Around The World and Back Again (Part 2)

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Hey everyone. This is part 2 of Around The World and Back Again! You just met Zador. He has black hair and amber eyes. He has a great sense of humor and a great smile.

In this part, you will meet another guy. There will some suprises in this one too. If you have any questions or suggestions, ask me in the comments!!!

Created by: Jinx_TheSleuth
  1. We left off with you and Zador in Wilmington, Delaware preparing to sail into the Atlantic Ocean.
  2. "Thanks ______" Zador said hugging you tightly. "You're welcome" you said blushing. "I must warn you though" he said, "There are others out there who want the artifact-and you." "They are very dangerous people and they want to use the artifact for evil." You could see the hurt in Zador's eyes. "But why do you need it and where is it?" you asked. "We don't know where it is. But right now lets get you on the ship." You and Zador walk on the docks and you stop. You see this amazing vessel. It is red and dark brown with sails the size of clouds. "_____, meet your new home." Zador said smiling. The whole crew was very nice to you. Your eyes locked on a boy with blonde hair and yellow eyes. He walks up to you. "_____ this is Sean, Sean this is _____" Zador introduced you. "Hi _____" Sean said with a sheepish smile. He was shy and kind. Your eyes met and you felt a certain connection with him. Zador saw you two and as you start to have a conversation with Sean, he interrupts you and tells Sean to wash the deck. "So, I will see you later _____?" Sean asked. "Looks like it." you say. "Sean, the deck won't wash itself." Zador said abruptly. You felt tension between the two and decided to change the subject. "Um Zador I'm kinda hungry." you said. "Yea, we should eat it's getting late." Zador suggested. "Plus, I want you to meet the captain." You started walking and turned around to see Sean smiling at you.
  3. You walk into the captains cabin and saw a man with long black hair and chocolate eyes. He looked a lot like Zador. "_____, meet my dad, Captain Jasper Radke (rad-key)." Zador said. "Nice to meet you _____. I appreciate you helping us with this dangerous quest. We couldn't do it without you." He is very nice. "Thanks" you say shyly. "It's about time a beautiful young lady like yourself join the crew." you blush a little when you hear his compliment. "Well _____ make yourself comfortable. We'll be leaving tommorow morning." "Where are we going?" you ask. "I think we should start searching in Iceland." Captain Jasper replied. "We're going to Iceland!" you jumped up from your seat.
  4. "Don't get too excited." Captain Jasper said. "We're still doing business. One of my sons will take you to your room." You see Zador and Sean walk in. "You two are brothers?!?! You say suprised. "Yea we forgot to mention this to you." Zador said rubbing his head. "What do you need father." Sean asked. "I need one of you to help the chef prepare the meal and the other to show _____ her room." Jasper demanded. Zador offered to show you your room so Sean left to prepare for dinner. You walked through the beautiful hallways and into your room. Your room looked like it belong in a magazine. "This is beautiful." You said staring at the huge crystal chandelier. The walls had big beautiful paintings hanging and your bed looked like it was fit for a queen. "I'm glad you like it." Zador said. "Zador I-" he cut you off. "_____ I have to be honest with you. We are looking for the Cassiopeia Stone. The one who posesses the stone will be the one to bring peace and harmony to the sea. Sailors around the world have been looking for this stone. But, if it gets in the wrong hands, evil will dwell throughout the world and everyone will be in terrible danger." Zador looked sad now. "Where do I come in in all of this?" you asked nervously. "You are the chosen one; the key to finding the sacred artifact." Zador held your hands. His hands felt warm and nice. Whenever we collect a piece of the stone, your hands and eyes will glow to let us know we're close." "THERE'S PIECES SCATTERED AROUND THE WORLD!!!" you say bummed out. "Yea sorry" Zador said smiling a little. "Wow there's a lot of things you guys aren't telling me!" Sean walked in the room. He saw you two still holding hands and you quickly pulled away. "Dinner is ready." he said. He looked annoyed and frustrated.
  5. "You should freshen up for dinner." Zador said. See you in the dining hall." Sean wispered. What do you wear?
  6. You walk into the dining hall and sit between Zador and Sean. There's a huge feast placed in front of you. "Hey _____, you look great!" Zador and Sean said at the same time. You say thanks and Captain Jasper walks in. "I would like to make a toast. We arevery happy to have you with us _____. You will fit in just fine." Everyone raised their glasses and said their hoorahs. You all began eating.
