Around The World and Back Again (Part 3)

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Sorry for the long wait guys. School is such a pain and I've been having computer problems. If you don't know what this story is about or if you forgot what this story is about please take my first two quizzes found on my page: Jinx_TheSleuth.

Ok, we left off with you, Zador, and Sean traveling towards South America. But then you got distracted by the storm. You are now entering the Bermuda triangle. So, the journey continues...

Created by: Jinx_TheSleuth
  1. "It's going to storm" you say. "Yea you should-"Zador stops in his sentence. He looks ahead and so do you. You feel cold air rush through your whole body. You think about the urban legends your parents used to tell you about as a kid. You say out loud, "The Bermuda".
  2. "Sean get over here quick!" Zador yelled. Sean ran up to where you were and froze. "We have to turn around fast" Sean demanded. It was too late. The ship was sinking into a huge whirl pool. As the ship ripped into many pieces, you tried to hold Zador's hand but slipped. Before the water engulfed you, you see Sean's yellow eyes glow bright... You passed out. You don't know what's happening but you feel safe, like a shield is protecting you. You wake up confused and hurt. Your whole body is aching. "What the hell." You say to yourself. You look around while lying on your back to see where you are. There's nothing here but sand so you assume you're on a beach. There's nobody around either. You try to sit up and stand on your feet but your body won't let you. You fall to the ground and then you hear a deep voice say "Are you okay?" When you looked up you saw a boy with light brown hair and soft blue eyes. You didn't really know what to say so you just nodded. He was average height and pretty muscular. He was wearing swimming trunks with his shirt off but you tried not to stare. "Oh, you're hurt" he said with worry in his eyes. You didn't notice the big gash on your leg. "Let me carry you to my truck and we can get you medical attention." He said. He lifted you off his feet and carried you to his Mitsubishi Nessie Hydrogen SUV. He placed you in the backseat so you could stretch your leg. As you drove off, you fell asleep.
  3. You awake after hearing a car door slam. Someone opened the car door and picked you up. It was the mystery boy from the beach. "Where am I..." You mumbled. "Shhh. We're going inside my house to get you patched up." He said. You took a glimpse of his house and noticed you're surrounded by trees. His house was very secluded. The inside was big and very modern. He carried you into the living room and placed you on the couch. "Wait right here while I get the first aid kit." He said. You examined everything. There were many paintings and pictures on the wall. A flat screen TV was placed above the fireplace. You knew this guy was rich or at least his parents were. He walked in with a first aid kit and patched your leg up. You sat up and smiled at him. "Thank you. Where am I?" you asked. "You're in Isla Margarita, Venezuela." He said while smirking. You didn't feel shocked or anything. "Well, who are you?" you asked. "Oh sorry, my name is Derek. Welcome to my humble abode." He laughed softly. "You must of got washed on shore." He concluded. "So, who are you?" he asked. "I don't know." You say confused.
  4. "So you have amnesia." he said. "It appears so" you said. "Well you're welcome to stay here with me and my friends if you want." He offered with hope in his eyes. "Umm sure I have nowhere else to go. You live here with your friends?" you ask. "Well my friends are staying here for the summer. Each one of them are finishing a special assignment for our boss." He explained. "Where do you work?" you ask. Before Derek could answer. The doorbell rang and when he answered the door a tall boy with black hair and deep blue eyes walked in. He hugs Derek and then his eyes suddenly lock on you. Your heart starts racing and you don't even know why. "Jason this is –"Derek face palmed. "Oh yea. You have amnesia. How about we make up a name for you." He suggested. You choose a name and shook hands with Jason. "So, how did you two meet?" Jason asked. "I found her on El Agua Beach. I think she shipwrecked though." Derek said. "Well I should show you two to your rooms." Derek showed Jason to his room and then showed you your room. Your room is everything you thought it would be. "This is my guest bedroom. I will have some clothes shipped here for you by tomorrow." Derek left you in your room and you ended up falling asleep on your bed. You woke up and saw your alarm clock say 7:34. "Ugh night time already" you said. All of a sudden you hear someone storm through your room. "Oh sorry. I thought this was my room." The guy said. He was very muscular, but not gross. He had red hair with white streaks and green eyes. He wore a tight green shirt that complimented his abs and green eyes. "Damn you're beautiful..." you hear him say. He blushed and introduced himself. "Hi my name is Zack." "My name is _____" you responded. Derek walked in. "I see you met Zack." "Dude, why didn't you tell me a hot girl lives here?" Zack said. You blushed a little at his comment. "Sorry am I making you blush cutie?" He asks you. He has an arrogant sense of humor but that makes him attractive somehow. "Dinner is almost ready and we're still waiting for Blake." Jason said as he entered your room. You all walk down stairs and sat in the dining room while Jason got the food ready. "I see a lot of paintings. Did you paint them?" You said. "Actually I did." You see a blonde hair boy with red eyes walk in. "______ meet Blake. He painted all of the paintings you see in this house." Derek says.
