Beautiful Endings Part 3

Announcements: @BlueMoon23 is introduced in this part, yay! So most of you think something is wrong with Christofer. But maybe this part will change your mind or stir up your thoughts?

Oh, and there will be more Alex for you Alexinators out there, so don't worry. Just because Christofer's back doesn't mean Alex is giving up or anything ;)

Created by: Dannica
  1. Damn right we need to rest. My thighs were burning like the fires of Hades. It was nearly sun down, and we pretty much accomplished nothing. We might have gotten Christofer back, but we still needed to get my parents. Then I felt kind of bad. I kind of put rescuing Christofer as my first priority rather than my parents. Oh well. I mean, we were going to rescue them anyways. "What happened back there?" Alex asked, snapping me out of my thoughts. "Where?" Christofer cut in, him leaning on the wall with his arms crossed. "With the goblins. You collapsed." I thumped my foot in a jittery rhythm. "I don't know. There was this loud noise that I couldn't block out. It was the voice. It tried killing me with the Berds, and it tried killing me again. That's it, I said, call me crazy. Whatever."
  2. Gumbo fell asleep on the carpet after lapping up water from a bowl while Gritzo brought his new baby back to his room for a proper sleep. Ash was just watching intently. "It's not whatever," Alex started. He turned to Christofer. "Did you hear anything else from Oath? I want that voice out of her." Christofer smirked. "I want that voice out of her way more than you do, but if I had known anything else I would have said so." Alex's jaw flexed while his fists clenched at his sides. Gumbo lifted his head lazily. "Here's what you need to do: you two need to stop fighting so damn much. Ash, you need to stop watching them fight and input some words, and _______, you need to stop damn day dreaming." Wait a minute. Dreaming. Then it all made sense. Why this was happening, the voice, how it got in there, it all made sense. That dream with Oath? The one where I chopped his hand off, and the mist thing entered me from behind? That must have been it. It's not a voice. It's a THING. Something is inside of me, and it has a mind of its own.
  3. "Are you digging the older ladies now, Sammy?" Xavier asked, nodding to Auntie Lisa. "You're supposed to be dead," Sam remarked, trying to keep his tone cool. "You hoped I was dead," Xavier said. "Mr. Woodbury isn't really a believable doctor. But don't worry, I ended his facade. Did you hear?" Xavier hopped down onto the ground and slammed a newspaper article against Sam's window. His stomach dropped. 'LOCAL SCHOOL TEACHER FOUND DEAD IN HOME'.
  4. Sam got out of his car, closing the door behind him. "You killed him," he said through gritted teeth. Xavier snorted and crossed his arms together as if he didn't care. "Your own brother," Sam went on. "The same brother who was the only one who gave a damn about you. The brother who waited on you without second guessing what he was doing for you. What the hell is wrong with your mind? Why would you do that? How did you know?" Xavier inspected his nails sarcastically. "Well, I followed you, did a little incantation on the Starbursts, knowing you'd give them to Nick, and I think you know the rest." Sam put his hands on top of his head. "He was there for you! He trusted you, and he loved you! Did you not know that? Were you really a druggie in the first place?" Sam was fuming. Nick was his friend. Xavier should be dead, not him. Of all the people, Nick didn't deserve to die. "You shouldn't be worrying about those things," Xavier said with a ghostly grin. "If I were you, I'd be worrying about myself right now."
  5. I didn't want to tell them. And I know that sounds like a bad idea since they already know about the voice, but I don't know. I felt like I shouldn't say anything else about it. Besides, it doesn't change the fact that it's still inside me. I think one of the biggest problems right now was getting it out. "I think I'm going to take a walk," Christofer said, interrupting me mid-thought. "Okay. Be careful," I said to him as he started walking towards the exit. "I will," he called from behind him. He opened the door, and disappeared when he closed it. A few minutes after he was gone, Ash finally spoke up. "We need to talk about him." Gumbo got up and nodded. "I'm afraid we do. I was starting to worry that I was the only one who felt as if something were wrong."