  7. After dinner was over, you decide to explore the ship. You never seen a ship like this before. It's like a pirate ship mixed with a yacht! It's so elegant and sophisticated. You walk onto the deck and see the stars reflecting off the ocean. There is a searchlight on top of the ship and it brings the whole ship to life. As you walk across the deck you sense someone behind you. You turn around and see Sean standing there. You're startled and suprise to see him there. "_____ I didn't mean to scare you. What are you doing out here?" Sean asked. "Um I'm just exploring the ship. It's really beautiful." you said. "The Fernada Belle." Sean said. "Excuse me?" you ask. "That's the name of the ship and the name of my mother." Sean confessed. "What happened to her?" you ask without thinking. "I'm tired, you should go to your room as well." Sean brushed passed you with his hands balled up into fists. *Why did I ask that?* you say to yourself. You didn't want to start an arguement so you walked to your room. When you walked in your room. You take a shower and put on some pjs. You lay in your huge bed and think about what happened so far. You think about the stone and what it does. You don't want it to fall into the wrong hands. You don't want to let Zador down or Shaun. Your thinking helped you fall asleep.
  8. You're half asleep when you hear a loud knock on the door. "Come in..." you mumbled. Zador walks in and you get up out of bed. You look down at your pjs and get embarassed. "Sorry to wake you _____. Get dress because we're going shopping for supplies before we leave" He smirked. You nodded and got dressed. You met Zador on the deck and you two left the ship to go shopping. "What time is it?" you asked. "It's 7:45." Zador said. "Ohhh it's sooo early." you moaned and slugged. Zador laughed hard. He put his arm around your shoulder aa you walk into a small boutique. "Why are we in a fashion boutique?" you ask. "You didn't pack enough clothes for this trip." "Oh" you say. You pick out a bunch of explorer pants, canvas shirts, tank tops, and shoes in different colors and styles. You and Zador walk out the store and get the rest of the supplies. You look over you shoulder and see two men walking frantically behind you. You notice a dragon tatoo on their necks. They're staring and smiling at you so you feel a little freaked out. You nudge Zador and he notice them too. "Come on" Zador said. You split up in a crowd of people and met up with each other in an alley. "Good we lost them" Zador said. "Who were those guys?" You asked. "They're part of the hydra clan. Remember when I told you about the 'others' who want the stone? They were one of the clans." "How many are there?" you asked. "We don't know. There are many clans out there. Some are good and some are bad. I'm sure we'll be bumping into a lot of them. Let's get on the ship before they show up." You get on the ship and put your stuff away in your room. As you walk towards the deck, someone grabs your arm. It was Sean. "Shhh _____. We gotta get out of here." You see the two men from the hydra clan fighting with the crew. They brought more of their clan too. They didn't spot you as you snuck off the ship. "Where's the girl?!? you hear one man scream. It was total chaos. "Zador and two of the other crewmates managed to escape in a nearby ship. We have to meet them." Sean said. Where's your dad?" you asked. "He...he didn't make it." Sean put his head down and you hug him. "We have to go." Sean pulled you away from the ship and you run to the ship where Zador is. You see Zador and two other crewmates that you met before. "_____ you made it!" Zador ran up to you and hugged you tightly. They managed to get the stuff you shopped for over to the ship." We have to leave fast." Sean yelled. You got the ship ready and you left unnoticed.
  9. A couple of months past and you got closer to the guys. Zador taught you how to steer the ship and Sean taught you how to load the cannons and prepare for battle. It's kinda hard handling a ship with only five people. You decide to talk to Zador. "Where are we?" you ask Zador. "He's looking at his map. "Right now we are moving South going towards South America." Zador said. "I thought we were going to Iceland?" you ask. "They hydra clan probably think we're heading over there. So we're gonna go the opposite direction." *That's smart you think* You look up at the sky and see dark clouds emerge. "It's going to storm" you say. "Yea you should-" Zador stops in his sentence. He looks ahead and so do you. You feel cold air rush through your whole body. You think about the urban legends your parents used to tell you about as a kid. You say out loud, "The Bermuda".
  10. So did you like it? There will be more action on the next one because of the whole 'Bermuda' thing. Next stop: South America! Any particular country or town you want me to put in the story? Sound off in the comments page!

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