Beautiful Endings Part 22

Announcements: Sorry this part is kind of short. I know this is out sort of late and I would have gotten it out earlier but my mom took my laptop for a work thingy she had and I didn't know so sorry :/

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Created by: Dannica
  1. Alex and Christofer were momentarily frozen in time. They watched her bleed, her skin get paler. For a moment, they tried convincing themselves that it wasn't her. That maybe it was someone else and that she disappeared somewhere. The feeling faded quickly when parts of the ceiling gave way, resulting in the floor getting caught on fire. Alex ran hurriedly to _____ and put his fingers to her neck. "She's still alive, but she's losing blood fast."
  2. Christofer could only stand there. He was in total shock to why she did that. He took a small step forward, but stopped himself. Alex tore a huge chunk of his shirt and put it over her nose so that the smoke wouldn't cause any more damage. He tossed the two bottle to Christofer, who caught it out of instinct. Alex carried her in his arms and then said, "Come on, we'll deal with it when we're all out of danger." His voice was quiet, his hands drenched in red. But as Alex started jogging away, Christofer could only stand there. It was if when she drew the knife into her, it crusaded into him as well. "Get out!" Somebody yelled from behind him, shoving his arm. Christofer got a glimpse of Alex ahead, carrying her limp body. He was drawn back into reality and started running. He wasn't going to lose her. Not again.
  3. She was muttering words under her breath, Alex had noticed, but hadn't been able to identify them. Her eyes were half open, blank and almost dead. "Stay with me, okay?" Alex mumbled, trying to stay calm. She wouldn't even glance at him, better yet listen. "Dammit, I already lost Misty!" He was scolding himself, mostly. He started getting angry for letting this happen again. He said he would protect her, and now she was about to die in his arms. They were close to the exit, him seeing Bella exit out a different way. He followed her out of the hole, pressing his shirt cloth so that ______ wouldn't be intoxicated by the smoke. Soon enough, he was outside, and he was laying her down on the grass, his eyes moist. He could see that Bella and another girl were watching shyly. "Go." Alex kept his eyes fixed on her, raking his hand through his hair. "I mean this in the most adequate way possible. Please, go."
  4. The girls went obediently, seeing the distress in his eyes. Once they were gone, Alex pressed his hand on _____'s wound hard, begging the blood to just stop. He didn't have any of his medical supplies with him because Misty must have taken them when she knocked him out, which just made matters worst. She started breathing heavily, gasping for air like she's been underwater for a longer period of time than her body could handle. "A-Alex," she coughed out. He rest her head in his lap and started stroking her hair. "I'm here, I'm here. It'll be fine, just stay here, alright? I'm not going anywhere, and Christofer's going to be here soon, and we're going to make you better, and we're all going to go to the Spring Ball." She gave him a small smile, and then suddenly it was like her voice got caught up in her throat, and she started panting again. He pressed harder on the wound, but he felt like he was just hurting her more. He closed his eyes and bowed his head to hers, rocking back and forth in an urgent motion. "I need you," he said in a whisper. "I need your hugs and your kisses and your voice and your laugh and I need to be able to talk to you and be with you and tell you I love you every day, and share every second with you, and I just"”" a tear rolled down his cheek, ""”I just want to save you. I want to save you like you saved me and I know I can't do that because I'm just running my damn mouth, but I just don't know what to do!" In a quiet voice this time, "I just don't know what to do."
  5. Alex heard a big thud behind him, and saw Christofer emerge from the hole. He staggered to where Alex was, coughing from the smoke. "The whole place is on fire. The smoke is going down, people are fighting over the exit, and we need to get her out or we'll all get stampeded." A dew seconds passed before Alex wiped his eyes with his arm and nodded. he looked back down at _____ and felt his heart plummet to the ground. Her eyes were now closed.
  6. Fire was dancing around the whole place, making it difficult for Ash to search for Gumbo's body. He wasn't going to leave him there to burn to ashes in a place like this. But it literally felt like a game of Hungry Hippos. If you haven't guessed, the hippos were the fire. Not even that, but the Districts were even fighting to get out. So much for working together, he thought. He heard a sickening crunch to his right. Ash turned his head, trying to see deeper into the fire, and saw a defeated body crawling slowly on the floor.
