Zayn was doing didnt even cross your mind. He was a monster. How could he do this? You walked over to the hospital bed and sat down. You looked at Harry's face he looked very pale as though he was a sleeping vampire. You looked at the heart monitor and it seemed steady. "You ll be fine Harry. Im sooo sorry i mean this is my fault. " you whispered in his ear aware that he couldnt possibly hear you. You looked at his whole face and saw a lot of scratches that looked ver painful. You looked at his curls, the flirty Harry you knew would get up at any moment and say miss me and you were half excpecting that to happen. You felt very very sad. The door opened. It was nIall. "Katy, Zayn is okay the nurse said he will fully recover. How about Harry?" He asked. You bit you lip... "She said that hey ve done there best and now its up to him." You said. Niall looked down. "Im so sorry Katy." Said Niall. "What for? Its not your fault its mine. I should be apologizing." You said walking closer to him. "It not your fault. Dont blame yourself." Said Niall walking and coming so close to you that you were touching. He kissed you on the lips. "Its just life's fault." You said. "Better." He said with a small smile. You gave him a big hug. "You are like the best boyfriend ever." You said. "And your the best girlfriend."said Niall. You felt yourself blush. "Your so cute when you blush." He said. "Your not so bad your self." You replied. A nurse camme in... Mr.Horan you are needed in Mr.Malik's room. And with that Niall regrettably turned and left.
  5. You looked back at Harry with pity. He did love you, there was no denying that. But he was too late.. you were with Niall and unfortunately Harry HAD done some unforgivable things. But still you felt your heart pounding inside your chest. You hoped he would recover. You wished he would recover.You looked at the heart monitor and noticed that his health was declining rapidly. He was dying right in front of you. You gripped his hand tightly and said "Please Harry. Dont die. I...... I think i might lo--- ." You said but you were cut off. His heart stopped he wasnt breathing. "Nurse." You screamed out. No one came. You took matters in you own hands. You tried everything. After you had.... You looked... There was no change. He was dead. Harry Edward Styles, the guy with the curls, the flirtiest one of all, was gone.
  6. You couldnt hold back anymore the tears flooded down your face. You kissed him on the lips... Which would probably be for the last time. You looked at his face and thought you saw a faint smile. You rubbed your eyes. You did see a smile and breathing and then... His eyes opened up and looked in your direction... "Miss me, Katy West. Im not dying now if I have a say in it." He said getting in more of an upright position. "Your okay!" You said and ran to him and gave him a huge hug. "I thought you had died. Your heart stopped." You said. "From the amazing kiss you gave me." Said Harry with a wink. He was back to his regular self.
  7. "I really shouldnt've done that. I mean me and Niall we are together i shouldnt." You said gripping your forehead. "Dont get your feathers in a bunch. I was in a 'coma' and i dont remember anything. Dont worry Katy. You ll get wrinkles." Said Harry. You smiled and gave him another hug... "Im glad your back Harry." You then stood up and left the room. The nurse wanted to do more tests, just to be sure.
  8. After a few moments you saw Liam. "I heard what happened are they okay." He said. "Yeah Harry's up and Zayn is too." You said with a smile. "Sorry wouldve woken you up,but shock isnt the best thing when waking someone up. What time is it now anyway." You said with a yawn. "Midnight, Katy. Your officaly already 17." Said Liam giving you a big hug. "Lets go get Niall and Louis. They said Zayn and Harry should stay overnight." You told Liam. He nodded. "Sure." The rest passed by in a blur. In alittle bit you were home. It was two in the morning and you were fast asleep on Liam's shoulder. And no you werent drooling. Liam looked at Niall and Niall gave him a quick nod. Liam lifted you up and carried you to your room. He layed you down on your bed and kicked of your shoes. He put the covers on you and said "Sweet Dreams." And with that he kissed your forehead and walked off. You reached out and subconciously grabbed his hand. He walked back to you and kissed you on the lips. "I have to go." He said. "Bye Niall." You said Sleepily. Liam shut your door and went to his room. He fell down on his bed.
  9. He put his fingers on his lips and thought back to the kiss. It kept replaying in his head. He shook his head... "You cant Liam. You cant she is with your best friend. You have to act like it didnt happen." Said Liam to himself and he fell asleep.
  10. Niall Pov: Katy is soo cute when she is sleeping. I love her soo much. Im so happy she is my girlfriend. Life is prerfect. Harry's PoV: The nurses left. I let out a sigh. Part of me was happy Katy was home and peacfully sleeping but part of me wished she couldn t sleep out of her worry for me. I clutched my head. She doesnt love you... Stop falling for her. And with that I fell asleep. Zayns Pov: I wish Katy was here. I mean Anabelle is awesome for staying with me,but i dont really love her. And she knows that. Im going to die alone. All alone,because i had to be a dumb person and act like a player. Grr! Narrator POV: You fell asleep dreaming about Harry, Niall,Liam, Louis,and Zayn. Imagining what life would be like if you had dated someone else someone other then Niall. You shrugged of the thought and did in fact have sweet dreams.
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