dark heart book one Thistle part 3

Well I hope you enjoy part 3 I actually put so feeling into my writing and expressing the character is a whole new way. I hope you enjoy this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took awhile to figure out how I was going to structure this, then the idea hit me and I just couldn't stop writing so I hope you enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: dark_nyx

  1. Seth stopped moving he was like he was paralyzed. I moved away from him and looked to a figure standing in front me. "Thistle, don't be scared I'm here to help," he said. "Who are you?" I asked staring into his midnight blue eyes. "You called me, you have the power to do that, my name is Andreas," he said. "How did I call you?" I asked so confused. "Well, you are a crystal and you are the first supernatural one so you wouldn't know it but I'm the spirit of the crystal and you needed help so I have come to your aid," he said. "Ok," I said.
  2. "I have helped you, I will un-paralyze Seth when you are safely out of site in that forest," he said. Last was the last I heard of Andreas as I ran towards the forest not looking back, until I was in the safety of the trees. I let my black wings come out of my back and flew up to the tree tops and landed on the branches. I felt something piece my skin, and I looked down to the ground and saw Seth standing there. He smiled at me and waved as my body began to sway and I tumbled down from the heights of the tree top to the ground below me.
  3. I woke to the feeling of my body swaying like I was being carried. Then I was placed down and the person left the room. I opened my eyes and looked up. Above me was a high ceiling made out of wood with wood sides and a wooden arch way. It was a small room then I sat up from the floor and rested against the wall. The person came back into the room. He had short blonde hair; electric green eyes that make my heart melt, he was tall and skinny with amazingly tone and peeping around from behind him was a little girl about the age of 11. She had long light brown hair running down her back, with bambi brown eyes. She smiled gently at me and walked around him and sat on the ground in front me. "Hello," she said in a shy voice. "Hi," I relied unsurely. "Thistle?" she asked. "Yes, why do you ask?" I asked. "I'm Lexi and this is my brother Jay," she said. I looked at him and he gave me a soft smile. I nodded for her to keep on explaining. "We have been asked by your parents before they were assassinated to find you and give you help with your mission," she said.
  4. "Really but you are so young Lexi," I said. "No Thistle, I'm 200 years old, at a young I got a curse but on my by a young lady who betrayed my mother by unleash an ancient elder that could destroy the world, but I stepped in and I was cursed to be 11 years old for all eternity," she said glancing away as a tear ran down her cheek. I lifted my finger and wiped the tear away. "Why are you crying Lexi?" I asked. "Well in that my mother sacrificed her life to try and save me and my brother, but I still paid the price," she said. "What happened to your brother?" I asked but it wasn't Lexi that responded. "I was cursed to live among humans but nothing but human," he said with his angelic voice. I sat there with my mouth hanging open, until Lexi closed it with her soft hands. "Sorry, but your absolutely took me by surprise," I said looking away. "Its fine I get that response all the time," he said with a chuckle.
  5. "What are you?" I asked. "Well I'm a fallen angel," he said with ease. "Oh! That is so cool," I said. "Complete out of context but I love your wings," he said. I looked behind me and realized my wings were still out. So I gave then I little shake and they disappeared back into my back. "Thistle, this is a bathroom in there if you want to clean up and change your clothes," Lexi said handing me a pile of clean clothes. I got up from the floor and walked into the bathroom. I stared into the mirror at myself. My gorgeous sleepy electric blue eyes stared back at me, I could see my beautiful long blonde hair all tangled up and in a massive knot. I sighed and hopped into the shower. I watched as my blood swirled down the drain but I also had to scrub so off of my pale marble skin. I got out of the shower and but on the black short shorts and black t-shirt Lexi had gave me and walked out of the bathroom. I glanced down out of the room where I had been put in and saw Lexi motioning me to follow her. I walked down the hallway to her and she directed me into the kitchen.
  6. "I hope you are hungry, because we made you something to eat," she said and skipped to the table and sat down. I sat down beside her and started to eat the food on the table. I finished what I was eating when Jay walked in the room. He sat down beside me and smiled a gentle smile. "Hi," I said softly to him. "Hey," he replied. I glance down at the table feeling a bit uncomfortable. "Umm, what are we going to do now?" I asked. "Well, we can't go back to where you came because we don't know how many people there know what you are," Lexi said. "We also need to start training you to be the Crystal it will amplify your powers especially if you face Seth again, because a werewolf can completely shut down a pixie vampires normal strengths," Jay said.
  7. "I already know that Seth attacked me before I knew it was him," I said sounded confused of what I said. "I mean I know that already Seth has attack me already then I found out it was him," I said correcting myself. Lexi just giggled and Jay smiled. "Okay what am I getting trained?" I asked Jay. "Well you have to learn how to talk to the spirit of the Crystal and it will teach you the rest," Jay said. "Umm, the spirit of the crystal's name is Andreas," I said. Jay sat with his mouth hanging open. I gently closed his mouth. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO," Lexi said really loudly.
  8. "Someone has a crush," she said and started dancing around the room. I slightly blushed and turned away from Jay. "So you have talked to the spirit of the Crystal?" Jay asked over Lexis' kissing noises. "Yes, when Seth was taking toward a blue transporter," I said. "What does he look like?" Lexi asked. "He has short dark brown hair, midnight blue eyes and is amazingly cute," I said teasing her. "Aw, I want to meet him," she said.
  9. "You can't only the supernatural person who has been bonded with the spirit of the crystal is the only person that can see them," Jay said. "Really," Lexi and I said at the exact same time. We both turned and faced each other and smiled. "Everybody has been lying to you Thistle by the way, we should have told you this early," Jay said. Lexi went from her naturally bright and full of joy face to pale and in fear like she had seen a ghost. "WHAT," I said. "Well, you are not the first of your kind, there has been one before you, but that was a long time ago and they didn't think it would ever happen again, that is why our family knows some much about it, that person was one of your relatives," Jay said.
  10. Cliffhanger!!! probably not the great but suffer anyway, and please answer these questions. -what do you think of this part? -What are some idea you have of new guy characters and what you think will happen to you?

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