  7. There was blood drooling out of his mouth, and his arm was twisted in an abnormal angle. He wore a grin on his face. A twisted, devious, redundant grin that Ash thought was impossible to do when you were in a state as bad as he was. The body crawled ahead of the fire, using his one good arm to carry his weight, his fingernails digging into the ground. Orange eyes shone from his eye sockets, spinning and twirling in a deadly dance, much like the fire. "Oath?" Ash asked under his breath, unable to believe that one would still be alive after what had happened to him. The body then started laughing. It sounded more like a voluminous gurgling sound, however, but it still made Ash get the chills up and down his spine, and made the hairs on his arms stand up so upright they might as well have been nails. Oath stopped laughing, but the grin still stayed on his face. "It's all going how I planned," he said, making a sound with his mouth that didn't sound at all human.
  8. Ash covered his nose with his shirt. "This is what you wanted?" he asked over the fire. "To destroy everything you worked so hard for?" A flame swallowed up Oath's right leg, causing him to grimace in pain. It looked like it took much strength in order to just lift up a hand, but Oath did it anyways. He reached in and pulled out a syringe filled with a purple substance in it. He started laughing uncontrollably. "The serum is finished!" He held out his arm and raised the shot above his head.
  9. Ash knew what he was trying to do, and was about to stop him when somebody else did. He pounced on Oath from the side, biting into his neck like a vampire. He kicked the syringe away and then started wagging his tail. "Yes, yes, I'm back, no need to act surprised. I am a dog, and we happen to have more lives than cats. No need to thank me." Ash was awestruck. "But..." "Boy, shut up. Let's just go order these people into a single file line before the ceiling collapsed on us."
  10. It started to rain. It didn't help the fire however, since it was underground, but at least it masked the smell of the smoke. The clouds were crying, the sky dull and bland. Alex carried ______ into the forest, where the three of them were respectably hidden from the others. Alex lay her down on some leaves, rain pounding on his back as he did so, his shirt sticking to his back. Christofer sat leaning against a tree, watching as the water splattered with a musical rhythm on the ground. "She's still alive," Alex said, stroking her hair. "Barely." Christofer dug into his pockets, pulling out the Nostalgia and the healing potion. He rolled them in his palms, biting his lip. "She wanted us to mix them together." Before Alex could say anything, Christofer popped the cork off the two bottles and started testing his theory, combining them half and half. "Congratulations." The boys turned around and found Sarah standing there with a smile. "You finally got it. It's right, you know. I guess she took my advice."
  11. Christofer corked the new potion and set it on a rock to let it set. "Why didn't you tell us sooner?" Sarah pushed her hair out of her eyes. "I couldn't risk the future getting messed up. Just because I'm a seer doesn't mean I can just tell you everything." Alex stood up. "But now look at the situation we're in. She's about to die." Sarah sighed, rolling her eyes irritatingly. "That's why there's the potion. It takes 30 minutes to set. But you have to give it to her when the time is right. When she hurt herself, she also hurt Zathara. And sine it was during the Chance, Zathara couldn't transfer anymore. But even if she could transfer, she wouldn't have anybody to transfer to anyways because _____ hurt herself. It was actually a brilliant idea." Christofer flicked his eyes at the limp body and then the potion. "What's happening in there, then?" Sarah dug her hands into her jacket pockets, watching as the moon was about to peek out from its hiding place.
  12. "There's only room for one in her body, since her powers were drained. The two souls are probably fighting over it. That's why you have to wait to give the potion when the time's right. If you give it to her now then Zathara consumes it too." Alex bowed his head and then looked back at Sarah. "How do we know when the time's right?" Sarah tilted her head. "Some things in the future are better off finding out for yourselves." Christofer kept his gaze steady. "And if the potion isn't set on time?" Sarah backed away into the trees, a smirk spreading across her face. "I guess you'll just have to hope it will."

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