Immortal part 6

Hey guys! i am sooo sorry! this is all i wrote when i was writing part 6 and my laptop broke down! its terrible! i barely got it somewhat working again so this is all i have so far. im using a different computer now but ill try and work part 7 longer.

i was gonna keep working on this but you guys have waited patiently so long that i thought i owed you this, at least. part 7 will come out before next month. please keep checking up on my account for it. this part doesnt really have the guys much 'cause of your adventure with Hera but you'll see them again in part 7.

Created by: cheese1234

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  1. Hera looked around her and ran her fingers through her hair, "oh, that's not good." I rolled my eyes and laughed, "Ha-ha! This is a big place." "Why are you laughing?" she exclaimed, "We're lost in a giant mansion that belongs to a bunch of boys!" I crumpled the note back in my pocket, forgetting it for the moment, and turned another corner. "I think we should re-trace our steps." She said. I ignored her, moving forward. "Hellooo! Emi! Can you hear me? The terms "˜retrace our steps' means "˜go back' not "˜move forward!'"
  2. "Come on, Hera," I whispered, "Where's your sense of adventure?" She made a chuckling sound, "Honestly, back with the cute guy." I scoffed, "Wow, Hera!" she laughed, "okay, okay! Where do you want to look?" I gave her a wicked smile, letting danger flash in my eyes and after a moment, she returned it with a giggle. "Alright, we're already lost. Let's keep going." She sighed. I saw a narrow hallway that was dimly lit. Hera and I shared a glance and we rushed in. The hallway led to a staircase and it did not look stable. Hera hesitated but then followed me up the steps.
  3. "I'm not sure this is safe." She whispered. I shrugged my shoulders, "It's not like we could die, anyway." "Yeah, but we'll still get hurt." She argued. "Falling off stairs? I've been through worse." I finished. She remained silent, probably remembering what I meant as "Worse." It was when we were first getting used to our ability in 8th grade and she sensed someone was following us. We took many turns but the five men in black kept following us.
  4. I heard the sound of metal scrape. We ran through a narrow path and found ourselves at a dead end. The men blocked the exit and I stood, protectively in front of Hera. One took out a knife. Hera stepped out from behind me and we stood side-by-side. One threw a knife, another lunged forward, and the last three stood behind, making sure we didn't escape. Hera caught the knife as I wrestled with the man that lunged toward us. In the end, I helped Hera escape but at the cost of my leg being cut, a broken arm, and a knife in my hip.
  5. I shook off the memory as we came to a stop. There was nothing but a smooth, wooden wall. Hera glanced at me also confused. "It must be a false staircase." I shook my head, "no, there's a room behind this thing." Hera and I searched the area, there had to be something leading somewhere behind this wall. Hera knocked on the wall, giving it a hollow sound. "See?" I pointed out, "It's hollow and there is something behind here. If only we could find a way to get in." I ran my hand on the smooth wooden surface. Nothing seemed to pop out or push in.
  6. "Hey, I think I found something." Hera chimed. There was a lantern on the wall illuminating light on us. "Of course!" I exclaimed, "How could I be so stupid?" Hera reached up and swung the lantern. There was a rumbling sound and the wall pushed itself in and to the side, revealing a hidden room. "Hera, you're a genius!" I squealed as I rushed into the room. It looked like an office. There was a desk with papers stacked on them, a bookshelf about two inches taller than me, and even a bathroom with a shower.
  7. We started looking through the room; me through the bookshelf and Hera through the desk. "There isn't any dust on it so this bookshelf must have been used recently." I thought aloud. "Same here at the desk." Hera agreed. I was admiring the books when I found something. I heard Hera come up beside me as I reached for the book. "Stop!" she warned, "I have a bad feeling about it. It's not safe to touch." I heard the fear in her voice and put my hand down. "The Prophecy of the Immortals" Hera read the large title written in gold calligraphy. I read what was written smaller in silver calligraphy under it, "Hera and Emilia."
  8. We looked at each other, knowing the importance of it. I decided to ignore Hera's warning. She grabbed my arm as I reached for the book, "What are you doing?" she whispered. I shrugged her off and as I came about 1 inch from the finely woven leather of the book, my finger was shocked and I snapped my hand away. "OW!" I growled. Hera started laughing. "I told you not to touch It." she chimed as I put my finger in my mouth, resembling a child.
  9. As hard as it was, I walked away from the bookshelf that held a book most tempting to read. I found a painting on the other side of the room was beautiful to me. It was a picture of two people walking in a field of flowers. A boy and girl were holding hands and sitting in the garden of colorful Roses and Carnations. The girl had her long, brown hair in a braid and the boy had his perfectly combed blonde hair pointed frontward. The portrait was painted from the back so all you see is the young couple's heads resting on each other.
  10. The picture looked so real, almost as if you could go to the other side and see their faces. I unknowingly found myself besides the painting, foolishly trying to see their faces. Hera laughed, taunting me for my stupidity. I leaned on the wall, blushing when I noticed it. There was a crack in the wall behind the painting. "Who's stupid now?" I grinned. Hera followed my gaze and discovered that there was a hidden tunnel behind the paining. The portrait of the two lovers was really a secret door. "How typical." Hera mumbled as we found our way through the darkness. I laughed and followed the small light further ahead.
  11. Once we reached the light, I crawled out of the small space of the tunnel and found myself in a dusty, vacant room. I coughed, trying not to breathe the dust into my lungs. Hera waved her hand in the air in front of her face. The room looked like an ordinary bedroom with drawers, a large, queen sized bed, and a window with dusty purple curtains. The wall was painted light purple and the carpeting was maroon. "What is this place?" I asked. "How should I know? If this place wasn't so dusty it could be my room." She said, admiring the bedding. I rolled my eyes, "A princess bedroom? I don't doubt it." She smirked at me and walked toward the door.
  12. She turned the doorknob and let herself through the door. I followed her out and we found ourselves standing in the middle of a hallway. "Now what do we do?" Hera asked. I shrugged, and started walking down the corridor. There were some stairs leading down to a familiar light. "I think that's the kitchen." Hera whispered. She led the way down and was correct. We were standing just outside the kitchen door. I opened the door and the room was empty. Cliffhanger!

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