Heart Of Glass (part:1)

Hey! So this is my first quiz under this name! You may know me as Sunny101 but you also may not! So your name is ______ and you have wavy red hair and chocolate brown eyes with gold flecks in them.

I really hope you enjoy the first part of my quiz series Heart Of Glass! Please come back for part two and Then part three and then part... oh well you get the picture so just read the quiz already!

Created by: DevilishGoddess101

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  1. Your hands are shaking as you fumble with your locker. It's your first day at a new school, and your freaking out! "Ugh!" you groan as you try the combination the secretary gave you for the sixth time. "Need some help?" someone asked from behind you. Turning you see a girl with messy brown hair swept into a ponytail, probably at the last second, and bright blue eyes. Without waiting for an answer she takes the paper with your combination on it and opens you locker no problem. "You just have to get the hang of it. Oh, I'm Brianna! Mr.Wilson sent me to look for you." she says excitedly jumping up and down. "Thanks, I'm ______." you reply shoving your stuff into your locker and grabbing what you need. She walks you to class talking about how she loves this school and how soon you'll love it too. "Well here we are!" she chirps opening the door to a classroom. "She was having trouble with her locker." Brianna informs the teacher as you look down averting everyone's eyes. "Class this is ______, she is our new student. ______ why don't you go sit over there." you look up and see that Brianna is at her seat giving you the thumbs up sign, Mr.Wilson is pointing to the only empty seat. It by some guy with blonde, almost white, hair that's spiked up in the front and purplish blue eyes. He doesn't so much as glance in your direction, but instead stares at the front of the room with a pained look on his face. The bell finally rings and gather all of your stuff, right before you walk out the door he stops you. "I'm Sam." he says. You nod and say, "Well you already know my name so there's no use repeating it, I gotta go. I'll see you around?" He nods and you hurry of to your locker.
  2. It takes you about five minutes before you finally get you locker open. Looking at you schedule you see that next you have lunch. Practically running you get to the lunch room, you are so hungry! Grabbing a tray you hop in line which takes forever. You get the first things you see which are, applesauce (yuck!), water, pasta, and whatever thaose other things are. When it's your turn to pay you realize you forgot you money. Checking your pockets you groan, "I forgot my money." you tell the lunch lady. "Well do you have a lunch account?" she asks impatiently. "No it's my first day." you reply. A voice from behind you says, "Don't worry about, I'll get it." The lunch lady nods and shops you away. You turn to thank whoever it was but their already gone. Sighing you try to find somewhere to sit, you see Brianna sitting with some other girls and she jumps up waving you over. You are all to glad for a place to sit and greatfully walk over and sit down. "Everyone, this is ______. She's the new girl I was talking about. ______ this is everyone!" she smiles and everyone introduces themselves. (They aren't important so I'm not naming them.) Before you were starving, but you barely even touch your food. The applesauce has cinnamon, which your allergic to, the waters all warm, the pasta is too tough, and your afraid to try whatever the other thing is. Finally lunch ends and you walk slowly back to your locker. Dreading your next class, math.
  3. This time you open your locker no problem, grabbing you math stuff you hurry to class not wanting to be late. You are, of course. "Well look who finally decided to show up." the teacher, Mrs.Newton, almost growls at you. "Sorry." you mumble as she points you to a seat by yet another boy. He has shaggy-like dirty blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. As you sit down he whispers, "Did you like the lunch I bought you?" winking he chuckles at the look on your face. "That was you?" you ask and he nods. "Well thanks but it was terrible. I'm bringing my own lunch from now on." He laughs but stops when Mrs.Newton gives him a death stare, clearing his throut he sinks into his chair. The rest of class goes by without any talking, not even the teacher talked. Her voice was always so loud she always sounded like she was shouting. You had your favorite class next, science. At your old school you were always doing experiments, you just hoped it was like that here. Rushing to your locker you quickly got your things and raced to class, determined not to be late again.
  4. Your the first one to class and when you introduce yourself to the teacher, Mr.Burger. (Yes there is a teacher named Mr.Burger he helped write my math book.) He shows you to a seat and other students start filing in. A boy with spiked dark brown almost black hair and matching dark brown eye. He looks confused when he sees you and asks the teacher a question. Mr.Burger replies and the guy sits next to you slightly frowning. Trying to be freindly I said, "Hey I'm ______." Holding out my hand I waited for a reply. "Kyle." was his only reply other then raising his hand off the table in a half wave. You dropped your hand and tried to focus on the teacher but eventually droned out his voice and let your mingle wander. The bell brought you back to reality and you left just as Mr.Burger called after everyone, "Don't forget your homework!" 'Crap.' you thought 'we have homework and I don't even know what it is!' Trying to remember what you have for homework you walk to English in a daze and accidentally run into someone scattering your books all over the floor. "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" You apologize repeatedly. "No, it's fine." a male voice says from above you. You are so embarrassed your hands are shaking as you try to pick up all your books. You manage to pick them all up, but he has your notebook and is writing something on the first page. You see that he's actually pretty cute, with his short light brown hair and striking green eyes he also has a pretty muscular build. Handing you your notebook he smiles, you blush and say, "Thanks." before hurrying of to your locker.
  5. The English teacher, Miss.French (ironic right?) let's you sit by none other then... Brianna. You ask her about science homework and she tells you it's just a one- hundred word essay about what we've learned this month. "But I don't know what you guys learned about!" you whine helplessly. "Then don't do it, don't worry Mr.Burger will probably let you off the hook. This time." she grins and winks at you turning to the front of the classroom as class starts. All you do is read from the book Pride And Prejudice. You read it last year so you just skim through the assigned pages and put the book down. Then you remember the guy you ran into and suddenly your very curious about what he wrote in your notebook. Pulling out your notebook from the bottom of you pile of books everything falls to the ground. You blush and curse under you breath as you bend down to pick them up, everyone is staring at you. As it turns out Sam is sitting behind you and he helps you pick up all your fallen books. "Thanks." you mumble and he nods. 'Great' you think flipping open your notebook. 'now everyone knows me as a klutz!'
  6. Looking at the page he wrote on you see scribbled hand writing, 'Nice doodles! Call me sometime- #####' (the number signs stand for his number) You smile and look at your cartoon drawings of Mr.Wilson, the lunch lady, Mr.Burger, and Mrs.Newton. You begin drawing Miss.French when Brianna pokes your side and looks over your shoulder. "Oh my gosh!" she whispers, "Your a great artist!" "Thanks." you reply trying to cover up the guys phone number. "Oooh! Whose number is that?" she squeals. "Some guy I ran into's." you reply closing your notebook and gathering all of you stuff as the bell rings.
  7. The rest of the day goes by uneventfully and the final bell rings. Students swarm the halls and you push your way to your locker. You can't wait to get home, trying to open your locker you miss the second number twice and groan in frustration kicking your locker. It swung open and you grabbed your stuff getting outside just as your bus left the parking lot. "Great." you said to nobody inparticular. "I'm just full of bad luck aren't I?" you start walking home when your phone buzzes. It's your mom, "Hey mom what's up?" *** "Oh, okay well bubi." *** You snap your phone shut, your mom is out with her new boyfriend and won't be home until late tonight. Kicking a rock you continue walking when a voice behind you says, "Hello, doll." You are about to turn around when a dull object hits you over the head and you are plunged into darkness.
  8. Cliffhanger! Sorry I know it seemed short but the questions were pretty long.
  9. There is only one result to this quiz, because you don't really know the guys yet and so yeah that's why.
  10. Please come back for the macy part I'll probably make it today sense it's Saturday and I'm lazy! ; )
  11. Well bubi now!

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