  5. "Well they're beautiful." You complimented the paintings. "Thanks" Blake said. His smile was perfect. He looked different from all the other guys. You just couldn't put your finger on it. After getting to know the guys at dinner you decided to explore the house. The house looked like a big beach house on the outside but very contemporary on the inside. After exploring the house, you tiptoed to your room. It was quiet in the house because the guys were sleep. You looked at your alarm clock; it read 3:45 AM. You couldn't go to sleep because you spent all day snoozing. You decide to watch TV until you fell asleep again. You were about to drift off until thoughts came into your head. *Where am I? Who am I? How did I get here?* you thought to yourself. So many questions and no answers. You finally fell asleep.
  6. Sunlight pierces through your window. You cover your head with a pillow and turn the other way. Then, you hear a knock on the door and Derek walks in with three big boxes. "Sorry to wake you but your clothes came in." You like your new clothes and they fit you perfectly. "Thanks" you gave a faint smile. "What's wrong?" Derek asks. "What if I don't get my memory back!" you yelled. "Don't worry." Derek sat beside you on your bed. "If you don't get your memory back, you can always stay here with me." He looked into your eyes. You got closer while looking into each other's eyes. You were about to kiss him but Zack burst through the door. "Oh sorry. Did I interrupt you?" He asked with a devilish smile. Derek sighed and walked out of the room. "So _______, do you want to go to the beach to retrace your steps?" Zack asked. "Sure. We can start from there." You took a shower and put a bathing suit under your clothes just in case you wanted to swim and then you met Zack downstairs. "You look hot!" Zack said pulling you closer to him. You blushed too embarrassed to say anything. You drove down to the beach which isn't too far. When you parked, you ran down to the spot where Derek found you. "I know there's a clue somewhere around here." You said. You and Zack searched up and down the beach for a clue but couldn't find anything. "Maybe we should stop for the day." Zack said. "Yeah, we can try tomorrow." You said. Zack ran in the water. "Hey ______ I think I found something over here!" You ran up to Zack. "What is it?" you asked. Zack picked you up and threw you in the water. "Zack! Help me up." You demanded. You grabbed Zack's hand and pulled him down with you. Both of you couldn't stop laughing. After swimming for another hour, you and Zack got out of the water. You looked up at the sunset. "It's beautiful isn't it?" Zack said. He sat down on the warm sand and pulled you down with him. "HEY!" you screamed while falling on his lap. "Sorry I couldn't help it. It was the perfect opportunity." You both laughed. "So tell me more about yourself." You said. "OK. I'm actually from California but I moved to Brazil for work. The guys and I knew each other since we were 4 years old." He said. "Awww that's so sweet" you said. "Yeah, we're similar in many ways but also very different." He said. "Is there something you're not telling me?" You ask. "We should leave its getting dark." You and Zack drive back to the house. "I think this was the perfect first date." Zack said. "Oh so this was a date." You said. "Well sort of." Zack laughed. When you get inside you decide to get a snack from the kitchen.
