Trusted Figments pt.2

Welcome to part two of Trusted Figments.I actually like this part and you'll met another guy.Again,this part is short but I promise it'll get longer,trust me:)

RECAP:After lunch,you went straight to your locker and you had this weird feeling.You didn't feel safe and you hurried up but next thing you know,you was shoved in a dark room.ENJOY:)

Created by: ICE_CUBE97
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  1. I fell on the hard tile and the door locked with a hard click.It was very dark but I could just about make out a figure floating over me and then I see it.A pair of bluegreen eyes staring right at me and so close,I could hear the figure's heartbeat.I screamed making the figure stumble back.I got up and ran toward the door but something like a shoe tripped me.
  2. I fell down again,my forehead hitting the hard door.I suddenly felt dizzy,and my head went light.Everything was a blur and I tried to get up but a pair of arms helped me.The person scoop me up with ease and laid me down on what feels like the teacher's desk.I shivered and graoned,closing my eyes.This is the worst day ever.
  3. I open my eyes,greeted by the same bluegreen eyes.I sat up quickly which was a bad move because our foreheads bump each other.I'm guessing HE pulled away and put his hand on his forehead,groaning.His voice was somewhat deep.Pain shot in my head again making me whimper.
  4. "Ah fuc-"he stop mid-sentence and flicked on the lights.My eyes widen.He had black wavy hair and his musculiar body blocked the door.He lean on it,rubbing his forehead and graoning.I stood up and stepped back,not knowing whats he going to do next.He growled and dropped his hand.His bluegreen eyes stared back at me,reminding me of oceans and forests in a rainy day.He stepped towards me,his jaw tighten.
  5. I backed away even more but he stopped his tracks. "Listen,I'm not gonna hurt you."he muttered annoyed.I scoffed."Sure.Last time I check you shoved me in this abandon classroom,trip me,hit my forehead TWICE and-" "LISTEN!The door hit you that other time."he chucked jerking his thumb back at the door. I rolled my eyes. "Wow.Already making jokes..."
  6. He chuckled again and took a seat. "Look,I didn't come here to here your lame stupid remarks.I came here because I had to.Forced." "Why won't you leave me alone and let me out!"I yelled.He smirk."Sorry,babe.No can do.You and I have to go somewhere after school so it's my duty to be with you ALL times'"
  7. I scoff and ran to the door but he quickly stood up grabing me from the waist and finally bringing me down with him. "Stop being so stupid!"he muttered in my ear.I struggled in his arms but it was impossible to escape. "LET ME GO YOU FREAK!" He let go quickly dodging my swing. "I'mma let you go for now but remember I'm WATCHING you."he spit out openning the door.I ran out quickly,not looking back.I didn't know where I was going but I randomly entered a empty room.I sighed relief.Finally...alone.
  8. I locked the door and sat down in a random rolling chair,rolling around backwards all around the room.I was thinking about staying here until school is over but then Jax would be worry.Wait-why would he care?He's probably in class with that new girl,chatting,flirting,laughing...loving- "Well hello again." I snap my head at the same guy.He smirked as I got up,frighten but then I realized he wasn't even there.My head was already hurting in pain and dashes of blurs spotted like paint right before my eyes.I sat down,sighing.It's my imagination.What if HE was my imagination? NO.He can't be.Then how did I get tripped and shoved if he was my imagination?
  9. I shook my head,ignoring everything that just happened.The 7th period class bell finally rang and I ran out,not bothering to get my stuff for the class.I walked in like normally and sat down at my regular seat.My eyes glued on Jax who was sitting by the new girl again.Wow.Just wow.He usually sits by me but it looks ike today changed everything.I sighed and suddenly my heart stopped.The guy that shoved me in that room came in causally,his bluegreen eyes landed on mine.This time I couldn't move my eyes away.They just glued to his.He smirked and sat by me.
  10. "Hellooo,_____.Mind if I sit here?"He teased,his smirk growing.I went speechless,no word bother to come out.He chuckled and winked,as he took out his notebook. "Cat gotcha tongue?"he laughed and my cheeks went red.I didn't know if it was that I'm blushing or if anger wanted to take over.He smirk and faced the board.I snapped out and looked down at the table.I felt uncomforable and vulnerable.The teacher came in sighing. "Ok class,today we have a lot of things to do so grab a partner cause its A LOT and I mean A LOT." I sighed.I hate working with other people.I glanced over at Jax.He asked the girl to be his partner and she giggled and nodded quickly.I growled.Jax's always my partner now that newbie stole him from me..permantely.
  11. Everyone had a partner...well except me.I glanced at the guy sitting by me.I never knew his name and I diffently didn't wanted to work with him.He raked his black hair and looked around. I gulped and finally asked him to be my partner.He smirked.I already knew this was a bad a idea.I saw Jax coming over where we are,his purple eyes were on me.He finally reached us and jammed his hands in his pockets. "Uh,_____,do you want to work with us?"he jerked his thumb at the mew girl.She smiled and waved and I really wanted to slap that smile and cut off her hand.She was a brunnette with green eyes.Her hair was wavy and shuolder length and her skin was as pale as ever.
  12. "No."I uttered. "I'm already working with someone." Jax made a face. "With who?" I sighed and pointed toward the guy that was sitting by me but he wasn't there...

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