Beautiful Endings Part 13

Announcements: Question of the Day is in the results! I don't really have anything to just comment because i really like reading them. Oh, and I'm almost finished with the ending!

Announcements: Question of the Day is in the results! I don't really have anything to just comment because i really like reading them. Oh, and I'm almost finished with the ending!

Created by: Dannica

  1. "Bloody hell," Gumbo muttered under his breath. He was shoved through the door right when it closed, his tail almost getting snagged. He looked around seemingly. He was in a corridor with rows of doors running down either sides of the walls. He took a small step forward and looked left and right. He pulled back immediately when he saw the guards. He hid behind a marvel pillar, perking his ears up. I have to find James, he thought. Gumbo removed his armor, not wanting to cause a distraction with the shininess of it, and scurried to another pillar, making a great effort not to be noticeable. Fate seemed to be on his side as the dog saw James strolling down the corridor.
  2. "Psst," Gumbo called softly. James kept walking. "Psst," he tried again. Nothing. Fed up and running out of patience, the dog spit a tiny fireball in James' direction. It hit him on the thigh, making him jump. A guard looked his way. "I'm okay," James reassured, knowing only one being who could spit fire. He retraced his steps to the hiding spot Gumbo was in. "How'd you get here?" He asked in a low voice. "Where is everybody else?" Gumbo drooped his ears. "The entrance changed"”the Relocation. I was the only one who could fit through. The others are probably waiting for me." James nodded as if he understood. "Play dead and trust me, alright?"
  3. Gumbo lay limply in James' arms, barely even breathing. If only Christofer let him enter dog shows, James thought. They could probably be millionaires by now. He carried Gumbo down the hallway, briefly explaining to the guards as he passed about Gumbo dying while the Breeds, April and Zac, were released before Relocation. The goal was to find the new entrance. And there was only one person who knew that. James stopped in front of a big cherry wood door and knocked on it. They opened as he identified himself and made his way inside, the doors closing after him. Oath was sitting in a leather chair with a glass of wine in his hand. On the sofa was a girl, staring into the ongoing fire as if she were a part of it, dancing with the embers flicking to and fro. "What do we have here?" Oath asked calmly. "A dead one from _______'s group. I found him in the rubble after the Relocation." Oath put his wine glass down and smiled. "Excellent job. There's a reason why you're a Commander. I take it the Breeds are dead?" James assumed so, so he nodded. Then he heard the doors open again and turned around to see Sawyer go through. Oath looked like he was expecting him. "What are the stats?" Sawyer removed his hat and said, "Michael's back. Badly wounded in the stomach by an arrow though."
  4. Oath tilted his head. "So the real Christofer is with them? Fair enough. And how about the Relocation?" Sawyer raked his hand through his brown hair. "There's only one entrance now in the Banished Provinces. It's in a water hole where the animals go to." Oath smiled accordingly, which Sawyer took as a sign to leave. "What should I do with the dog?" James asked once he exited out. "Dispose of him in the fire pit. He's no use to me now." James bowed and then shuffled out, holding in his excited emotions until the door closed with a deep moan.
  5. We sat down in a bare area just partly surrounded my bushes. Christofer was explaining to us the situation at hand. "Somehow, Michael cloned me. Not only did he clone the outside, but also the inside; that's how he knew my memories," he had said. "Oath used a Healer on April, planting in truffle poison into her brain to make her believe she was a bad person." Like she had enough of that stuff already, I thought. "As for Zac, all I've heard from James is that they've created something to make humans into one of us. Zac was a test, and the only reason why they used him was because Oath thought he was significant to all of us." Ash took a swig of water. "Oath is mental." Then he smiled. "And welcome back. It's nice to have my best friend back." Christofer grinned. "Thanks. I knew you guys were missing me and it hurt me inside knowing that I was the cause of your distress." I smirked and looked at Alex. "Not so modest anymore, huh?" He mocked my smile. "Whatever. Nobody can get on my level."