  7. You notice you're still soaking wet. When you walk in the kitchen, you see Jason preparing another gourmet meal. You never thought a guy could look so hot wearing an apron. "You really like to cook don't you?" you said. "It's one of my favorite hobbies. And plus I learned how to cook from my mom in Peru." He was cooking shrimp scampi with tilapia. "Mmmm that smells so good." You said trying not to drool. "Does your mom teach you a new meal all the time?" "Actually she died six months ago." You could hear his voice shake. "Oh my God. I'm so sorry." You said. You regret your comment now. "It's ok. My memories of her will always be clear." He gave you a half smile. You walked up to him and hugged him tight. He hugged you even tighter. *His story sounds so familiar* you thought to yourself. *He lost his mother...* Thoughts were rushing through your head and then you realized you were still hugging Jason. "Um sorry" you felt embarrassed. "It's ok. It's not like I get the privilege of hugging a beautiful girl like you all the time." You blushed. You finished eating your snack and went to your room to change into some dryer clothes. *What time is it* you thought to yourself. You looked at the clock and it was 8:24. Funny how time flies when you're having fun. You lay on your bed and kept thinking. You heard a knock at your door. "Hey it's me." Blake was standing in the doorway. "What's up?" you ask. "I wanted to show you the gallery." Blake said. "Sure. I didn't know there was a gallery in the house." You walked with Blake. "Yeah, Derek built one for my birthday last year." You walked downstairs through two big double doors. You stopped to see beautiful paintings before your eyes. "Wow..." you whispered. "Did you paint all of these?" You asked. "Yea, it's become a big hobby of mine." He said. There were paintings up and down the walls. "You know, after I saw your face I knew I had to paint a portrait." Blake said. "So that's why I spent all day painting this." Blake showed a portrait of you he worked on all day. "It's beautiful" you said. "Thank you." Blake said. You spent the next 30 minutes talking to Blake. You learned a lot about him. He lives in Colombia, he's a great painter, and he likes the same kind of music you like. "Damn it... It's not fair!" Blake said. "What's not fair?" you asked. "I don't get to know anything about you." He lifted your head up and kissed your lips. You couldn't resist his kiss so you kissed him back. He held you in his arms as you kiss for what feels like 20 minutes and then you step back. "That was amazing..." he said smiling. You smiled back. Derek walked in and told you dinner was ready.
  8. After you ate dinner, you dressed into your jammies and sat on the sofa in your room. Derek walked in holding a small box. "This is for you." He handed you a small velvet box. "What is it?" you asked. "Just something I picked up today." He smiled. When you opened the box you see a beautiful diamond necklace with a life boat charm on it. "Whenever you're in trouble I will always be your life boat ready to save you." Derek said. You jumped into his arms and hugged him. "Thanks" you said. You looked into each other eyes and kissed passionately. After the kiss was over, Derek let go of you and sat down beside you. "Do you want to stay and watch movies with me?" you asked. "Sure" Derek said. You started the movie and layed on the bed next to Derek. "So, why do you guys live in separate countries?" you asked. "It's for our job." He said. "What exactly do you guys do?" you asked sitting up. "Um, I might as well tell you." Derek sat up. "We work for this clan called the Tiger Clan." Derek said. "We're looking for the pieces of this ancient artifact called the Cassiopeia Stone that's scattered around the world." "How will you find it?" you ask. "We're also looking for the key to the stone to help us find it." Derek said. All of a sudden, you start to have a big migraine. You hear a male voice in your head say "Remember...Remember..." The voice kept repeating. "What's wrong?" Derek asked. You faint but Derek managed to catch you.
  9. You keep hearing the voice and then it stopped. You opened your eyes and saw the guys staring at you. "______! She's up guys!" Zack said. Everyone ran up to you. "_____? My name is not ________. It's _________." You said. "I think she got her memory back." Blake said. "I forgot about Sean and Zador!" you said. You jumped up while the guys looked confused. "Who are Sean and Zador?" Derek asked. "They're my friends. I was sailing with them before I met you guys and I guess we shipwrecked." You explained. "Oh! That's right; we sunk in a whirlpool inside the Bermuda Triangle. That's probably how I got here." You said pacing back and forth. "Calm down _______." Jason said. "Is there somewhere you need to be?" he asked. "Yes. I remember the hydra clan and the stone pieces... I'm the key." You said. "The key to what?" Derek asked. "I'm the key to finding the missing pieces of the Cassiopeia Stone." You said. The guys all jumped out of their seats.
  10. Yea that's right. A cliffhanger.

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