  6. Alex gave us a look. "Wait, what?" "Christofer," I informed him. "He's...different. I guess you don't really notice since we three has been around him more." "What's different about him?" Alex asked. "I don't know," Ash started. "It's like...You know how when you lose or break something and then you get a replacement of the exact same thing but it just doesn't feel the same? That's how I feel with Christofer. Like, he's here, but he's not. How about you, Gumbo?" The dog yawned and hopped on top of the mushroom chair. "His smell has differed. Maybe it was just the filthy Underbelly, but something is wrong with him. Just don't reveal big details of our plans just yet." I was starting to wonder maybe or not sharing that Gritzo was going to give me Nostalgia was good or bad. "We have to fix him," I said. "Fix me?" We all turned around. Christofer was standing by the doorway with his eyebrows raised.
  7. "I forgot my jacket," he started. "what exactly is wrong with me, if I may ask?" Ash took a step forward and then stopped. "You just don't seem yourself, bro." Christofer laughed sarcastically. "Oh, I'm sorry I haven't been myself lately then. It's hard, you know. Having to be held hostage in a place where you don't know. Having nobody to rely on, not knowing if you're going to survive the next day. And Oath. Oh my God, Oath is horrible. I still have the scars on my back if you'd like the evidence. You guys have no idea what I've been through in that place. So excuse me for not coming back and acting like none of this ever happened." He turned away from us and sat down in a nearby chair. "Sorry," he muttered as he ran his hands through his hair. Before anybody could say anything to him, he got up with his jacket and left once more.
  8. I sighed heavily. "He's right. We were so inconsiderate." Ash chuckled. "Well he put on a good show." "What do you mean?" I questioned. "We should ask him questions. I don't believe that's him, so why don't we ask him questions from the past or something. If he answers them correctly, then I'll accept the fact that the Underbelly changed him." Gumbo wagged his tail in agreement. "Indeed. It must be rather camouflaged in the conversation, however. We don't want hi to think we think he's an imposter now." "What do I do?" Alex asked. "You sit there and look cute," I managed with a smile. Alex grinned. "No problemo."
  9. I already knew what questions I was going to hammer Christofer with when he got back. I was also practicing how I was going to strike up the conversation. He's less approachable now. Before I felt like I could go to him for anything, you know? But now? After what just happened? It seemed as if it were impossible give the circumstances that I don't really trust him for some reason. From the outside I heard footsteps thumping closer and closer. The doorknob twisted and in came...Sarah. She smiled to us wearily as she flopped down on the couch. "I got it," she muttered with a hand to her forehead. She dug into her pocket and tossed the Compor to Alex. "You don't seem too happy about it," he said. "It's because I don't have very happy news." Ash arched his brow. "What happened?" Sarah yawned and flicked her eyes towards me. "You know that kid Nick?" I nodded, already having a feeling of what I was going to hear, but still hoping it wasn't. "He's dead." It's official. All hope is gone.
  10. Xavier got into the backseat of the car, while Sam went back behind the steering wheel. "Can you just let me do one thing before taking me?" Sam pleaded, glancing at Auntie Lisa. Xavier sighed. "What is it?" Sam signaled left and turned onto an abandoned street. "I just need to drop her off somewhere and then we can go." "Where is it?" "Just right here down the road. It's just going to take maybe five minutes. It's for one of Nick's friends." Sam turned around to face him. "At least do something for Nick's friend." Xavier scratched his chin. "Fine. But I'm going with you." ~ Sam parked right in front of the store named MEL'S CORE SHOP. The door dinged after he opened it, leading Auntie Lisa to the counter, Xavier trailing behind. "Coming!" Said a sweet voice from the counter door. "If anything looks suspicious I'm calling it off," Xavier warned. "Yeah, whatever," Sam replied. Then the counter door opened and out came a perky looking girl with jet black hair and deep chocolate brown eyes (@bluemoon23). "Sadie," he greeted with a small smile. "Hi, Sam," she started out, flicking her eyes at Xavier and Auntie Lisa. "How can I help you?" Sam pushed Auntie Lisa gently towards the counter. "Personality Spell Disorder. If you can fix her, send her to the Underbelly."
  11. Sadie came from behind the counter and put a hand on Auntie Lisa's back, guiding her towards the back. "You don't want her back?" She asked. Sam took out a piece of paper and scribbled something down on it. He folded it up and stashed it away into Sadie's palm. "Give this to the lady when you've cured her and she'll know what to do." Sadie put it in her pocket. "You didn't answer my question." Sam turned around and sighed. He eyed Xavier's despicable smile and looked over his shoulder one last time. "I wouldn't be able to get her anyways. Goodbye."

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