  6. Then I heard a ring coming from my pocket. At first I was thinking it was my cell phone until I realized there's no cell reception here. Then I figured what it was and took the Compor out of my pocket. I opened up the golden cover and saw James and Gumbo's faces hovering in the mirror. "Greetings,: Gumbo said with a smile. Everybody gathered around me, eager to see what he had to say. "James and I found out where the new entrance is from Oath himself. I must say, I am a fairly good actor. But anywho, the entrance is in a water hole where the animals gather. You have to go in the water and it takes you to the Underbelly, I presume. James and I will be waiting by the entrance for you lot. Just be prepared because there are guards everywhere"”lining the damn hallways. We'll discuss further details when you get back here." Then the Compor turned black, and the connection was severed.
  7. "Any ideas where the waterhole is?" Ash asked. "Well, you're the only one who's been here, so I assumed you had an idea," I replied. Ash gave me a look. "Yeah, but I've never been to the Banished Provinces until now, because as you should know, I'm not Banished." I looked at the sky. The sun was almost going to set. "We;; we need to find it because I'm not leaving Gumbo there for a night." Christofer sat down on a rock, his head hanging low as if he were thinking. "Are you okay?" Alex asked. Then Christofer stood up and smiled. "I know where it is." We exchanged looks. "How do you know?" He bit his lip, as if unable to describe it. "Well, I guess Michael's memories when he was me stayed with me. Like, I remember him and Alex getting into a fight over you, I remember being interrogated by you guys...I remember me going out for a walk and passing by a waterhole that was by a rock that looked like a thumb and um, a palm tree." "Great. So this should be easy then," Alex opinionated. Ash sighed. "How? There are a bunch of rocks and a bunch of trees here."
  8. Alex put his arms out, palms facing up. "Look around, Ash. We're surrounded by pine trees. Christofer said it was by a palm tree. I think you can figure out the rest." Ash opened his mouth to say something, but then closed it. Christofer smiled. "Alright. Join hands." "Why?" I asked. "So that we can get there faster. I haven't tried this before, but I'm thinking it will work. It's a theory of my power that I've been thinking of." He held out his hand for me. He never tried this before. Did I trust him enough for this? Wow, I'm really stupid, of course I did. I took hold of his hand and smiled. I held out mine out for Alex. He clasped his hand with mine. Now it was just Ash. He hesitated, but then shrugged. "But if I die or get badly injured, I'm suing you."
  9. We were flying. I felt weightless and as light as a feather as we floated above the ground. Christofer explained his theory that he thought of while in his prison in the Underbelly. "I thought that if astronauts could defy gravity in space, why can't I on Earth? Although Newton's Law says that the sun is pulling us so that we remain on the ground, I figured since I can control gravity I can defy that law." He's such a nerd, I thought with a big smile. I looked down at the amazing scenery and almost gasped at the extraordinary sight. I could see the Square and the outline of the different Districts since we were so high above. The trees, rocks, and other things on the ground were also floating subtly above ground as well, but not enough where it moved out of place. "There are some palm trees over there!" Alex said loudly enough for him to be heard over the roaring wind. He nodded his head to a cluster of random palm trees North-West of us. We swerved to the left, and sooner of later we landed on the ground. We unclasped hands and saw the thumb rock. We walked further on beyond the trees and soon found the waterhole. No animals were drinking from there, however. We walked up cautiously to the edge of the body of water and peered inside. Sure enough, there was a cave entrance"”like a trench. "I hope you guys brought some extra clothes," Christofer said. I sighed. "Sorry to bring your hopes down then." Christofer looked into the water again, and then stepped back a little. "There's a mermaid in there."
  10. Then, as if waiting for the acknowledgement, the mermaid's head popped up, shiny blonde hair messily, yet elegantly, braided to the side. "You wish to go to the Underbelly," she said in a soft voice, almost like a hum. "Although there is a price to pay." I looked at the boys, who were basically drooling over her enchanting features. I shoved Christofer and slapped Alex on the arm. I didn't mind Ash. Maybe she could take April off his mind and put him at ease. Either way, they snapped their heads back to reality. "And your payment is?" I asked. She leaned in, propping her arms on the ground. "A secret. One in which nobody else knows."

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