Key to my heart...part 1

Hi and welcome to my very first series, 'Key to my heart...' you might like it or might even hate it tbh, and please leave a comment and rate the quiz. Part 2 will be much better trust me!

I got the main character from my previous quiz asking which character to use, so if you don't like the main character please dont let that put you off - comment and rate!!

Created by: x_rosebud_x
  1. ***Your POV*** Crash!!!! "Hey Justin that cheating!!!" Hi, i'm _______. Me and Justin have been friends ever since 5th grade. That's when he was getting signed to usher, in 2008. "Admit it babe, i'm just too sexy for this game." he chuckled. He really gets on my nerves sometimes; but other times, he was a real sweetheart!
  2. My dad workes with the gang. Island def jam records - the place Justin got signed to. He was a swag coach, the swaggiest B) and now, Justin needed some SERIOUS, coolifying. I met him once when my dad told me there was a new wonder to the world coming soon. "Hey ______, there's this boy, Justin Bieber that Usher signed today. You shoud have seen it oh my god it was crazy, Justin timberlake and usher were like seriously fighting over him!" he laughed out as rolled my eyes at the sight of a fully grown man acting like a baby in diapers.
  3. "But you know how usher is, the man don't take no for an answer. His offer was way better, i wish I was taking it". I turned the kettle on while taking two pot noodles out of the cupboard, curry for me and Chicken & Mushroom for dad - eurgh!
  4. "So who exactly is this boy that was so irresistably fantabulous that Timberlake and Usher were fighting over?" i asked sarcasticly. Although my dad was a swag coach working amongst Usher and sometimes other celebrities, like Sean kingston, Soulja boy and Chris brown, I was pretty much a normal Girl. I mean i would attend normal, public school and to be fairly honest i hadn't met a single celebrity. Well, except for a Katy perry and a Miley cyrus concert.
  5. "I told you, he's called Justin Bieber and he's, well your age actually." I heard the kettle go off and ripped the tops off the two pots. Spontaneously, I took out the sauce sachets and poured the boiling water in until it was up to the second line. Then i quickly opened the sauces, trying my best not to get any on my fingers - especially the chicken and mushroom one - and left the Pot noodles there for the hot water to settle in.
  6. "Sounds cool poppa" after i returned to the living room where dad was acting like a wild monkey and i was just keeping me cool. "______, you guys should totally get to know eachother. It'd be really cool, I mean he's a really sweet boy, and he's quite the shy one. Plus it'll give me an excuse to erm, get to know his mum, she's quite the angel" haha! My dad? like that?! It was hilarious! It felt kinda nice to seeing my dad feeling something for another woman after my mom died when I was 6. He's never let me feel the need for a mom ever since, the accident. Anyways, I have GOT to meet this Justin kid! So looking forward to it!
  7. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! My alarm clock was ringing and i knew it was 6. "uurrrrgghhhh! Why did school start so freakin' early?!" I dropped my hand onto the snooze button on the top of the cube and that shut the siren off. I was provoking myself into lifting my heavy eyelids, to begin this new, beautiful day waking upto setting eyes on my mum's priceless fishtank. It was her most favourite thing in the whole world; after me of course! I couldn't blame her, it was truly beautiful. Clown fish, angel fish and blue tang wrigling around insind of the glass walls. It looked like a scene frim finding nemo!
  8. I got out of the pure white duvet, with pink flowers that were 3D on it, and opened the chocolate brown curtains and tied them back with the matching tiebacks. The window was pushed open, not too much, but just enough so that i could embrace the breeze and natural scent of the apple tree and wild flowers planted neatly in my back garden by me and dad. My fluffly pink dressing gown was hanging from the peg, looking as warm and comfy as ever - just waiting along with my slippers to be slipped on and worn to the bathroom just like every single morning.
  9. After I slipped on the robe and slippers, I was going to open the door to my bedroom when i thought I heard a yelp of a puppy. I rushed over to the window and looked around worried. I loved pupies soooo much!!! Nothing. "hmm, strange".
  10. I saw my bed a mess with my pillows hanging about and my duvet just flopped like someone's been bouncing on the bed. "chhm naaah. gotta brush my pearly whites :D!" I flung open the door like i was about to before and like everyday, walking out with my bed head help up high. Face dirty but Pride squeky clean. "AAAAHH!!!!" I almost had a heartattack!
  11. Find out what happens next! Please leave a comment about how this was and please please rate this story quiz! This is my first ever story and I want to know if i should continue or put an end to the misery right here!

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